‘Pin Me Down’ Album Release Date

Bloc Party fans may never get a new album from the on-hiatus British band, but as I noted back in January Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack and singer Milena Mepri have a side project band called “Pin Me Down.” They digitally released “Time Crisis” at that time, but they just announced the release date for their entire album. It will be available April 19th on cd and April 12th for digital download. You can listen to two of their songs here.

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It’s Not New Bloc Party, But Close.

Russell Lissack, the guitarist for Bloc Party, has a two person side-project called “Pin Me Down” that just released a new single “Time Crisis”. It’s not too bad, kind of sounds like Bloc Party with a female singer. Lissack teams with Milena Mepris who has been part of a number of bands. You can read more about the pair here and download “Time Crisis” for free here. The duo also released another single last May called “Cryptic”. The guitar riff sounds a lot like the one from Bloc Party’s song “Helicopter”, but still pretty good. And if you’ve never heard of Bloc Party before, they are definitely worth a listen.

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