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A Summer Movie I’m Actually Excited About

I’ll be the first to admit, I can be a bit of a movie snob. Most of the films that come out in the Summer, I’m not super-excited about. They tend to be CGI-fueled, riddled with poor characters and have even worse plots. But that’s not to say I don’t have my guilty pleasures. I don’t feel too much remorse admitting I like “Pirates of the Caribbean” which lives up to the ride at Disney World, however both sequels are about as fun as watching the animatronic presidents at the Magic Kingdom. And it’s those types of movies that make me shake my head and think it’s amazing how much Hollywood spends on these terrible, terrible projects. And yet most are sadly, profitable. Look no further than the horrendous “Transformers” franchise. Talk about a waste of a good concept. Why do people keep spending money on these flicks? I have no idea. An obsession with eye candy is the only thing I can come up with because it barely passes for entertainment.

“Iron Man 2” comes out next weekend and I would be willing to wager that’s the film most people are clamoring to see in the Summer of 2010. Not me. I’ll probably wait for DVD or Blu-Ray for those in Hi-Def Nation. I thought the first “Iron Man” was decent. At the very least, it kept my interest and wasn’t a plot-less mess. I think the only problem was it never really grabbed me conceptually. I’m not a comic book guy, but I’ve really enjoyed what they’ve done with the “Spiderman” and “Batman” franchises in recent years.

So what Summer movie are you excited about seeing Seth? You’ve written two meaningless paragraphs without getting to the point! Oh right, my point.

“Inception.” I want to see “Inception.” Little has been released about the plot, but it’s being called a mind-bending mystery that centers around dreams and a technology that allows people to enter other people’s dreams. The cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Caine. It’s directed by Christopher Nolan who was behind the camera for “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, “Memento”, “The Prestige” and “Insomnia.” I think the only one I was on the fence about in that group was “Insomnia.” He’s definitely a man who makes art-house films on Hollywood budgets. Something that should happen way more than it does.

Check out the trailer below, is it July 16th yet?

Now, that’s good use of CGI. I only hope that it’s not too much like “The Matrix.” I hate that movie.

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Headlines: Michael Scott Saying Goodbye?, “The Hobbit” & Another 80’s Remake…

This does not come as a huge surprise, but it’s certainly a crushing reality for me. It sounds like next season will be Steve Carell’s last on “The Office.” He told an interviewer on BBC Radio that he will be leaving following next season. Will the show go on after that into an 8th season? For everyone’s sake, I really hope not. It just wouldn’t be the same. Steve Carell aka Michael Scott makes the show what it is and without him, it would just be weird. Plus, this season has been rather uneven. At times brilliant and others a little weak. The clip show and the “New Leads” episodes were certainly low points. I love this show as much if not more than “Lost”, so it will certainly be painful to lose my two favorite shows in back-to-back seasons. But until then, I’ll just enjoy the ride. That’s what she said.

Here’s one of my favorite clips:


The live-action version of “The Hobbit” has a release date. The Peter Jackson produced and Guillermo Del Toro directed film with come out in two parts. The first movie will be released in December 2012, with the second installment coming out the following December. New Line had initially slated the release date next year, but it had to be pushed back to allow for script writing and planning. Better than forcing it along and making a lousy film I guess. You can read more here. And for a little nostalgia and to listen to a song that rivals “The Last Unicorn” in cheesy/awesomeness check out the opening montage for the Rankin/Bass cartoon version from the seventies below.


And they’re remaking “The Monster Squad.” It’s apparently going to be “edgier” and “scarier” than the original. Yep, that’s how to make a movie…with buzz words. Sigh. You can read more, if you dare…here.


Other headlines…

Ricky Gervais will once again be the host of the Golden Globes

And…Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele Okereke has released his first single from his solo project. A little more dance club themed than Bloc Party, but not too bad.

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Mysteries Of ‘Lost’, Continuity Errors & Gasp…I Made A Mistake!

As we head into the home stretch of “Lost”, I thought it would be interesting to see what mysteries have been answered, are still unanswered and may never get a resolution. Plus, there was not a new episode this week. So, I’m having withdrawals.

And speaking of no new episode, let me get this out of the way. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. They did not show Season 3’s “The Man Behind the Curtain” episode this week. Instead, it was “Ab Aeterno.” How could I make this egregious error and predict that the producers were trying to secretly tell us something? I’m not sure. But frankly, I know what I saw and blame Yahoo TV Listings. But bottom line, I was wrong. Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last.  And for that, I am sorry. So again, they did NOT show “The Man Behind the Curtain” last night, but to paraphrase Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dazed and Confused’, “It would have been a lot cooler if they did.”

Now that I’ve explained that I’m a clown, let’s get back to listening to me blather on.

