Thoughts On Lost Episode 3: “What Kate Does”

Entitled “What Kate Does”, the second episode in the final season of “Lost” is a sister episode to “What Kate Did” from season 2.

In that episode, we find out why Kate’s on the run. She blew up her stepfather/real father Wayne, abusive to her mother and lecherous toward her. Then goes on the run. While on the island, Kate takes care of Sawyer after he nearly dies making the trek back from the other side of the island with the tail section crew.

Last night’s episode explored similar themes. Off island, Kate was once again on the run, but this time instead of doing something for the wrong reasons, she does something for the right reasons. This “sideways” Kate (sideways being the term the producers are using for the reboot time line where our Oceanic flight 815 actually landed in LA) chooses to help Claire (who is still pregnant and ready to give her child up for adoption) after feeling guilty about pulling a gun on her and dropping her off in the middle of nowhere. Kate finds Claire and gives her back her stuff, but then Claire goes into labor.

That’s when things get interesting in this sideways universe. Claire’s doctor at the hospital is Ethan Rom or in this instance Dr. Goodspeed (also the name of Horace Goodspeed the man who recruited Ben’s dad Roger Linus and the leader of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970’s). So is Ethan actually a different person or is he still an Other? My best guess is actually a different person. It seems the sideways universe will allow our characters to have different lives, but a lot of them will still cross paths and have similar traits. IE…Ethan is still a doctor and works on Claire, just not one with evil Other intentions.

Also of note in Kate’s sideways flash, squinting. No, Kate’s not nearsighted. But twice in this episode she reacted as if she was having more than deja vu. First when she saw Jack coming out of the airport and again when Claire blurts out Aaron’s name at the hospital. I wonder if our Lost folks will eventually become more aware of their former relationships and band together to do something about it.

On the island, Kate spends most of the episode chasing after and pining for Sawyer. The seething Sawyer is now mourning the loss of Juliet and looking for answers or possibly revenge. He’s feeling very angry ala season one Sawyer. Kate meanwhile, doesn’t really seem to know what she wants, caught between Jack, Sawyer and her guilt over taking Aaron away from Claire.  Similar to Season 2’s “What Kate Did”, when she kisses Jack in the forest, tends to Sawyer’s wounds in the hatch and sees a horse that she believes is the ghost of her dead father.

As many answers we got from episodes 1 and 2 last week, we got a whole bunch of new ones this week.

Sayid wakes up after presumably dying, but the “Enter the Dragon” fu-manchu master immediately wants to test him and then kill him with a poison pill.

Later, we find out that they think Sayid is now “claimed”. By the smoke monster? Maybe. But definitely not the smoke monster himself because it only seems Smokie can pose as the dead, not inhabit their bodies. So is Sayid “infected” like Rousseau’s team was infected? Meaning they’ll go crazy and turn on their friends.

Which leads me to the next question. Since apparently Jack’s half-sister Claire is also “claimed” is she shooting and killing because she’s crazy or is she trying to help Jin. Here’s a scenario for you…What if what we’ve been thinking all this time is wrong. What if smokie is actually the “good” being on the island and jacob is “bad”? Could the “claimed” actually be trying to help smokie by killing the Others? Do they become some sort of acolytes to Smokie? Just a thought.

And for those wondering/can’t recall if Jack knows Claire is his half-sister…he does know. Her mother woke up from her coma and came to his father Christian’s funeral and revealed that her daughter was also on the plane.

Again, a lot more questions than answers this week, but still very entertaining. I’m eager to learn what the deal is with the medicine man and why he’s the leader of the Others. Was he all along or has he taken the position because Ben is out of the picture?

Did I miss any important details? Are Claire and Sayid alive? Dead? Or somewhere in between?

That’s it for now, heading to work and plenty of ridiculous overblown snow coverage.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts On Lost Episode 3: “What Kate Does””

  1. Janice says:

    I enjoyed your parallels to the first season. It seems the events from the island are still happening OFF island, but in a different way. I.E. –Kate helping Claire give birth, and Ethan acting as doctor. I didn’t catch on to the Dr. Goodspeed observation , but it makes sense now since Ethan is Horace’s son..right?…now for the smoke monster..I agree with you I’m not so sure smokey is the bad guy…maybe the “infected” are the characters chosen to be part of his good guy clan–similar to the apostle picture–that was released….before the season began?…aaahh…so…good:)

  2. Sera says:

    Well, once again another intriguing and well done episode. I am certainly going to miss this show!
    I did happen to notice as you did, Seth that Kate appeared as though she recognized Jack and Claire, but couldn’t figure out from where. I also think that happened to Jack in the first episode of this season when he was on the plane.
    It has been very interesting as to how the writers are crossing paths in the “sideways” world. What year do you think it is on the island?
    I also thought it was interesting they brought up Rousseau’s name and the traps. I am looking forward to getting more answers.

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