More Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episodes 17 & 18 “The End”

I had plans to write a more in depth write up on this finale on Monday after posting some brief thoughts last night. But frankly, today was way too nice to stay inside and write. So, I’ll just give a few parting thoughts on this show that has captivated my attention (probably too much) for the past six years.

“The End” was a satisfying close to this mysterious series. I’ll admit at first the realization that the castaways were all “dead” in sideways world shocked and almost disappointed me. Essentially from the very beginning of “Lost”, most fans and non-fans said “It’s purgatory!!” But the producers kept saying that was not the case, so for them to actually use the purgatory device, even if it wasn’t “the island” as purgatory, seemed like a cheat to me. However, after the two and a half hours came to a close with Jack’s sad, yet compelling death, it came to me that it was a fitting way to finish it. Plus, I’ve come up with a theory that the sideways world wasn’t the conventional notion of purgatory. I almost liken it to Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series in which characters, including a young boy die in one world, but end up living a different life in another.

I guess this makes more sense to me because if you look back at everything that has happened in the sideways world this season, it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense just to term it purgatory. What happens to people who die in sideways world like Keamy and his henchmen? If they are already dead, can they die twice? What about the kids at the school where Locke and Ben work? Are they all dead and were killed as kids like Alex?

To me, it’s more of a reincarnation. Conceptually, I get and like what the creators are trying to convey, I just felt as a season-long device it fell short for me.

All that being said, it was a draining and emotional night of television. Which doesn’t happen often with me because I pretty much hate most shows. Every mind upload reunion worked for me. Jin and Sun finally getting to have a child together and having Juliet repeat her Season 3 sonogram was great. Juliet and Sawyer meeting at the vending machine and repeating the dialogue they told each other in the first episode of the season. Charlie, Claire and Kate recreating Aaron’s island birth scenario. Locke with Jack. Kate with Jack, telling him how much she’s missed him. (Meaning she got off the island and lived a long life, while he died on the island) I think the only one that seemed a bit far fetched was the Sayid and Shannon reunion, but I still enjoyed it.

I also loved the final interaction between Ben Linus and Locke and Ben Linus and Hurley. Ben told Locke he was sorry for what he had done to him and he wasn’t ready for his trip to into the “light” quite yet. Then Ben telling Hurely he was a great number one.

Regardless of how the producers told the story of sideways world, it was one of redemption and faith. And that, I respect a great deal.

I already spoke about the on-island ending with Jack, which I thought was brilliant in my previous post, so I won’t delve into it again too much. But I will say it may go down as the best ending of a show ever. The raw emotional of Jack’s death, the way he died in the same spot he woke up in the pilot episode of Season 1, the way Vincent came over so he wouldn’t die alone and the creators book ending the series with Jack’s eye opening and closing was just awesome.

I’ll do a quick list of questions and great moments.

1. I know a lot of people thought the producers were trying to tell the audience that the entire series was purgatory with the final two shots of the destroyed plane on the beach. Although, I don’t know for a fact that’s NOT the case. I think they were just showing it as a nostalgic look back at where everything started. But perhaps I’m wrong.

2. The opening montage was fantastic. Felt like an emotional end of an episode instead of the beginning.

3. So, because evil was uncorked from the island, did that push out the “evil” smoke inside of Smocke? Why did this make him mortal? Again, something where you just kind of have to go with it.

4. Richard Alpert apparently became mortal after Jacob died. Nice moment when he realizes that he wants to live because he can now die.

5. Frank Lapidus and Richard Alpert both turned up in the finale. Goes to show you, no major character ever died off-screen in this show.

6. Jack and Locke looking into the cavern after Desmond drops down was a total homage to the end of Season 1 when they blow open the hatch. It’s moments like this that made “Lost” was it was.

7. Daniel “Widmore” Faraday meets up with Charlotte, but neither get a flash of their past. This adds more credence to the theory that this was more a different world than a normal purgatory because they still get to live there. Especially with Mrs. Hawking asking Desmond not to take her boy. This also makes me question what happened earlier in the season when Mrs. Hawking didn’t want Desmond meddling with the Losties. How does she know so much and why wouldn’t she want everyone to go to heaven? Again this is why the “purgatory” as a season-long device is iffy for me. I think there’s some holes there. But I digress.

8. This won’t apply to people who didn’t watch in the Boston area, but Channel 5 why didn’t you tease your “Lost” segment until two hours in? And enough with the HOOKWORM TEASE!!!

9. Target your ads were cool. Where were you 3 seasons ago???

10. Not everything made sense, but in the end “Lost” was as an intriguing piece of entertainment as I’ve seen in my time. They hooked me with the first show, which I initially watched as a last resort at a hotel. When I saw the previews I thought it was going to be a “Castaway” meets “Survivor” bore-fest. Instead, the first few handful of episodes left me desperately searching for answers after Locke was magically able to walk again on the island in “Walkabout” and Jack saw his dead father on the island in “White Rabbit.” It made me understand this was going to be something much different. In an age of “Dancing with the Stars”, “Real Housewives” and dozens of others shows that pass for entertainment, “Lost” was there to keep my sanity. So thank you. And thanks to everyone who has read my thoughts on the show the last few months. Writing on this blog has given me the courage to put myself out there and do more with my writing career than typing out forgettable news scripts.

Until the “Lost” movie comes out…Namaste

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