Disney Could Rewrite Star Wars History

So, there’s a BIG rumor going on right now thanks to Bleeding Cool. The site claims they’ve intercepted an internal email from Disney that says the company will be releasing the unedited, theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy. If in fact that is true, it makes me want to shout “FINALLY!!”

Many fans want the tamper-free versions they grew up with. Honestly, I had a VHS tape in the other day and it actually felt better than watching the super-clean, crisp blu-rays anyway.



But still, a nice blu-ray release of the pre-Lucas revisionist has been the dream since 1997. Right?

However, the next bit of information is even more extreme.

They claim there are rumblings around Disney that they want to view the Prequels as “non-canon.” Similar to how they announced the Expanded Universe of the books would not be honored as actual storyline.

This is a very gray area for me and I’m sure many others.

While I kind of only view the Original Trilogy as canon anyway, does it seem wrong that they could be erasing history and the creator’s ultimate vision?

It’s one thing to ditch the secondary material written by science fiction authors, but to blow out three movies written, directed and financed by the guy who started it all? It’s almost like a hostile takeover at its worst. (Though, they did pay him $4 billion to do whatever the hell they wanted.)


Still, on the other side of the coin. That means one of the most disappointing moments of my movie going life would be erased. No midichlorians, No Jar Jar. No annoying kid or angry teen Darth Vader. No CGI overkill. No meaningless plot lines that horribly hide the villain. Did Lucas think audiences wouldn’t know Palpatine = Darth Sidious? And why was he never called Darth Sidious in the Original Trilogy, just the Emperor? And why would he build this huge clone army only to have them fight this droid army when ultimately it meant nothing? Couldn’t he just have secretly sided with the separatists? What was the point of the second movie again? Oh, the horribly wooden love story. And wait, was his deformed appearance due to the rebounding lightning in “Revenge of the Sith?” Or is that just his true appearance? And who the hell is Master Sifo-Dyas? And why does Yoda run into hiding when clearly, he was winning that FIGHT!!! Ugh…


So, bringing things back around…all of this potentially means that Disney is willing to throw out post-1983 George Lucas. It’s sad. I mean, he is the one who came up with an idea that has literally changed lives, not just fans, workers at Lucasfilm and well beyond in the movie industry. People’s career have begun and ended with Lucas. Truly something to admire and praise. Yet, at the same time. his changes to the Original Trilogy are mostly horrible. And the prequels…I wanted to like them so much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them thinking “this time they’ll be good.” But they only get worse.

While Lucas’ accomplishments as a storyteller and innovator in the industry will continue to stand and be recognized. His need to tinker and rework his own masterpieces could ultimately be his demise. I find that both unfortunate and a bit sad. The Prequel Trilogy was largely terrible, but it did have some strong visual moments. One has to wonder if 1977 George would have made those movies. Now, they very well could be erased or perhaps worse, invalidated.¬†

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Return of the Jedis?, ‘The Hobbit’ & ‘Black Swan’

The last time a new Star Wars trilogy was announced, I was still in college and could not be more happy for its return. But just a short time later, the absurdly bad “The Phantom Menace” was released and my disappointment could not have been measured. Yet, I was still confident the prequel trilogy could be rescued by the next two films. I was wrong. Although, a bit better “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” both featured muddled plots and hollow, lifeless acting.

Now, there’s a report from that Lucasfilm is planning another Star Wars trilogy. The series would apparently fit some time after “Return of the Jedi”, but would not focus on anyone in the Skywalker clan. Instead, it would be a whole new set of characters that would not have to “fit” with the current mythology. According to the report, the new movies would not come out until after ALL of the 3D re-releases were completed. That puts the release date around 2017/2018 if the 3D re-releases come out one a year as previously announced. So, not any time soon. And all that being said, Lucasfilm has denied the report. But that doesn’t really mean anything.

Since, the prequel trilogy has left me extremely skeptical, I’m not super-excited at the prospect of a new set of films. Sometimes less is more and this pony has already trotted out some pretty good tricks. However, if the concept is right, I may jump on the bandwagon.

A few suggestions: Make it less about special effects and more about the characters. It can’t be another Rebellion versus Empire film. Maybe the Jedis take a back seat to another idea. What if it focused on the Sith? Just throwing out a couple of thoughts. Lucasfilm if you are looking for a writer, you know where to find me.


The fate of where they will film “The Hobbit” could be decided this week. Warner Bros. executives will travel to New Zealand to discuss the current standoff between the actors’ union and director Peter Jackson. Essentially, the union wants the actors to get a bigger piece of the pie. But Jackson feels they are being compensated fairly. Most film workers in the country want the enormous production to stay in New Zealand since it will infuse millions and millions of dollars into its economy. Thousands rallied this past weekend to lobby for the film and made this video. Check it out below and here’s hoping for the people of New Zealand they can work things out.


I’m still desperate to see what Darren Aronofsky has done with “Black Swan” and if this new viral site is any indication, it’s going to be a pretty good trip. reveals snippets of the upcoming film. I don’t really understand what it means, but it’s interesting nonetheless. You can also follow Natalie Portman’s ballerina character on twitter @theswanqueen and go to the IJWTBP Facebook page.

