Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 10 “The Package”

In the tenth episode of the final season of “Lost” entitled “The Package”, we get a sideways look at an unmarried Jin and Sun, an on-island hunt and an answer to what’s behind door number 3 in the sub…ie…the package. I’m a little tired this morning, but will try to throw some interesting ideas out there. I couldn’t manage to get any solid thoughts down last night. Painting Adirondack chairs and strong “Lost” analysis don’t make for a good one, two punch, I guess.

Let’s start in sideways world. Jin Kwon is on the same mission as he was in Season 1 of our series, deliver a watch to one of Mr. Paik’s associates in the US. Except this time, he’s got $25,000 with him which gets confiscated by security officials at the airport.

Sideways land offers an interesting twist on the Jin/Sun relationship. They are not married, but having an affair, seemingly under the nose of her strict father Mr. Paik. This detail is revealed when they check into their hotel in LA and the concierge screws up the reservation giving them only one room. But it’s quickly rectified when Jin insists on “two room.”

Later, Jin visits Sun’s room telling her that he wants to deliver the watch. But Jin gets a bit distracted by buttons. How can someone get distracted by buttons you ask? When they’re being undone by Sun who seductively undresses in front of Jin. The pair then spend the night together. Sun reveals she wants to runaway with Jin, a similar plan to Season 1’s “House of the Rising Sun” when Sun plans to leave Jin and start a new life in the US. She is about to tell Jin something else (that she’s pregnant perhaps? If you recall back in the pregnancy pact days of “Lost” Jin could not get Sun pregnant and was only able to do so on the island) when…

They get an early wake up call from Mr. Paik’s thugs and everyone’s favorite mercenary Martin Keamy. We last saw Keamy kidnapping and eventually being killed by Sayid during his flash sideways episode “Sundown.”

But wait…Keamy has a buddy who can translate Korean because in this world, Sun never wanted to leave Jin and never learned english. Does this have some sort of affect on Sun on-island, as she forgets how to speak english after a bump on the head? Are the two worlds starting to collide? More on that later. First, our translator extraordinare is non other than Mikhail! The other who refused to die back at the end of Season 3 and killed Charlie with a bomb at the “Looking Glass” station.

Keamy wants his money, but airport security took it remember? So, that doesn’t mean good things for our Korean couple. Mikhail takes Sun to the bank and Keamy leaves with Jin. Mr. Paik is not supposed to know about their secret relationship, but turns out he does know and liquidates Sun’s bank account. Oops. He was also sending them to the states to have them killed. The $25K was actually an assassination payment for Keamy and his thugs. Jin is thrown into the freezer and is eventually found by Sayid, bringing us back to the ending of “Sundown.”

Jin breaks free, but can’t bring himself to shooting Mikhail who just returned with Sun. Mikhail fires first and hits Sun before Jin shoots him in the eye! The same eye Mikhail aka Patchy already lost in the non-sideways universe. Just another detail “Lost” creators use to make your head spin.

So it appears Sun may die in our Sideways world. Or she could just be badly wounded. Aside from Sayid’s situation, this is the first real notion that this go around at life without the island may not be working out as well. Most characters although still flawed, seem better off. Jack’s a good dad, Sawyer’s not a con man, Locke is happier, etc…

I wonder if Sun dies in sideways land and Jin dies in island world and they end up reunited when worlds collide by seasons end. Just a theory.

On the island, this episode was all about positioning. It struck me as a bit slow as a whole, but this type of set-up episodes are a necessary evil. Especially when the producers deliver such gems as last week’s Jacob vs. Man in Black mythology episodes.

Team Smocke is being watched via infra-red. Is is Widmore’s people ready to hatch a sneak attack? Yes and no.

Losties actually communicating with one another alert!!

Smocke asks Jin if Sawyer told him about what he showed him in the cave. Jin acknowledges that he had told him about the candidates. It seems widely understand that most of our characters communicate off-camera, but rarely have we seen them speak on-camera about their various adventures.

At any rate, Smocke tells Jin that everyone on that wall must come with him on the plane to get off the island. This plan sounds very familiar to the plan that got them on the island via Ajira airways last season. All of them had to be on the flight, even Desmond, who didn’t end up going. But something tells me he’ll pop up again before the end of the recap.

Sayid has become Smocke’s right hand man. So much so, he sends him on a mission against Widmore’s crew. The Iraqi with a heart of darkness confesses he feels nothing anymore. “Good”, says the Smoke Monster “That will help you for what’s coming.”

This scene is close to Smocke’s scene with Claire later on that illustrates just how far these two characters have fallen. Sayid and Claire both seem dead inside and it makes it hard to believe there will be redemption for these two.

