50 Worst Movies Ever Made

Empire Magazine online (the British entertainment magazine) took a poll and fans voted for the fifty worst movies of all-time.

In the top ten , “The Happening”, “The Love Guru” and “Batman and Robin”.

I can’t argue with those, but at least four of the films listed are stupid parodies…ie “Disaster Movie”, “Scary Movie” etc…Those seem too obvious to me. Everyone knows those are garbage. It’s kind of like being surprised by a romantic comedy with a happy ending.

I also was a bit shocked to see “Spiderman 3” at number 50. Granted it was villain overload, but there’s plenty of other superhero movies that are way worse. “Fantastic Four” or “Daredevil” anyone?

And if nothing else, this tells me people in England have clearly not seen any Eddie Murphy movies.

Any films on the list you don’t agree with? Ones that should have made it?

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3 Responses to “50 Worst Movies Ever Made”

  1. popscorn says:

    apparently the british only dislike american made movies. all of their stuff is “jolly good”. i’d like to add recent flicks “district 9” and the remke of “the day the earth stood still”. what a waste of celluloid. i can’t believe that “district 9” was nominated for an academy award. lastly i’d like to add “snakes on a plane” and all steven segal movies to the list.

  2. Seth Szilagyi says:

    Agreed. “District 9” was pretty bad. “Snakes on a Plane” also a good choice. Which reminds me, it’s a crime that “Anaconda” is not on the list.

  3. popscorn says:

    okay. now i know the worst movie ever made “Purple Rain” with Prince. Watched, if you can call it that, a bit of it yesterday – a real 100% stinker.

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