‘Potter’, ‘Batman 3’ and sigh…more ‘Avatar’???

More annoying story of the year so far LeBron James or “Avatar?” I know LeBron is fresh in everyone’s minds, but I’m more inclined to go with “Avatar.”

The blue blockbuster is returning to theaters. Oh rejoice!!! An additional eight minutes of footage for a movie with an original 162 minutes that I didn’t care about.

James Cameron claims it’s for the “fans”, but who are we kidding here? Cameron is out for more money and I assume he’ll get it come August. Also, can everyone stop pretending this was a good movie??? Please.


The hype machine for the last two “Harry Potter” movies is in full swing. The Disney channel aired a Potter marathon this weekend and included a behind-the-scenes look at the films, featuring interviews with the three stars. Take a look below, I would not watch if you haven’t read the book.


And finally, I expect to be wowed by Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” which comes out this Friday. So, it’s exciting to hear that filming for “Batman 3” is getting underway relatively soon. In April, according to “Alfred” aka Michael Caine. Digital Spy scored this interview below.

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New ‘Inception’ Trailer

As I stated in an earlier post, “Inception” seems to be far and away the most interesting release of the summer. This latest trailer gives up more of what the film is actually about. The film had been shrouded in secrecy for months. So, if you want to go in totally fresh, I wouldn’t watch. But, it’s not one of those trailers that gives away the entire plot either.

Update…having trouble imbedding the video, so here is a link.

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