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The new Death Cab For Cutie disc was the only exciting music release in recent months and even that was a minor disappointment. So, to say I am ridiculously excited about finding an intriguing and quite different band in the last 24 hours would be an understatement. I’m not sure if I’m momentarily enamored with “AWOLnation” or it will be a long-lasting relationship, but at this point I can’t get a number of their songs out of my head. The band’s exact style is tough to describe, but it ranges from melodic, to hip-hop, to electro-pop to a type of synth-based metal. Either way, it has my ear at the moment. Take a listen.

Yes, that last song is 12 minutes long and a mashup of about 8 different genres. Their album Megalithic Symphony is nothing if not experimental and daring.

Not quite as strong overall, but still a decent find “The Naked and the Famous.” This New Zealand band has a defined genre and it is snyth, electro-pop. But they do it quite well. A lot of people compare them to Miike Snow. I don’t get that from their sound. Here are a few of my favorite tunes from them. Let the foot-tapping commence.

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