Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 13 “The Last Recruit”

Another “wow” episode of “Lost” in its final season. And I must say, this was the first one where I started to feel a little sad that it’s coming to an end soon. Perhaps that’s because next week, there will not be a new episode. Groan. Although, they are showing a rather interesting episode. More on that choice in a bit.

Let’s start on island where Smocke and Jack decide to “catch” up in this episode titled “The Last Recruit” which I can only assume refers to Jack. The good doctor and Smocke exchange a brief question and answer period in which Jack tries to understand how Smokey took over Locke’s body. There have been a number of these exposition scenes this season and they’ve worked to a point, but only because the audience is finally getting some answers to many questions, some that started all the way back in Season 1.

Answer Alert!!

Jack tells Smocke that when he first came to the island, he saw his dead father, Christian, and followed him into the jungle. Jack is referring to the events in an episode called “White Rabbit” from Season 1. An episode where Jack nearly falls off a cliff, but is saved by none other than…John Locke. Interesting that something similar happens at the end of this episode. Anyway, Jack asks Smocke if that was him posing as Christian. Smocke admits that it was. Initially, I believed this right away. But, if that’s the case. Has Smokey always been Christian when we’ve seen him since his death? If so, Smokey would have to have changed into Christian’s body in the past…ie in Season 5’s episode “This Place is Death” Locke turns the donkey wheel in the well to move the island and is urged to do so by Christian Shepherd. That one I can buy. However, Jack also sees his dead father in a flash forward from Season 4’s “Something Nice Back Home” when he finds him at his clinic. And Christian pops up again in the Season 4 finale “There’s No Place Like Home” on the freighter telling Michael before he blows up “You can go now.” So, perhaps the producers screwed up or were just trying to give the audience an “answer” (because aside from the two incidents I pointed out it makes sense) or these “visions” can just be chalked up to something else. Either way, I think there’s been plenty of times this season that Smocke has lied for his own benefit and this may be one of them.

Also in this scene, it really struck me how nasty Smocke was about the real Locke calling him a “sucker.” This about a man who initially saw the Smoke Monster and called it something beautiful.

And Smocke tells Jack “He’s always been interested in helping” but “because Jacob chose you, you were trapped here, before you even got here.” Again, Smocke could be lying, but he sounds awfully convincing, since essentially that’s what Jacob did with his candidates.

Claire then meets with Jack in the jungle, discussing the escape plan. She says “you’re with him.” Why? “Because you let him talk to you.” Again, this idea of MIB being able to seduce people to his side through words. Makes me think he’s lying about posing as Jack’s dad.

We then go back to camp where Sawyer is mounting his submarine escape plan and convincing Hurley to come with him. As funny and playful as last week’s episode was, this one was basically the polar opposite. Heavy material. However, this conversation did manage one good laugh, especially for Star Wars fans like myself. Sawyer doesn’t want to bring Sayid and Hurley asks why. Sawyer claims Sayid has gone to the dark side. Hurley retorts “You can always bring people back from the dark side, I mean Anakin.” A shout out to the end of “Return of the Jedi” when Darth Vader sides with his son and hurls the Emperor down the death star shaft.

That’s when Zoey, Widmore’s henchwoman shows up and orders Smocke to release Desmond or else. Or else what?? Or else we hurl GPS bombs at you, apparently. Widmore is packing some serious weapons of mass destruction that can target where you are and make you go boom! Llana-dynamite style. Speaking of Llana…oh wait that’s for Sideways land.

Smocke seems unfazed and wants to move ahead with his plan to leave island via the Ajira Airways plane. Before they take off he has Sawyer and Kate go get a boat for everyone to sail to Hydra island on. Then Smocke tells Sayid to kill Desmond and meet up with them later. Sayid doesn’t seem convinced.

Meanwhile, Sawyer has his own plans, a double cross involving the sub which would allow he, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun/Jin and Lapidus to take off and leave the island without Smocke.

So, Sayid goes to the well where Smocke threw Desmond in last episode. Desmond wants to know what Smocke offered Sayid. He admits he wants Nadia back, the woman he loved. But Desmond says “what will you tell her when she asks what you did to be with her again?”