The film goes wide on December 3rd.

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Happy 30th Anniversary To ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

30 years ago, “The Empire Strikes Back” blasted into theaters and shattered expectations by surpassing its predecessor “Star Wars” later renamed “A New Hope.”

Last night Lucasfilm held a special screening of the film at the ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles for charity. It was followed by a question and answer period with Harrison  Ford. Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew and Ewan McGregor were also in attendance. And for some reason so were Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. Seriously, who let them in the door?

I must admit they all look old. Especially Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca. But, he does have a pretty kick ass lightsaber cane.

Here’s Darth Vader and Luke’s lightsaber duel edited together from “Empire.” My small way of celebrating. I may also go up to random people and tell them “I am your father.” On second thought, that may be too creepy.

And finally, check out this Imperial Star Destroyer themed home theater. It has Han frozen in carbonite and everything. Pretty sweet.

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Star Wars On Blu Ray + The Return Of Han, Luke & Leia??

Just to start off, no, a date has not been set for a blu ray release of the original trilogy or the prequel trilogy for that matter. But, is reporting that Steve Sansweet (a Lucasfilm Fan rep) told audiences at a recent convention that blu ray discs are being worked on and they will include plenty of never-before-seen material. So at this time, it’s kind of a “be patient, it’s coming” scenario. Not great, but something. I just hope the discs include both versions of the films remastered and in HD. Because the originals Lucas released on dvd a few years back were worse than a vhs copy I had when I was 12. And frankly, not to be too much of a fanboy, but the 1997 versions of the films are not the films I want. The reasons are too numerous to count: In Star Wars, Han shooting first and that awful CGI Jabba. In Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett’s voice changed to match the actor in the prequels and Vader’s line changed from a super-pissed “Bring my shuttle!” to a more subdued “Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival.” In Jedi, the idiotic beak on the sarlaac and having to see Hayden Christensen at the end instead of Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker. And that’s just the short list.

If you want to see all the differences from the original Empire and the re-do click here.

Also talked about at the convention, the possibility of our old friends Han, Luke, Leia, et al appearing in the future animated series. Not the current “Clone Wars” cartoon, but apparently the sitcom comedy. So, I guess after they took out the second death star, beat the Empire and tossed Palpatine down a electrified chasm, they went and had a few laughs at the cantina. Yikes.

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EW Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of ‘Empire’

If anyone doubts the staying power of “Star Wars” look no further than this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly. The issue, in stores or your mailbox today, features a vintage picture from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Chewbacca is holding Princess Leia on the cover in honor of the 30th anniversary of arguably the best sequel ever. The magazine includes some never-before-seen photos from the production and a story on a new book coming out on the making of the movie.

Personally, it’s my favorite of all the “Star Wars” films and probably my favorite movie period. It’s just a far superior to anything of George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, focusing on characters while intertwining some pretty sweet action that still stands up to today’s wallpaper CGI. And something tells me, in 2032, EW will not put out an issue celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Attack of the Clones.” Just a hunch.

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Yoda, Darth Vader & Lando Walk Into A Bar…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. No really…stop. Not me, but George Lucas because he doesn’t seem to want to leave well enough alone. As if the prequel trilogy and Cartoon Network’s awful “Clone Wars” series weren’t painful enough, according to Variety Lucasfilm is developing a new animated show. And wait for it…it’s going to be a sitcom, as in comedy. I’ll give you a minute to digest that.

Seth Green of “Robot Chicken” fame and a “Daily Show” scribe will help write the series. They may be talented, but I just can’t see anything good coming of this. I mean, what am I missing? Can no one in that company stand up to Lucas and say “George, not sure that’s gonna work. We might as well make a comedy about women in Afghanistan.”

You know what’s funny about Star Wars? Outtakes, parodies, Lucas trying to justify Jar Jar Binks or this kid…

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Popcorn Headlines…Lost, Singing CGI Fairies, Vampires, Etc…

For those who just can’t wait, new footage of ‘Lost’ will appear in a commercial break during this Sunday’s Desperate Housewives. That info comes from ‘Lost’ producer Carlton Cuse’s Twitter page. I already saw one minor spoiler this week. I can wait until Tuesday. But can you? You’ll have to suffer through Housewives if you’re interested.

I haven’t seen the “Hulk” starring Edward Norton yet, but for those who care, the character has been confirmed for an upcoming Avengers movie.

When you’re a Jedi, you’re a Jedi all way…wow George Lucas…this sounds like it should be in the horror genre not musical.

I saw these Bloc Party B-sides a while ago, but never gave them a good listen. I was missing out.

Phony Blue guy/Sky Person from Avatar…aka…Sam Worthington may be the next Dr. Acula.

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I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This…

This had been rumored for some time and following the in the 3D wake of Avatar, Mr. Lucas is ready to unleash the force into the third dimension.

I wish I could say I was enthused about this decision, but frankly I’m not. Lucas’ tinkering with the original films has seemed endless and destructive, all in the name of more money in his pocket. But I guess it could potentially put the original back above Avatar on the all-time box office mark. After its Golden Globe win, I’m beginning to think it could end up being the most overrated movie ever.

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