Speaking of errors, one particular miscue from last week’s episode “The Last Recruit” is getting a lot of attention online. Fans are complaining that the Sideways time line doesn’t make sense. Their specific gripe: there is no way Sun and Jin could arrive at the hospital at the same time as Locke. It’s something I overlooked after initially watching the episode, but once you think about it, it is a big mistake. After the Oceanic flight, Jin and Sun are held over at the airport for maybe a day and then go back to the hotel. They hook up and wake up the next morning to Keamy pounding on the door. Keamny takes Jin and Sun has to go to the bank with Mikhail. Maybe, one more day goes by and Jin and Sun are reunited at the restaurant kitchen where Sun is shot.

In Locke’s time line, he gets fired from the box factory.  Then gets hired by the school as a substitute. He’s also in Ben’s flash sideways at some point, interjecting about Ben taking over as principal. Then he gets hit by Desmond and is rushed to the hospital. So, for the audience to believe that all of Locke’s story has taken place in the same time frame as Jin and Sun’s is pretty far fetched. The one explanation for all of this is: the producers could be playing with time on purpose and every time we see our characters in sideways world it’s like watching the same film with different takes. (Ex: Locke specifically tells Ben his name is John in “The Substitute”, yet in the ambulance Ben has no idea what his first name was.) And I really hope that’s the case, because there have been several small continuity errors this season already which I chose to ignore and just go along for the ride. However, this one seems too BIG to ignore.

You can watch the apparent boo-boo below.

And from that mystery to the mysteries that have plagued fans for the past six years. Let’s take a look at what has been resolved.

The Island: This one is obviously the biggest and most pressing for “Lost” fans. Where and what the heck is this place? Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Most likely none of those things. We do know this about the island, it’s at the very least a prison for the Smoke Monster at least according to Jacob. We also know, it appears to be a tangible piece of property. It’s hard to reach (although, Widmore didn’t really have a problem finding it this season with the sub.) It can also be moved through time via a donkey wheel attached to a pocket of energy, so its exact whereabouts are really unknown. Verdict: Unsolved

The Smoke Monster: We know this MIB, Locke-body-filling entity used to be a man. His mother was a wacko, he desperately wants off the island and is not so fond of Jacob or any of his candidates. But is he good or bad? Still unclear. We also, really don’t know his origins or his endgame. Since, Smocke admitted last week to Jack that he posed as Christian Shephard, we can surmise he has been every other island manifestation meant to bend the Losties to his will…ie…Eko’s brother Yemi, Kate’s horse and Christian of course. I can only assume we are going to get a MIB flashback before season’s end. At least I hope. Verdict: Solved MIB=Smoke Monster, Origin=Unsolved

Jacob: Another island entity with unknown goals. On the exterior he come across as the “good guy” by guiding our Losties and letting his candidates figure things out for themselves. But if you look deeper, he seems to have muddled motives at best. He’s interfered with the lives of the candidates (Jack, Sun/Jin, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Locke and possibly a former candidate Kate.) He also doesn’t seem to care if any of them die, as MIB informs him that eventually they all die (insert shrug of shoulders here.) Ben, Richard and others seem to trust him, but would you? I think ultimately both MIB and Jacob are evil in some form or another. Verdict: Unsolved

Dharma Initiative: The Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications Initiative was funded by Alvar Hanso (show in silhouette once in the Orientation film back in Season 2) and although they were on the island from the seventies until the nineties what did the group really accomplish? Aside from somehow containing a pocket of electromagnetic energy at the Swan station and someone transporting Polar Bears there. Did Jacob have a role in bringing them there? Perhaps. I don’t recall seeing any of their names on the Lighthouse dial, but they could have been. The thing that gets me, much of the show is based around visiting these “hatches” created by the DI and our Losties even living with this group of people. But in reality, the show never really explains what the heck they are doing there. In fact, most of the information comes from an old online reality game called “The Lost Experience” that came out following Season 1. And frankly, I’m not sure if that’s actually “Lost” canon. Verdict: Unsolved, but chances of further explanation are slim

The Statue/Black Rock: We have never seen the four-toed statue being built, but during last season’s time travel we did see it all in one piece. It was destroyed, by another mystery, the Black Rock. During “Ab Aeterno” we saw the British slave ship in rough seas near the island. In the midst of the storm, the ship gets kicked up by waves. The sea is so high, the boat smacks into the statue and is flung into the middle of the jungle magically, with barely a scratch. Ultimately, the ship’s function on the island was to be an unlimited supply of volatile dynamite (Dr. Arzt and Llana) and a revenge murder locker for Sawyer. Verdict: Solved

Time Travel: Yes, we know the donkey wheel dislodges the island and sends it spinning around in time. But why does turning it, send you to the desert of Tunisia in a different time? Ben moves from 2004 to 2005 and Locke goes from 1867 to 2007. Plus, Widmore seemed to know that Locke would appear there. Has he also used the wheel? And what about the mother of his child, Eloise Hawking. How does she know so much and where everybody should be? Also in the time travel arena, Desmond’s ability to mind-time travel. He does so in Season 3 and again this season when he travels from the island in 2007 to off-island sideways land in 2004. Verdict: Unsolved, but will probably never be fully answered

Other smaller mysteries have been answered to a degree this season. We were told two weeks ago the Whispers were the voices of dead people whose souls have been unable to move on from the island. Although, they have popped up many times foretelling the arrival of The Others and Smokey, so it kind of seems like a blanket answer.