While Smocke takes a trip to go recruit Sun, Widmore’s crew goes all Ben’s Others on Team Smocke and takes them out with poison darts. They kidnap Jin. For what purpose? Obviously, Widmore wants control of the island back. He stated that several times to Ben in previous seasons. It’s the first time he’s been back since he was banished. But, the scientist shows Jin a map of spots with high levels electromagnetic activity signed off on by Mr. Kwon himself. Is Widmore interested in harnessing the power of the island for more time travel? Is there something he wants to change by using the donkey wheel?

And that brings us the package. Which is apparently Desmond. We know Eloise Hawking told Desmond he needed to go back with Jack and friends on Ajira, but he refused. We last saw Desmond in this time line being hospitalized after Ben shot him at the dock. So, how does Mr. Hume affect all of this? Is Widmore just getting rid of him because he doesn’t want him around his daughter Penny? Or does Desmond a key to something else? Is Desmond perhaps a sacrificial lamb for Widmore to offer up to Jacob or Smokey?

Back to Jin, he’s being held captive in Room 23 on Hydra Island. Which you may recall was used to brainwash Karl back in Season 3. They showed clips of strange things and even flashed the “Jacob.” An early seed planted by our creators of the God-like entity that lay ahead.

Meanwhile, Team Jacob is waiting for Richard to come back. But Sun doesn’t want to wait and goes to her Zen garden instead from seasons past. It’s been three years since she’s done any yard work, so the garden is looking a little weed-ridden. Jack tries to comfort her and….

Losties actually communicating with one another alert #2!!

…tells Sun that he visited Jacob’s lighthouse with all the mirrors and names of the candidates. He then says there’s a purpose to all of this. Remember, our man of science has done a total 180 and is now a man of faith, as he told Hurley earlier this season, he was a broken man and came here to find redemption. Jack is now a believer.

Once Jack leaves, Smocke arrives and tries to convince Sun to come with him, even extending his hand to her. That’s a theme that has happened almost every episode this season. Both Jacob and MIB, reached out and asking people to “come with” them or “trust” them. Sun’s not having it though and runs off. She’s chased and is knocked out.

Later, Ben finds her and she’s taken back to camp. However, now she can’t seem to remember how to speak english. Kind of a weird thing to happen. As I stated before, does this have to do with worlds beginning to collide or is this a device used by the producers that will somehow play a part down the road?

Richard and Hurley finally return and Richard tells everyone they’re going to Hydra Island to stop MIB.  Sun once again is not on board, but Jack asks her to “trust” him.

A few quick hits as today’s column is getting long for an episode that I thought not that much happened in, but watching it again…I feel differently. May have been slow, but a lot happened.

1. Widmore tells Jin if MIB gets off the island, “everyone we know and love will cease to be.” This sounds like a manipulative lie similar to what Ben typically told his crowd. It’s always very difficult to decipher who is telling the truth on this show.

2. Smocke appears to becoming more and more like John Locke. He shares his mannerisms, twirling the stick in his hand at the beginning of the episode, similar sayings asking Sun “having a bad day?” This is the exact same thing he tells her in Season 2’s episode “…And Found” when Sun tears apart the garden looking for her wedding ring. And he remembers what Widmore told Locke when he sent him on a mission to recruit the other Losties in last season’s “Jeremy Bentham is Dead”, “War is coming to the island.” Could Smocke end up being resurrected as John Locke? Was he somehow the man the MIB once was?

3. And playing off that idea. Is Jack ready to become the new Jacob? He asks Sun to trust him and reaches out his hand…ala Jacob and the MIB. Will this series end with Jack as the new Jacob and Smocke still trapped in Locke’s form? The island game starts anew with Jack vs Locke, which essentially is what a lot of this series has been about.

4. Jack promises Sun to get her on the plane and off the island. Which is actually against what Richard has planned, since he wants to blow it up.

5. Will Claire end up killing Kate? Smocke doesn’t seem too concerned about her since she’s not a candidate anymore.

6. Best line of the night Miles responding to Hurley’s hunt for Richard, “unless richard is covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything.”

7. We had yet another knowing mirror shot in this sideways episode. Sun stared at her reflection in the hotel mirror just before she opened the door to greet Martin Keamy. Every single character has seen themselves through the looking glass and appears to realize that something might be a bit off.

So War is upon the island…MIB doesn’t like secrets and Sayid now knows that they have the secret weapons Desmondo. But with so many people having so many different motives, who wins? and who loses?

That’s it for now “Lost” fans. We are now more than halfway done with this season, so enjoy it while you can.

Until next week.

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