‘Empire’ Producer Calls Out Lucas…

I am not a giant hater of the Ewoks. I guess I wasn’t as jaded in my youth and have never really thought of them as the downfall of the last film of the original Star Wars. However, many can’t stand them and think the ending to “Jedi” is a big stretch. Small bears beating up on soldiers…probably not. But you never know.

Anyway, for the first time, the producer of the first and second Star Wars films is speaking out about his relationship with creator George Lucas and why it soured. Apparently, Gary Kurtz wanted to make “Jedi” more like “Empire.” Specifically, he wanted Han Solo to die leaving Leia and Luke to end the battle on their own. He also was not a fan of the Ewok battle and thought Luke should walk off on his own instead of celebrating with the rest of the rebels. Kurtz did not even like the idea of a second death star! So, he essentially hated the whole movie!

And what could be the most damning admission, he stated Lucas only kept everyone alive because he wanted to sell more toys. This does not come as a shock, but to hear someone so close to the Lucasfilm empire finally admit that Lucas is a business man first and a moviemaker second is refreshing.

You can read the entire story in the LA Times here.

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