The Numbers are apparently the numerals given to Jacob’s candidates. Specifically, 4,8,15,16,23,42 are given to our main characters. Makes sense to a point. But why are those numbers put on the Swan Hatch? And why are they on the vials Desmond shoots into his arm at the beginning of Season 2? I guess ultimately the takeaway is that these numbers follow our candidates around thanks to Jacob.

Finally, I don’t consider it a mystery, but more how I hope this series ends up. I really want to see how the rest of the series connects with the finale and the Sideways world. I just don’t want everything that has happened thus far in the “real” world end up being meaningless when it and the Sideways world inevitably collide. I want everything to connect and at the very least make sense. An open-ended finale wouldn’t bug me too much, just no cop outs. This show has captivated so many people that ending it the wrong way would do a disservice to the quality of storytelling and its legacy as arguably one of the best TV shows of all-time.

What about you? Any big mysteries I didn’t cover? Let me know…There will be a new episode next week and it’s called “The Candidate.”

Until next time “Lost” fans…

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 13 “The Last Recruit”

Another “wow” episode of “Lost” in its final season. And I must say, this was the first one where I started to feel a little sad that it’s coming to an end soon. Perhaps that’s because next week, there will not be a new episode. Groan. Although, they are showing a rather interesting episode. More on that choice in a bit.

Let’s start on island where Smocke and Jack decide to “catch” up in this episode titled “The Last Recruit” which I can only assume refers to Jack. The good doctor and Smocke exchange a brief question and answer period in which Jack tries to understand how Smokey took over Locke’s body. There have been a number of these exposition scenes this season and they’ve worked to a point, but only because the audience is finally getting some answers to many questions, some that started all the way back in Season 1.

Answer Alert!!

Jack tells Smocke that when he first came to the island, he saw his dead father, Christian, and followed him into the jungle. Jack is referring to the events in an episode called “White Rabbit” from Season 1. An episode where Jack nearly falls off a cliff, but is saved by none other than…John Locke. Interesting that something similar happens at the end of this episode. Anyway, Jack asks Smocke if that was him posing as Christian. Smocke admits that it was. Initially, I believed this right away. But, if that’s the case. Has Smokey always been Christian when we’ve seen him since his death? If so, Smokey would have to have changed into Christian’s body in the past…ie in Season 5’s episode “This Place is Death” Locke turns the donkey wheel in the well to move the island and is urged to do so by Christian Shepherd. That one I can buy. However, Jack also sees his dead father in a flash forward from Season 4’s “Something Nice Back Home” when he finds him at his clinic. And Christian pops up again in the Season 4 finale “There’s No Place Like Home” on the freighter telling Michael before he blows up “You can go now.” So, perhaps the producers screwed up or were just trying to give the audience an “answer” (because aside from the two incidents I pointed out it makes sense) or these “visions” can just be chalked up to something else. Either way, I think there’s been plenty of times this season that Smocke has lied for his own benefit and this may be one of them.

Also in this scene, it really struck me how nasty Smocke was about the real Locke calling him a “sucker.” This about a man who initially saw the Smoke Monster and called it something beautiful.

And Smocke tells Jack “He’s always been interested in helping” but “because Jacob chose you, you were trapped here, before you even got here.” Again, Smocke could be lying, but he sounds awfully convincing, since essentially that’s what Jacob did with his candidates.

Claire then meets with Jack in the jungle, discussing the escape plan. She says “you’re with him.” Why? “Because you let him talk to you.” Again, this idea of MIB being able to seduce people to his side through words. Makes me think he’s lying about posing as Jack’s dad.

We then go back to camp where Sawyer is mounting his submarine escape plan and convincing Hurley to come with him. As funny and playful as last week’s episode was, this one was basically the polar opposite. Heavy material. However, this conversation did manage one good laugh, especially for Star Wars fans like myself. Sawyer doesn’t want to bring Sayid and Hurley asks why. Sawyer claims Sayid has gone to the dark side. Hurley retorts “You can always bring people back from the dark side, I mean Anakin.” A shout out to the end of “Return of the Jedi” when Darth Vader sides with his son and hurls the Emperor down the death star shaft.

That’s when Zoey, Widmore’s henchwoman shows up and orders Smocke to release Desmond or else. Or else what?? Or else we hurl GPS bombs at you, apparently. Widmore is packing some serious weapons of mass destruction that can target where you are and make you go boom! Llana-dynamite style. Speaking of Llana…oh wait that’s for Sideways land.