This is apparently enough for Zombie Sayid to rethink his decision. When he meets up with Smocke later, he tells him he killed Desmond. However, that would have happened off-camera and I sincerely doubt such a huge character would have been killed off in that manner. Plus, it could not have been more apparent Sayid was lying and frankly, I think Smocke knew as well. Also in this scene Smocke questions “What took you so long?” Is it possible, Sayid actually helped Desmond escape?? Something tells me yes. And Desmond will pop up at a much needed time later on.

Sawyer and Kate get on Desmond’s old “Elizabeth” (Libby) sail boat and head for the dock to meet up with Jack and crew who sneaked off while Smocke was away. The only problem…Claire was following them. She confronts them, but Kate breaks down and wants Claire to come with them and raise Aaron. Kate tells Claire that’s the only reason she came back to the island, because she was not supposed to raise Aaron. Interesting moment here. It appears Claire has gone from way off her rocker, to sort of sane in a few episodes here. Kind of a rough transition, but I’ll roll with it. Who knows, maybe she loses it down the line.

The Sawyer crew takes off on their yacht, but all is not right on the love boat. Jack is doing some deep-thinking at the bow and Sawyer goes to talk to him. Unfortunately, Sawyer does not like what he hears. Jack says what they are doing doesn’t feel right and Smocke actually wants them to leave. “Maybe he’s afraid to see what happens if we stay.” Jack also utters a familiar phrase before jumping ship, “The island’s not done with us yet.” Very Mrs. Hawking like if you ask me. Sounds like Jack may know something. Jack=New Jacob anyone?

When Jack makes his way back on land, he’s confronted by Smocke. The seemingly evil entity asks him if Sawyer took his boat. Jack admits that he did.

On Hydra Island, the Sawyer crew walks toward land. But Widmore’s cronies pull some steel and tell them to stop. That’s when we get our touching moment that we’ve been waiting for since the end of Season 4, the reunion of Sun and Jin. It was good, but not great. I think they could have played it a little more melodramatic.

Of greater concern though, Zoey telling Sawyer, the deal was off and giving her bombers the cue to hurl their GPS explosives at Smocke and friends. The bombs take out much of the leftover Others. But Jack manages to escape thanks to…Smocke. He pulls Jack out and tells a half awake Doc Shepherd “You’re with me now.” Boom…”Lost” logo. ARRRRGGGGHHH..two weeks is a long time!

In our Sideways world, Ben accompanies Locke (nailed by Desmond Earnhardt and his car last week) to the hospital in an ambulance. Ben doesn’t know John’s first name or his contact information. That’s when Locke chimes in and mumbles “Helen Norwood” and that his name is John.

As Locke is being wheeled into the ER, we see Sun (hit by a Mikhail bullet a few episodes ago) also being taken in for treatment. When she sees Locke on the gurney, she recognizes John and flips out yelling “It’s him!” in Korean several times. Is the downloaded memory hitting Sun that of the normal John Locke or of Smokey Locke? Could John’s subconscious be a way off the island for MIB? Perhaps one of the last scenes we see in the series is Locke walking away in Sideways world with the audience not knowing if it’s good Locke or bad Locke. I think that would be pretty cool.

Back at the police station, Sawyer is questioning Kate who he took into custody after she rammed into him and Miles with her car in “Recon” a few episodes back. The pair share a very coy conversation as they both talk about remembering one another from flight 815 and kind of infer they may have some memory of each other from the island. At least that’s what I thought.

But before they can get a total love connection upload, Detective Miles Straum informs Sawyer that they have a crime scene at a restaurant with three dead, one injured Korean woman (Sun) and the probable suspect (Sayid) on surveillance. Sawyer says “that’s our bad guy.” Seemingly, a nod to the on and off-island Iraqi.

Next, we see Claire at a business park building signing in to see the adoption agency. Desmond, who seems to be amazingly good at finding our Losties in Sideways world (kind of like a non-lethal Terminator.) At any rate, Desmond convinces Claire that she should go see his lawyer for representative with the adoption agency, a lawyer on the 15th floor. A nod to our notorious numbers. Is Jacob still playing with our characters in sideways world?

