The 2011 Buzz Movie ‘Super 8’

I’ll say this about JJ Abrams, he may not always deliver on the mysteries he starts (one needs only to point to his often intriguing, but confusing Alias series as evidence), but he does know how to create a heck of a viral marketing campaign. His latest project “Super 8” is being produced by Steven Spielberg and judging from this trailer premiering today before “Iron Man 2” in theaters, it revolves around Area 51 and aliens. Certainly not a new topic, but could be good. Check out the bootleg trailer below.

In addition, there are two websites related to the movie up and running, but neither seem to reveal much. One is just a grainy shot of an old super 8 camera, here, and the other brings up an old 80’s computer interface which allows you to type in a series of commands, but at this point doesn’t do anything. Check that out here.

A lot of people are speculating that this is somehow related to Abrams other viral hit “Cloverfield” which was also about an alien. However, that monster was much bigger than anything that could be kept on a train and Abrams has already stated that “Super 8” is not a sequel to “Cloverfield.” If you’ve never seen that trailer, check it out below. Obviously, the verdict’s still out on “Super 8”, but both trailers go to show that 90 seconds of video can often be way more exciting than 90 minutes.

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