Smocke seems unfazed and wants to move ahead with his plan to leave island via the Ajira Airways plane. Before they take off he has Sawyer and Kate go get a boat for everyone to sail to Hydra island on. Then Smocke tells Sayid to kill Desmond and meet up with them later. Sayid doesn’t seem convinced.

Meanwhile, Sawyer has his own plans, a double cross involving the sub which would allow he, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun/Jin and Lapidus to take off and leave the island without Smocke.

So, Sayid goes to the well where Smocke threw Desmond in last episode. Desmond wants to know what Smocke offered Sayid. He admits he wants Nadia back, the woman he loved. But Desmond says “what will you tell her when she asks what you did to be with her again?”

This is apparently enough for Zombie Sayid to rethink his decision. When he meets up with Smocke later, he tells him he killed Desmond. However, that would have happened off-camera and I sincerely doubt such a huge character would have been killed off in that manner. Plus, it could not have been more apparent Sayid was lying and frankly, I think Smocke knew as well. Also in this scene Smocke questions “What took you so long?” Is it possible, Sayid actually helped Desmond escape?? Something tells me yes. And Desmond will pop up at a much needed time later on.

Sawyer and Kate get on Desmond’s old “Elizabeth” (Libby) sail boat and head for the dock to meet up with Jack and crew who sneaked off while Smocke was away. The only problem…Claire was following them. She confronts them, but Kate breaks down and wants Claire to come with them and raise Aaron. Kate tells Claire that’s the only reason she came back to the island, because she was not supposed to raise Aaron. Interesting moment here. It appears Claire has gone from way off her rocker, to sort of sane in a few episodes here. Kind of a rough transition, but I’ll roll with it. Who knows, maybe she loses it down the line.

The Sawyer crew takes off on their yacht, but all is not right on the love boat. Jack is doing some deep-thinking at the bow and Sawyer goes to talk to him. Unfortunately, Sawyer does not like what he hears. Jack says what they are doing doesn’t feel right and Smocke actually wants them to leave. “Maybe he’s afraid to see what happens if we stay.” Jack also utters a familiar phrase before jumping ship, “The island’s not done with us yet.” Very Mrs. Hawking like if you ask me. Sounds like Jack may know something. Jack=New Jacob anyone?

When Jack makes his way back on land, he’s confronted by Smocke. The seemingly evil entity asks him if Sawyer took his boat. Jack admits that he did.

On Hydra Island, the Sawyer crew walks toward land. But Widmore’s cronies pull some steel and tell them to stop. That’s when we get our touching moment that we’ve been waiting for since the end of Season 4, the reunion of Sun and Jin. It was good, but not great. I think they could have played it a little more melodramatic.

Of greater concern though, Zoey telling Sawyer, the deal was off and giving her bombers the cue to hurl their GPS explosives at Smocke and friends. The bombs take out much of the leftover Others. But Jack manages to escape thanks to…Smocke. He pulls Jack out and tells a half awake Doc Shepherd “You’re with me now.” Boom…”Lost” logo. ARRRRGGGGHHH..two weeks is a long time!

In our Sideways world, Ben accompanies Locke (nailed by Desmond Earnhardt and his car last week) to the hospital in an ambulance. Ben doesn’t know John’s first name or his contact information. That’s when Locke chimes in and mumbles “Helen Norwood” and that his name is John.

As Locke is being wheeled into the ER, we see Sun (hit by a Mikhail bullet a few episodes ago) also being taken in for treatment. When she sees Locke on the gurney, she recognizes John and flips out yelling “It’s him!” in Korean several times. Is the downloaded memory hitting Sun that of the normal John Locke or of Smokey Locke? Could John’s subconscious be a way off the island for MIB? Perhaps one of the last scenes we see in the series is Locke walking away in Sideways world with the audience not knowing if it’s good Locke or bad Locke. I think that would be pretty cool.

Back at the police station, Sawyer is questioning Kate who he took into custody after she rammed into him and Miles with her car in “Recon” a few episodes back. The pair share a very coy conversation as they both talk about remembering one another from flight 815 and kind of infer they may have some memory of each other from the island. At least that’s what I thought.

But before they can get a total love connection upload, Detective Miles Straum informs Sawyer that they have a crime scene at a restaurant with three dead, one injured Korean woman (Sun) and the probable suspect (Sayid) on surveillance. Sawyer says “that’s our bad guy.” Seemingly, a nod to the on and off-island Iraqi.

Next, we see Claire at a business park building signing in to see the adoption agency. Desmond, who seems to be amazingly good at finding our Losties in Sideways world (kind of like a non-lethal Terminator.) At any rate, Desmond convinces Claire that she should go see his lawyer for representative with the adoption agency, a lawyer on the 15th floor. A nod to our notorious numbers. Is Jacob still playing with our characters in sideways world?

