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  1. Brian Tiede says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar. I know that there are many different opinions of the movie, but I believe that the fact that this movie took visual effects, CGI, and actor integration to another level is an understatement. Typical James Cameron movies can be seen as edgy, quite violent, and definitely big bugdet. Avatar seems to break away from the typical Cameron movie – I went into the theatre thinking that it would be a cross between Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic. However, this movie had a fantasy, wonder, coming of age, and a story interwoven within a love story. I also did see the film in 3D and believe it was worth seeing the epic that way. I would definitely see it again, and Mr Cameron did a great job in constructing a brilliant film for those of all ages.

  2. Seth Szilagyi says:

    A well written and thought out argument Mr. Tiede. As I stated, I can’t argue with the 3D and CGI achievement of Mr. Cameron, but the storyline left something to be desired. Just not original enough for me and certainly not worthy of being best picture.
    You definitely have much more support than me though, I’m in the minority with my opinion of the film.

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