‘Star Wars’ Holiday Special?

We are coming up on what’s known as a Star Wars holiday. May 4th or May the Fourth Be With You. May has been synonymous with the intergalactic franchise since day one. Every film Episode I through VI has come out in late May. But that’s about to change.

Gone are the days of “summer blockbusters.” Instead, the roll out for summer is much earlier. April, even March at times. And while November and December used to be Oscar-bait films or holiday flicks, plenty of studios are now opting to use those months for their biggest movies, like the yet-to-be-titled “Star Wars: Episode VII.


This brings about an interesting quandary. Will superfans be willing to camp out weeks in advance to see this next installment? 

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers Jedi from the swift completion of their appointed rounds movie-going experience.

Star Wars fans aren’t the United States Postal Service, but being one myself, I could argue we may be even belligerent in our quest to see, devour and consume every detail, television show or movie Lucasfilm throws at us.

So, how will this Hoth-like dilemma play out? Will everyone have long johns under their Han Solo slacks? Could Princess Leia hair buns double as ear muffs? Or will everyone just go covered in faux fur ala Chewbacca?


Sure, this won’t be a problem in Los Angeles. But, what about the Northeast? We just suffered through what was arguably one of the worst winters in recent memory. If Star Wars comes out on December 18th, how could we possibly go back to see it multiple times over snow and ice covered roads? Surely, a Tauntaun ride would be in order. Well, as long as I didn’t take it too close to that first marker, then that Tauntaun would probably be toast.

And let’s say you are man or woman enough to set up an igloo outside New York City’s Ziegfeld theatre and dress in a Boba Fett or Oola (look it up) costume, how many of those people are going to be wearing a Santa hat or candy cane blaster? Probably too many to fit under the Rockefeller Christmas tree.



The cold aside, my point is this will be different. The Star Wars summer event is over. It’s still awesome to have a new film coming out, but will it really feel the same? Nostalgia can be a very powerful thing and a great number of people who grew up with the original trilogy will miss the anticipation of a May release. Still, perhaps the next generation of fans will carry the same feelings toward December. Just think warm thoughts when you queue up alongside your fellow sith lords. A jedi mind trick may be in order.



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