Claire and Desmond meet up with the lawyer and it’s Llana, back in one sideways piece. She’s representing the estate of Christian Shepherd who has played a big role in this episode. Minutes later, Jack and his son are in the same building, ready to meet Llana as well. Only thing is, unlike regular time line Jack, sideways Jack does not know he has a sister. When he finds out we see a classic Doc Shepherd response of shock (going wide-eyed dazed and grabbing his hairline with his hand.)

Meantime, the Iraqi is now on the run and tells Nadia she will be okay. But he can’t bring himself to tell her, he killed for her. Perhaps, that’s why he decided not to kill Desmond on the island for her. Guilt has finally gotten the best of him. You have to wonder if there is still redemption for Sayid out there somewhere. But he’ll have to figure it out in the clink. Sawyer nabbed Sayid with a hose in the backyard. This struck me as an interesting payback scene for Sayid torturing Sawyer in Season 1.

Back at the hospital, Sun wakes up and just like on-island, she is reunited with her beloved Jin. Who tells her they will always be together.

Finally, we come to Jack. Mr. Fix-It once again. He arrives at the hospital to work on a badly broken Locke. We have kind of been waiting for this to happen all season, ever since Jack met sideways Locke in episode 1 and offered to try and help with his spine. As Jack’s preparing, he notices on the X-rays that Locke’s dural sac (The membranous sac that encases the spinal cord within the bony structure of the vertebral column…according to the medical dictionary…like I would know that off the top of my head!) The dural sac is also the thing that Jack accidentally cuts open when he retells the story of fear and working on a patient to Kate all the way back in the first episode of “Lost.” Not really sure that has any significance, other than it’s a running theme.

Anyway, Jack is about to work on Locke when he looks down at the mirror showing him the face of the patient. Jack says “I think I know this guy.” Your upload is now at 75%.

Meaning he knows him from their earlier meeting or real world memories? I’m going with both. I’m guessing he’ll get fully uploaded when he saves him and possibly fixes his back??

A few quick observances because it’s now Wednesday morning and my father-in-law is on a ladder outside my house preparing to power wash it. Yikes!

1. Jack was once again talking on the phone with his ex-wife in Sideways world. Who is this mystery woman? Clearly, it’s going to be someone of significance. The only characters we haven’t seen come back yet that it could be Ana Lucia and Juliet. My money’s on Juliet.

2. So, if Jack is right. That Smocke just wants to get rid of all the candidates. I assume his plan would be to get everyone on the Ajira flight and have Widmore shoot it down, while Smokey escapes. Could it be Smokey doesn’t want off the island, but to rule it? Has his endgame been a lie the whole season?

3. Next week, instead of a new episode they are showing “The Man Behind the Curtain.” An episode from Season 3. Seems like a strange choice right? Why not just re-run one of this season’s episodes? Well, at the time this was probably the most-mythological heavy show the producers had given us. In it, we see Ben’s flashback origins on the island, how he’s a mentally abused kid living on the island with his father. His only friend is a little girl named Annie. Years later, Ben goes all mass-genocide and kills off everyone in Dharmaville. But the status of Annie remained unclear. I’m guessing she’s going to make some sort of return. Also important for this episode, it’s our first glimpse of Jacob. Ben pretends to talk to him, but Locke actually hears him say “help me.” It’s never really been explained, but it would seem with what we know about Smokey and his posing as people, that this could have actually been MIB, not Jacob. His cry of “help me” would make a lot more sense.

Okay, “Lost” fans…sounds like the power washing is well underway, so I better get outside.

Maybe I’ll try and do a recap of the season and a little more theorizing next week during the brief hiatus. What did you think of the episode? Where are we going? Has Jack already become the new Jacob?

Until next time…

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Star Wars On Blu Ray + The Return Of Han, Luke & Leia??

Just to start off, no, a date has not been set for a blu ray release of the original trilogy or the prequel trilogy for that matter. But, is reporting that Steve Sansweet (a Lucasfilm Fan rep) told audiences at a recent convention that blu ray discs are being worked on and they will include plenty of never-before-seen material. So at this time, it’s kind of a “be patient, it’s coming” scenario. Not great, but something. I just hope the discs include both versions of the films remastered and in HD. Because the originals Lucas released on dvd a few years back were worse than a vhs copy I had when I was 12. And frankly, not to be too much of a fanboy, but the 1997 versions of the films are not the films I want. The reasons are too numerous to count: In Star Wars, Han shooting first and that awful CGI Jabba. In Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett’s voice changed to match the actor in the prequels and Vader’s line changed from a super-pissed “Bring my shuttle!” to a more subdued “Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival.” In Jedi, the idiotic beak on the sarlaac and having to see Hayden Christensen at the end instead of Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker. And that’s just the short list.

If you want to see all the differences from the original Empire and the re-do click here.

