‘The Hobbit’ Needs A Director

Guillermo Del Toro has suddenly pulled out of the director’s seat from what could be one of the most anticipated movies this decade. Earlier this week, MGM announced the start date to filming¬† “The Hobbit” was going to be indefinitely delayed and that apparently did not sit well with Del Toro. He is best known for the two “Hellboy” films and “Pan’s Labyrinth”, so his imaginative loss is significant.

However, the release date for part one of “The Hobbit” is still December 2012, so it begs the question, just who will direct this thing?

Word is, it will NOT be Peter Jackson.

One blog I saw suggested Alfonso Cuaron, who brought a new and dark life to the third “Harry Potter” film. He’s also a friend of Del Toro.

The initial thought is “just have Jackson do it already!” Although, his endeavors since LOTR have been a mixed bag. “King Kong” was interesting at first glance, but ultimately a bloated and lifeless movie. I have not seen “The Lovely Bones” yet, but reviews were unkind at best.

So, who? Tim Burton? Not so much. Bryan Singer? He already ruined Superman. Sam Raimi? As long as Bilbo doesn’t do a dance number ala Peter Parker, maybe. I would say¬† Cuaron is a good guess, but something tells me it could ultimately fall on Jackson’s shoulders.

We shall see. Any guesses? Suggestions?

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