That’s What He Said…A Fond Farewell To Michael Scott

Some people love television. “American Idol”, “Dancing With the Stars”, whichever “CSI” happens to be on that night, but I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I like TV, heck I even work in TV, but I don’t “love” it like most of America. I find most of it to be formulaic and boring. And frankly, I do not have the time to watch.

That’s why, I have a 2 show limit.

No more, no less. Although, I will admit I have been forced to watch a few episodes of “Real Housewives” on Bravo. What is with Sonja’s attitude this season?!?!

The 2 shows that I do latch onto, I tend to really enjoy. One was “Lost.” Since that departed into the light nearly a year ago, I’ve been left with just one. “The Office.” That’s why it depresses me greatly to see Steve Carell leaving “The Office” this week. No matter what anyone is trying to sell you (namely NBC and remaining cast members) this show will not “go on” without Michael Scott. The shows may have been built around Jim and Pam’s “will they, won’t they” relationship, but ultimately it’s always been Carell carrying this comedy.

I mean, just look at the plot. Downtrodden office workers try to cope with the daily grind of living in Scranton, PA, being employed at a paper company and dealing with their obnoxious boss. This isn’t replacing Valerie Harper with Sandy Duncan on “The Hogan Family”, it’s not forgetting about Sam and Diane to focus on Sam and Rebecca on “Cheers” and it’s definitely not Tiffani Amber-Thiessen filling in for Shannen Doherty on “90210.” This is “that’s what she said” Michael Scott. The World’s Best Boss.

So, to mourn the loss of one of my favorite TV characters of all-time, I am putting together a list of my personal favorite Michael Scott moments. It won’t be easy to narrow it down because frankly, I have loved them all.

Michael Marks a Woman’s Arm Because He Thinks She and Another Woman Look So Similar.

In Season 3, Dwight tries to take over the office, even telling Michael he’s going to the dentist, but in reality he meets up with Michael’s boss Jan to ask for control of the branch. What follows is an exchange that I quote at least once a week.

One of my favorite episodes is the Season 2 premiere, The Dundies. Carell gives an amazing performance, showing audiences just how stupid he can be, but offering up a vulnerable side when he nearly gets booed out of Chili’s by some rowdy customers. I love the first clip because of Michael’s use of “shut it” at the end and the second for his use of “lame.”

Nothing beats Michael’s blind optimism or pessimism, depending on his wildly erratic moods. That’s why when he’s at his best during highs and lows. Here he tells audiences exactly why it’s great to get awards and in the second clip his failed marriage proposal to a woman he’s been dating for a few weeks.

In Season 4, Human Resources Rep. Toby Flenderson is leaving the office to go to Costa Rica. Michael despises Toby so much that he turns his going away party into a carnival, even singing a parody “Goodbye Toby” song to send him on his way.

Michael put into a tough situation, such as having an obscene water mark on paper shipped out to dozens of clients, always brings out the best worst in him. And by worst, I mean best. This short clip packs in as many laughs as an entire episode of other sitcoms.

And despite all his laughter-inducing rants, nonsensical statements and hilarious “that’s what she saids” at the heart of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott is his need and journey to be loved and to fall in love. And that side is what makes audiences care for his character, instead of just rolling their eyes at what could have easily been a one-trick pony. All of that is summed up in this clip with Jan and Holly.

So, those are only a handful of clips out of hundreds that I have followed and admired over the last seven seasons. Michael Scott/Steve Carell you will be sorely missed.

And as for the mystery boss who’s going to take over…it’s certainly going to be hard for the next guy that comes in. “That’s what she said.”

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Headlines: Michael Scott Saying Goodbye?, “The Hobbit” & Another 80’s Remake…

This does not come as a huge surprise, but it’s certainly a crushing reality for me. It sounds like next season will be Steve Carell’s last on “The Office.” He told an interviewer on BBC Radio that he will be leaving following next season. Will the show go on after that into an 8th season? For everyone’s sake, I really hope not. It just wouldn’t be the same. Steve Carell aka Michael Scott makes the show what it is and without him, it would just be weird. Plus, this season has been rather uneven. At times brilliant and others a little weak. The clip show and the “New Leads” episodes were certainly low points. I love this show as much if not more than “Lost”, so it will certainly be painful to lose my two favorite shows in back-to-back seasons. But until then, I’ll just enjoy the ride. That’s what she said.

Here’s one of my favorite clips:


The live-action version of “The Hobbit” has a release date. The Peter Jackson produced and Guillermo Del Toro directed film with come out in two parts. The first movie will be released in December 2012, with the second installment coming out the following December. New Line had initially slated the release date next year, but it had to be pushed back to allow for script writing and planning. Better than forcing it along and making a lousy film I guess. You can read more here. And for a little nostalgia and to listen to a song that rivals “The Last Unicorn” in cheesy/awesomeness check out the opening montage for the Rankin/Bass cartoon version from the seventies below.


And they’re remaking “The Monster Squad.” It’s apparently going to be “edgier” and “scarier” than the original. Yep, that’s how to make a movie…with buzz words. Sigh. You can read more, if you dare…here.


Other headlines…

Ricky Gervais will once again be the host of the Golden Globes

And…Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele Okereke has released his first single from his solo project. A little more dance club themed than Bloc Party, but not too bad.

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