Claire and Desmond meet up with the lawyer and it’s Llana, back in one sideways piece. She’s representing the estate of Christian Shepherd who has played a big role in this episode. Minutes later, Jack and his son are in the same building, ready to meet Llana as well. Only thing is, unlike regular time line Jack, sideways Jack does not know he has a sister. When he finds out we see a classic Doc Shepherd response of shock (going wide-eyed dazed and grabbing his hairline with his hand.)

Meantime, the Iraqi is now on the run and tells Nadia she will be okay. But he can’t bring himself to tell her, he killed for her. Perhaps, that’s why he decided not to kill Desmond on the island for her. Guilt has finally gotten the best of him. You have to wonder if there is still redemption for Sayid out there somewhere. But he’ll have to figure it out in the clink. Sawyer nabbed Sayid with a hose in the backyard. This struck me as an interesting payback scene for Sayid torturing Sawyer in Season 1.

Back at the hospital, Sun wakes up and just like on-island, she is reunited with her beloved Jin. Who tells her they will always be together.

Finally, we come to Jack. Mr. Fix-It once again. He arrives at the hospital to work on a badly broken Locke. We have kind of been waiting for this to happen all season, ever since Jack met sideways Locke in episode 1 and offered to try and help with his spine. As Jack’s preparing, he notices on the X-rays that Locke’s dural sac (The membranous sac that encases the spinal cord within the bony structure of the vertebral column…according to the medical dictionary…like I would know that off the top of my head!) The dural sac is also the thing that Jack accidentally cuts open when he retells the story of fear and working on a patient to Kate all the way back in the first episode of “Lost.” Not really sure that has any significance, other than it’s a running theme.

Anyway, Jack is about to work on Locke when he looks down at the mirror showing him the face of the patient. Jack says “I think I know this guy.” Your upload is now at 75%.

Meaning he knows him from their earlier meeting or real world memories? I’m going with both. I’m guessing he’ll get fully uploaded when he saves him and possibly fixes his back??

A few quick observances because it’s now Wednesday morning and my father-in-law is on a ladder outside my house preparing to power wash it. Yikes!

1. Jack was once again talking on the phone with his ex-wife in Sideways world. Who is this mystery woman? Clearly, it’s going to be someone of significance. The only characters we haven’t seen come back yet that it could be Ana Lucia and Juliet. My money’s on Juliet.

2. So, if Jack is right. That Smocke just wants to get rid of all the candidates. I assume his plan would be to get everyone on the Ajira flight and have Widmore shoot it down, while Smokey escapes. Could it be Smokey doesn’t want off the island, but to rule it? Has his endgame been a lie the whole season?

3. Next week, instead of a new episode they are showing “The Man Behind the Curtain.” An episode from Season 3. Seems like a strange choice right? Why not just re-run one of this season’s episodes? Well, at the time this was probably the most-mythological heavy show the producers had given us. In it, we see Ben’s flashback origins on the island, how he’s a mentally abused kid living on the island with his father. His only friend is a little girl named Annie. Years later, Ben goes all mass-genocide and kills off everyone in Dharmaville. But the status of Annie remained unclear. I’m guessing she’s going to make some sort of return. Also important for this episode, it’s our first glimpse of Jacob. Ben pretends to talk to him, but Locke actually hears him say “help me.” It’s never really been explained, but it would seem with what we know about Smokey and his posing as people, that this could have actually been MIB, not Jacob. His cry of “help me” would make a lot more sense.

Okay, “Lost” fans…sounds like the power washing is well underway, so I better get outside.

Maybe I’ll try and do a recap of the season and a little more theorizing next week during the brief hiatus. What did you think of the episode? Where are we going? Has Jack already become the new Jacob?

Until next time…

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One Response to “Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 13 “The Last Recruit””

  1. Sera says:

    WOW, is all I have to say. Patch and I thought the episode was okay, but after reading your blog and thoughts we now realize the episode had more “meat” to it.
    I was very disappointed that Jack went back to the island. I am having a hard time that Smoke is good, but I could be wrong.
    I also thought perhaps Desmond would bring Claire to Charlie, but thought it was interesting that he brought her to her step-brother, Jack.

    The writers/producers certainly continue to keep us on our toes. We can’t wait to see where this show will go in the last few episodes!!

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