Also talked about at the convention, the possibility of our old friends Han, Luke, Leia, et al appearing in the future animated series. Not the current “Clone Wars” cartoon, but apparently the sitcom comedy. So, I guess after they took out the second death star, beat the Empire and tossed Palpatine down a electrified chasm, they went and had a few laughs at the cantina. Yikes.

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Thoughts on ‘Lost’ Episode 12 “Everybody Loves Hugo”

To quote this episode’s title character, “Dude, that was awesome.”

This may have been my favorite of the season thus far, or perhaps a close second to the Richard episode when we learned all about the history of the island and our Gods’ long battle against one another.

Many episodes this season have played off of Season one episodes with our characters, but this was more a combination of two Hurley themed episodes from Season two.

One was titled the exact opposite of this one “Everybody Hates Hugo.” In that adventure, Hurley is put in charge of the food found in the hatch and thinks everyone will hate him when he doesn’t hand it out. While off-island he wins the lottery, but doesn’t want to tell anyone especially his best friend for the same reason. Once you have something and someone else doesn’t, they wonder “why does Hurley get it?”

The other entitled “Dave” which chronicled the reason Hugo was in the Santa Rosa Mental Institution, the same one seen in this episode. Also in the that episode, a romance begins to bloom between Libby and Hurley. I’ll sort through the similarities as we go.

We start at an awards ceremony showing the many contributions of Hugo Reyes in sideways world, narrated by Miles’ dad Dr. Pierre Chang aka Dr. Marvin Candle aka Dr. Mark Wickmund aka Dr. Edgar Halliwax. He receives a philanthropy award for donating money to open a paleontology wing at the museum. The same museum where Charlotte who is a paleontologist works. Here’s hoping her character pops up again.

Upon exiting the ceremony, Hugo’s mother knocks him off his high award-winning horse and tells him he needs a woman in his life, one who “did not nurse him as a child.”

And that woman will end of being non other than…Rosalita?

Well, that’s who he was set up with, but instead he’s approached by his soul mate, Libby. She informs Hurley that they once knew each other, but she doesn’t know how. That’s when Dr. Brooks shows up and puts her in the nuts-mobile back to Santa Rosa. We know Dr. Brooks from the previous Hurley episodes, especially the “Dave” episode when they discuss why Hurley has his imaginary friend.

Thrown into despair so deep by the revelation that he may be in love with a crazy woman, Hurley turns to the only friend who will never leave him. Deep friend chicken…I mean fried.

While Hurley is wallowing in his giant bucket of greasy fowl, the newly sideways-enlightened Desmond shows up. His mission is apparently to tell all of the Oceanic 815 passengers about this other world, but do it without telling them directly…kind of beat around the bush until they get it brother.

Desmond tells Hurley he should go talk to Libby and figure out where she might know you from. Then his number is called at Mr. Clucks…42. I thought that was the Kwons?

Next, we’re zoomed in on the island picture in Dr. Brooks office at Santa Rosa. This is a picture featured before and back in Season 2 fueled a lot of debate about whether or not this whole show was actually in Hurley’s head. That would be ridiculous, almost like having an island serve as a jail for a smoke monster that wanted to destroy the world.

Hugo wants to talk to Libby, so he pays off Doc Brooks to let him do just that. There we see a few familiar sights in the rec room, Connect 4 anyone?

Libby tells Hurley how she saw him the other day and all of this stuff came washing back into her head, a plane crash, an island, we liked each other. She remembered being at Santa Rosa before with him. Interesting how she all of a sudden remembered her past life. I wonder if Desmond remembering his original life triggered the trickle down effect? Will other Losties begin to remember even without a visit from Desmond? Because it’s not really Desmond who forces these effects, it’s love.

So, the theory that love is the constant for sideways world, kind of spot on…pat, pat on my back.

Self-congratulation aside, Hurley is about to find his constant rabbit hole during a beach date with Libby. This whole scene not only mirrored the date these two characters never had, but had virtually the same dialogue between the pair from the “Dave” episode in Season 2. Except here, Hurley’s love for Libby helps her realize that she’s not crazy, while back in Season 2 Libby’s love for Hurley made him realize that he wasn’t insane. And the kiss seals it…Hurley is now sideways self-aware.

There is one more scene from sideways land…but I’m going to address it after the island recap…because it closely relates to on-island wheelings and dealings.

Hurley is up on heartbreak hill. He is mourning his lost love, Libby. Instead of her ghost showing up though, he gets Jacob’s acolyte Llana informing him that she’s heading to the Black Rock to grab some dynamite to blow up the Ajira ship on Hydra Island. Is it just me or did the Black Rock bring an infinite amount of dynamite?

But Hurley is getting some otherworldly help. Michael appears and tells Hurley that blowing up the Ajira plane is not the way to go and more people will die if that happens. Interesting that Michael appears since he was the one who robbed Hurley of Libby in the first place by killing her back in Season 2 during his quest to get his son Walt back.

