I Should Do This More Often…

I freely admit, when it comes to getting around Boston, I am an idiot or at the very least inexperienced. So, when I had the chance to go see when one of my favorite musicians (Kele Okereke from the band Bloc Party) at a club on Tremont Street, I was a tad apprehensive about getting there and finding a place to park. And to make things even more tricky, I had to do it all very quickly. I was working until 9:30pm and that is exactly when the singer I wanted to see was scheduled to take the stage. Bolting immediately from work, I had my directions in hand and a GPS backup. I made it without too much trouble, but did end up having to turn around once. All in all, not too bad considering my city-driving track record.

I bought my ticket earlier in the day online and was going to pick it up at will call. However after the bouncer and the guy with the crotch wand, I literally walked in the place without anyone giving me a second glance. I could have seen the show for free! Oh well.

I ended up getting into “Royale” around 9:55pm and it sounded like Kele was just finishing up his first song, introducing himself to his fans. If you’re looking for an intimate place to go see a band, this is it. There was not many people there, maybe just over a hundred (if that) and I was able to stand about ten feet from the stage. I’m not sure what song I missed, but since he did not play it earlier, I think Kele opened with “Walk Tall.” Certainly not my favorite, so a good one to miss.

After that, if memory serves the set list went like this:

On the Lam

The Other Side

Everything You Wanted

A Bloc Party Medley (Blue Light, *A song I can’t recall* maybe The Prayer, One More Chance)



For the Encore:

Yesterday’s Gone

All the Things

Flux (Bloc Party)

The great thing about small venues, singers or bands have the chance to show off their personalities and Kele did not disappoint there. Between every performance, he would chat with the audience, talking about each song and making jokes. One time, dedicating a song to a fan and then stage diving into the front row. A daring act considering there was not a ton of people to jump on. The music itself was as expected and that’s a good thing! Kele was energetic and on point with his vocals. And the best part, a majority of the songs did not just sound like they were playing an ipod up there. The band slowed and sped up the tempo of some tunes, jamming to Kele’s pace and intonations.

The set only lasted about an hour, but it was powerful enough where you didn’t feel cheated. Overall a lot of fun. Most concerts are typically on weeknights, so it was a welcome change to be able to catch this show. After work, what’s better than a beer and some great music? I should definitely do this more often.

If you haven’t heard of Kele or Bloc Party before, check out a few of the songs on his set list below:

PS…Videos for two are totally random and not his actual music videos.

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