‘Potter’ & ‘Transformers’ Trailers, ‘Rings’ Re-released

I loved the cartoon “Transformers” when I was a kid. It was one of the first TV series fueled solely for the consumption of toys, but that’s beside the point. It was entertaining and although they don’t resonate as much today as an adult, they are still way better than either of the two live-action movies Hollywood has churned out over the past few years. The machines look way too…well like machines (I know they were going for reality, but a more cartoonish look probably would have fit better. You can’t even tell which character is which!)

Anyway, although the third installment looks potentially better than the first two, (the second may be the worst big-budget film of the 21st century thus far) it will probably not live up to this fairly decent trailer. I think it’s the “Inception” style music that helps. Take a look.


And speaking of highly-anticipated Summer movies, the second trailer for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” has been released. The first half of the seventh book was extremely well-done in my opinion and lives up to the book. As a whole, this series of movies based on J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels has been pretty solid. There were a few bumps here and there, the first and second films felt a little bloated and the kids really couldn’t act, but hey, they are still infinitely more watchable than either “The Phantom Menace” or “Attack of the Clones.” The rest were all were well done and probably chopped the right parts, although many took exception to Dobby (the House Elf) being completely cut out of “Goblet of Fire.” Which I can see, since he does really play a critical role in the series.

At any rate, this final installment looks epic and seems to turn Rowling’s last few hundred pages into a movie that cannot be missed for any ‘Potter’ fan.


And in a surprising bit of news…Peter Jackson has decided to re-release all of the “Lord of the Rings” films in their extended editions in movie theaters just before they come out on blu-ray. The only catch, you can only see them at AMC movie theaters. They will come out one week after the next starting on June 14th. I was never a fan, until I decided to read the books just before the films came out, but I must say they are enjoyable. My favorite was definitely the first film, incredibly well done and probably should have won the Oscar, instead of the third, which had one too many endings. Still extraordinary film making nonetheless.

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‘Potter’, ‘Batman 3’ and sigh…more ‘Avatar’???

More annoying story of the year so far LeBron James or “Avatar?” I know LeBron is fresh in everyone’s minds, but I’m more inclined to go with “Avatar.”

The blue blockbuster is returning to theaters. Oh rejoice!!! An additional eight minutes of footage for a movie with an original 162 minutes that I didn’t care about.

James Cameron claims it’s for the “fans”, but who are we kidding here? Cameron is out for more money and I assume he’ll get it come August. Also, can everyone stop pretending this was a good movie??? Please.


The hype machine for the last two “Harry Potter” movies is in full swing. The Disney channel aired a Potter marathon this weekend and included a behind-the-scenes look at the films, featuring interviews with the three stars. Take a look below, I would not watch if you haven’t read the book.


And finally, I expect to be wowed by Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” which comes out this Friday. So, it’s exciting to hear that filming for “Batman 3” is getting underway relatively soon. In April, according to “Alfred” aka Michael Caine. Digital Spy scored this interview below.

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New ‘Harry Potter’ Trailer

This looks like a pretty exciting end to this decade-long string of movies. Much better than lame, shirtless werewolves and vampires anyway. Yeah, I’m talking to you “Twilight.”

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