No sooner has Llana left for the Black Rock than she has appeared again. She reiterates her point about destroying the plane to keep Smokey on the island, saying it’s Jacob’s plan. However, Hurley disagrees and doesn’t want to go. That’s when Llana throws down her bag. Llana, we hardly knew you. Our Jacob disciple goes bye, bye ala Dr. Arzt in the finale of Season 1, getting completely blown away.

This was a surprising death and hopefully we will get some resolution on her story. Jacob had apparently had plans for her and wanted her to protect his candidates. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very good at that. Her death also add credence to the theory that Jacob is not such a great guy. As Ben Linus points out later, “makes me wonder what will happen to us once the island is done with us.” Something tells me Ben has one last trick up his sleeve.

In camp Smocke, which has mainly consisted of sitting around, cooking something in pots and occasionally whittling something this season, Smocke tells Kate and Sawyer that he needs all of the candidates to leave the island. Similar to how all of them needed to be on the Ajira flight last season to return to the island.

Sayid returns with everyone’s favorite Scotsman, Desmond. He is tied to a tree and waiting for Smocke. But he doesn’t need to be tied up because he’s not afraid and won’t run. Perhaps he should be.

Our fake Locke asks Desmond why Widmore would bring him to the island? Desmond says he doesn’t know and put him in an electromagnetic device. Smocke then tells him he has to show him something and asks for his hand. As I’ve stated in previous blogs, it’s been a common theme this season, our God-like leaders asking for our Losties hands.

While looking through things at the beach, Hurley stumbles upon a book that appears to be Russian. Did not understand what it said, but obviously means something. Anyone know Russian? Paging Mikhail.

Hugo also came upon a small black bag. Is this the bag filled with diamonds that Miles dug up from Nikki and Paulo’s grave earlier this season? If so, why are those diamonds important? Will they factor in later as a way to pay off Widmore or someone else? Strange.

Hurley agrees to go to the Black Rock and get more dynamite with Richard, but why the sudden change of heart? In reality, our overweight funnyman just wanted to blow up the British ship to rid the island of explosives. Unlimited amount of TNT eliminated. Or maybe not. Richard wants to go to dharmaville and retrieve any grenades or explosives they might have. Clearly this is where Saddam was hiding all these weapons of mass destruction.

So, our Team Jacob is broken. Richard goes with Ben Linus and Miles tags along. That leaves Hurley, Jack, Sun and Lapidus to head to Camp Smocke. At first Hurley insists Jacob told him that’s what needed to be done, but he later confesses to Jack that’s not the case.

And that prompts an interesting moment with our Dr. Shepherd. He admits that after Juliet’s death he realized that he can’t fix everything and has stopped trying. He also says it’s been very hard to just sit back and just “let go.” A definite turning point for his character, seemingly for the better.

Meanwhile, Smocke and Desmond are on a jungle journey. In the jungle, a young boy shows up for the second time this season. Last time we saw this kid was in the Locke episode “The Substitute.” During that episode the young jungle boy told Smocke “You know the rules. You can’t kill him.” At the time, a likely reference to Sawyer, but in a larger scope the candidates themselves, I’m guessing. However, from the Richard episode “Ab Aeterno”, we know that Smokey says he would kill anyone who tried to take Jacob’s place. So, just who is this boy? A young Jacob or a young Smokey? Is that who smokey once was? Or is it someone else altogether?

Eventually, Smocke and Desmond reach a well. Apparently, the same well where Ben and Locke turned the donkey wheel to move the island and transport themselves off the island. Smocke explains that it’s a spot that made compasses spin and ancient people dig and try to find out the cause. The answer is pockets of electromagnetism or so it would seem. Smocke tells Desmond, Widmore is not interested in answers, he’s interested in power. Smocke then asks him “why aren’t you afraid?” Anyone think/hope he was going to turn into the Smoke Monster and try to scare the heck out of Desmond? I did. Unfortunately, he didn’t do that. Instead, he just shoved him down the well. To his death? Unlikely.

When Smocke returns he tells Sayid, Desmond won’t be a problem anymore. Then Hurley and crew show up. That includes Jack who sees Smocke for the first time in one of Matthew Fox’s classic “lost my breath/holy crap” moments.

And then the coup de grace of tonight’s fantastic episode. We go back to Sideways land and Desmond is creeping out high school kids and teachers like the honorable Benjamin Linus. He lies and says he’s checking it out for his son Charlie, but in fact he’s following John Locke. Obviously, he wants to tell him about sideways world, but instead of talking to him…he decides to run down the wheelchair bound Locke with his car! Payback you Smoke Monster invalid!

It’s a dramatic blow, but maybe it had to be done that way. While others come to realize their other world ties through love…Locke can only realize it through physical trauma. So much for my sideways love constant theory!

Getting late…time to wrap this present up.

