Headlines: ‘Smurfs’ Movie, Batman 3 and Scream 4

A few quick headlines on the first day of May… has snapped a few photos of actor Hank Azaria as Gargamel in the upcoming “Smurfs” live-action/CGI film set to come out next Summer. The crew has been filming in New York City. Apparently, part of the plot revolves around Gargamel chasing the smurfs out of their smurf-ville and into New York. This sounds a lot like the storyline for “Enchanted.” I wonder if Smurfette will fall head over her blue heels for Patrick Dempsey? Anyway, here’s a pic below, seems like a good likeness to me…and you can read more here.


The release date for the third installment of the latest Batman movie series has been announced. It will come out on July 20th, 2012. That’s shaping up to be quite a year for big budget films. The reboot of “Spiderman” will hit theaters just 2 weeks earlier and “The Hobbit” will come out later that year in December. Christopher Nolan is directing and his brother Jonathan is helping to write the script. Little is known about any type of plot or nemesis. The Riddler could provide some interesting twists, but that character always comes off as more jokey than sadistic, like The Joker ironically. I know Ah-nuld kind of ruined Mr. Freeze for everyone, but he came off as a very sad, tortured character in Batman: The Animated Series from the nineties (awesome show btw). His wife has a terminal illness and is cryogenically frozen. Freeze then turns to a life of crime to try and save her. More Sci-Fi than the other entries in this film series, but could be good. Thoughts?


And finally, “New Decade, New Rules” a poster for “Scream 4” is out. It’s kind of interesting, but why is this a big deal? With the world fully encased in the Digital Age, do we really need advertising on tactile items like posters? On a personal level, I love movie posters. But, I am surprised, albeit glad, that they are still used. Just an observation.

Also, no surprise here. Wes Craven has announced he will indeed direct “Scream 4.”

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