First Quick Reaction On ‘Lost’ The Finale “The End”

Here’s a gut reaction on this final episode in a series I have followed and loved for six years. As a whole, it really delivered. It was exciting both on and off the island, emotionally charged and brought back almost all of the characters audiences have come to care about.

While the ending was playing out, I thought “NOT A SAPPY HEAVEN ENDING!! THE WHOLE SIDEWAYS WORLD IS A COP OUT??” But once the show ended, I thought a bit more and Sideways was purgatory or so it seems. It’s a place where people were able to become everything they wanted to be. Jack was a good father and was able to tell his father how much he really loved him, Kate got to be back with Jack, Sawyer got to be with Juliet, Jin and Sun were parents together with Ji Yeon, Miles had his father’s love, Charlie got to be with Claire and Aaron, Sayid was in love with Shannon…etc. Then they moved on to heaven. It’s essentially how every religion/faith treats life. Merely one stop on a journey. No matter when you die, you can go back to when your life meant the most with the people you loved.

Was I in love with this ending? No. But I accept what the creators are trying to say and it was sad and meaningful for me as a viewer. People of faith won over people of science. Just because you can’t see, touch, taste, understand or doubt something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

The on-island story was everything and more. Does it make sense or answer any questions? Not really. But I wasn’t really looking for any more answers. I was looking for a quality ending with strong character interaction and a definitive resolution. The fact that Jack took over the island, killed Smocke, then handed over the reins to Hurley was great. And the way he died with his eyes closing, instead of popping open was brilliant. And who couldn’t help but tear up when Vincent came to his side, so he didn’t have to die alone. That part I loved. And that’s what I’ll remember.

Any question as to why I loved this show so much was answered in one of the first scenes. Hurley made not one, but two references to “Star Wars.” Mentioning Yoda and giving the line that’s in every movie “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I certainly wasn’t disappointed. How did you feel? Did you think Sideways as an apparent Purgatory was a cop out? Or brilliant?

I’ll post more final thoughts on this last episode tomorrow night.

Until then, I’m a satisfied, yet sad “Lost” fan.

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2 Responses to “First Quick Reaction On ‘Lost’ The Finale “The End””

  1. Meagan says:

    I was a big fan. To me, the characters and their search for redemption/meaning have always been the most important part of the story. So I was satisfied. Love how some of their angst was resolved in the sideways world: Kate helped Claire become a mother, Jack finally got to make up with Locke and become a family man, Sawyer put bad guys in jail, etc. I just didn’t buy Sayid and Shannon, but whatevs. I guess he had to “let go” of Nadia.

  2. Kelly says:

    I was satisfied with this ending. I agree…redemption/meaning was the most important part of this story. The spiritual undertones were so present throughout all of the years that they filmed this series. More than anything, I wanted that for these lost souls. I feel like that is what I got. The various reunions were such tear jerkers and very well done. I actually was so glad to see Shannon and Sayid together again. I also felt that the pairings and my needs to see them together again were vindicated for me as many of them belonged together in my eyes. I felt relieved as well as some sense of happiness for each of these characters. As much as I did not want them to be dead, in the end, I was happy that they all found peace in one another. Although the Island life was not as well explained in the end, the spiritual premise came to full closure. I will miss this show and the brilliant writers ability to confuse as well as intrigue me.

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