Cast Reunions, ‘The Hobbit’ and Dress Like Luke Skywalker

I apologize to all my fans or the two that I have (mom and dad) for not updating very much over the past couple of months. Summer was crazy and Fall has proven even more maddening. But a few things caught my eye today.

Entertainment Weekly came out with a “Reunions” issue this week and posted some fun video of the casts talking about their films and tv shows. Some of the noteworthy clips include “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson, the guys from “Lord of the Rings” and Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber talking “Alias.” The “Scream” trio is currently working on the fourth edition in that film series, they also spoke to the magazine about the slasher films.

Check out the videos below:

Can’t embed “Alias” but here’s the link.

EW also reunited several other casts “Will & Grace”, “The West Wing”, “Roots”, “Married…With Children” and “Pretty in Pink.” More on information on those can be found here.


And on the topic of “Lord of the Rings”, it appears its prequel will finally start shooting next year. The Wrap reports “The Hobbit” has finally got the green light to begin principal photography in February 2011. The site also mentions that Peter Jackson (initially just an executive producer on the project) will indeed direct both installments after Guillermo Del Toro dropped out earlier this year. The first movie is expected to hit theaters in late December 2012. Not a lot of time to get it done, hopefully it won’t affect the quality of the production.


And if you’ve been thinking you don’t have enough Rebel Alliance apparel in your closet, has a deal for you…for the low, low price of just $274.99 you could wear the same jacket as Luke Skywalker during the medal ceremony at the end of “A New Hope.” I’m a fan, but I don’t think I would buy that thing if it was $10, let alone nearly $300. Well, maybe $10.

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Best Projects Starring “Family Ties” Alum

Even when I was 7, I wanted to be Alex Keaton. Granted he was short, but so was I. He dated good-looking women (a pre-Cougar Courtney Cox), had an amazing-quick wit and had a caring, funny family. Family Ties had such a big impact on my early years, I expected great things from the actors who starred in the series after the show went off the air. Did that happen? Here’s the best projects starring Family Ties alum and you tell me.

I’ll start with Michael Gross who played Steven Keaton, the PBS-employed father of the family. He had great comedic timing in the show and some of his best moments were facial reactions to his family’s antics. But after the series, Gross starred as a gun nut in the cult-favorite Tremors. A horror film about giant underground worms that terrorize a small town in Nevada. Certainly not an award-winner, but nearly impossible not to watch if you catch it while flipping through the channels on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It spawned three sequels featuring Gross and a fourth is in production.

He also appeared in the Vanilla Ice move “Cool As Ice”, but I don’t hold that against him. I think I memorized all the lyrics to “Ice, Ice Baby” so who am I to judge.

Here’s an actual video tribute to Gross’ character from the Tremors series.

Justine Bateman played the flighty Mallory Keaton. After the show ended she didn’t make too many waves, but had some minor roles on made-for-tv movies and various series. However, her largest and really only role on the big screen came while Family Ties was still on the air. Bateman starred in “Satisfaction” in which a group of girls try to make it big as eighties rockers. Extra points because it also gives Julia Roberts her first film role and the band’s name is “Mystery”.

Here’s the opening credits to the movie, it doesn’t get much more eighties than this…

Meredith Baxter played mom Elyse Keaton. She did not go on to star in any major films, but she did dominate the tv dial after her stint on Family Ties was over. It seems she starred in almost every Lifetime movie made from 1990 to 2000 and she has also made numerous appearances on hit shows, including Michael J. Fox’s Spin City.

I’ll spare you the clip from the Lifetime movie “Kate’s Secret” where she eats a dozen cookies and drinks half a carton of milk in a grocery store and then lets it heave behind a dumpster.

Here’s the opening of her “Spin City” episode instead.

Michael J. Fox played Alex who I referred to earlier. Obviously, out of everyone who starred in the show he managed to have the best career. So, picking his best effort is not easy. TeenWolf is a personal favorite, but that might be too obvious, as would the Back to the Future series. I think one of his most daring efforts was The Frighteners. He plays Frank Bannister a paranormal investigator who lost his wife and must take on a notorious serial killer back from the dead. Although comedic at times, there is a lot of dark stuff here and it was directed by a then relatively unknown director, Peter Jackson.

Here’s the trailer.

Tina Yothers played Jennifer, the youngest sister of the Keaton clan. For some reason, she has always been the fodder for many comedians, perhaps because she never really scored any big roles after the Ties ended. But following an absence from acting, she did appear on stage in a musical and star in a Comedy Central short “Spunk: The Tonya Harding Story.”

Brian Bonsall played Andy Keaton, the baby of the family who joined the cast in season 5. Lately, Bonsall has had several run-ins with the law and sports a sweet neck tat and two lip rings. But before that Bonsall started his life of crime by stealing one million dollars from gangsters in the every kid’s dream Disney movie Blank Check.

Here’s a clip.

The Keatons didn’t exactly break the bank post-Family Ties, but they’ve all done relatively well for themselves over the past two decades since the show ended, save Bonsall who seems like a train wreck. Now, I wonder what Skippy and Nick have been up to?

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