Superman Reboot & the Dark Knight Returns reports that “The Dark Knight” director Christoper Nolan is being tapped by Warner Bros. to oversee another re-imagining of the Superman character. Just a few years ago, “Superman Returns” came out, but was kind of boring as far as superhero movies go and has since kind of been viewed as a sub-par film. Nolan will apparently not be directing, but will have a so-called “Godfather” role. Should be interesting to see what happens. I’ve never been a huge Superman fan, so I’m open to whatever he wants to do with the character.

I’m much more interested in his third Batman movie. Nolan has come up with an idea for a third adventure and his brother Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer are currently penning a script. I guess the only real question is who the bad guy will be and can it top Heath Ledger’s Joker. I’m just hoping it’s not like anything described here.

Although, I wouldn’t mind a Riddler villain and anything involving Arkham Asylum would be cool. They need to stay away from the multiple villain scenario.

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