Of note…

1. Sun asks via her paper speak “Did we make a mistake?” to Lapidus about going with Hurley instead of Richard. Reiterating the fact that she can no longer speak English. I’m convinced this is going to play a role in the endgame.


The whispers heard throughout the series in the jungle (typically heard before the Others show up, but not always) are dead people forced to stay disembodied on the island as punishment for what they’ve done. So for some, this island is hell…aka Michael.

3. Is Smocke becoming John Locke or is he already? I ask this because he does so many things that are Locke-esque. Whittling his spear and telling Sawyer “I’ll know what it is when the time is right.” Even throwing Desmond into the well. Locke would do some daring and certainly stupid things if he believed it was the right thing to do. Perhaps even though he did that, it wasn’t to harm Desmond, but just get him out of the way and not work for the potentially evil Widmore. I just keep hoping that Smocke will somehow be the actual “light” side of things and Jacob the “dark.” Not sure why I’m pulling for that so badly. Just like a good twist I guess.

4. Just after Locke is hit by Desmond. His eyes give the same, sorting it all out sense that they gave in the first season when he is able to walk again for the first time following the plane crash. As I stated, I think this trauma will allow Locke to see his former self.

5. We keep talking about time lines colliding, ie….island world meeting sideways world. How will our Losties form one consciousness and will they be able to choose which world they want to stay in?

6. I won’t include any spoilers for next week, but holy cow did you see that preview for next week? Was that brilliant or what? Including Gene Wilder’s speech from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” made for one trippy promo. Really illustrates how the viewer has no idea who to root for or where this finale is headed? “There’s no earthly way of knowing, what direction we are going” Well done.

Play video below for a creep out Wonka-style…

What a wonderful way to end this week’s column…

Questions? Concerns? What will happen to Desmond in either world? Will he be a sacrificial lamb? And who’s good and who’s bad? I want theories…

Until next time “Lost” fans.

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The Best TV Show That Lasted Only One Season

“Freaks and Geeks” was set in the eighties and focused on the lives of teens at a high school in a fictional suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Sadly, it only lasted one season, 18 episodes. It was never a ratings blockbuster, but frankly NBC gave up on it way too early. As you can see in the picture, it featured a number of actors who went on to become quite popular in Hollywood.

It wasn’t just the hilarity of the geeks, or the freaks for that matter that made this show shine, but it also had a lot of heart. Most of that four chamber organ came from the Weirs. An average middle-class family with a brilliant daughter trying to find her place and a nerdy, undersized son going through puberty and obsessed with the pretty cheerleader.

I write all of this because just came out with a list of the 15 most memorable “Freaks and Geeks” moments. Some of them contain clips, while others don’t. If you’ve seen the show before, take a look back and enjoy. If you haven’t, I actually recommend taking the series in first. That way you won’t be spoiled and honestly, you’ll be better off watching one of the best shows ever produced.

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EW Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of ‘Empire’

If anyone doubts the staying power of “Star Wars” look no further than this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly. The issue, in stores or your mailbox today, features a vintage picture from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Chewbacca is holding Princess Leia on the cover in honor of the 30th anniversary of arguably the best sequel ever. The magazine includes some never-before-seen photos from the production and a story on a new book coming out on the making of the movie.

Personally, it’s my favorite of all the “Star Wars” films and probably my favorite movie period. It’s just a far superior to anything of George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, focusing on characters while intertwining some pretty sweet action that still stands up to today’s wallpaper CGI. And something tells me, in 2032, EW will not put out an issue celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Attack of the Clones.” Just a hunch.

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 11 “Happily Ever After”

“Happily Ever After.” It was the title of our Desmond-centric episode of “Lost” tonight and it was a doozy. After ten episodes into our final season, our characters have finally started to recognize something is not quite right in Sideways land. But all is not wrong either, after all to “live happily ever after” is to live with love.

Or that’s what we’re meant to take away from this week’s fairy tale ending episode.

Frankly, that’s something we haven’t really seen in quite a while on this show, love. But more on the love game in a minute.

Let’s start with my favorite “Lost” character, Desmond. Our time traveler is back on the island thanks to his arch nemesis and his wife’s father, Charles Widmore. Mr. Hume is none too excited to be there however, you may recall he swore never to go back after Mrs. Hawking tried to recruit him for the Ajira flight last season. He tackles Widmore and pounds him. With a bloodied head, Widmore tries to explain, much like his former girlfriend Mrs. Hawking did, “the island is not done with you yet.”

So, what does the island need Desmond for? Not quite sure yet. But it may involve his resistance to electromagnetic energy and his ability to time travel!

Yes, Hume’s mind-leaping abilities are coming in handy and he can even jump universes. Desmond is put into a shed full of electromagnetic charge and bam, we find ourselves down a rabbit hole.

Desmond is picking up his luggage after Oceanic 815 landed in Sideways wonderland where we started in episode one of the season. Desmond is doing our classic through the looking glass mirror gaze at the arrivals and departures board. Does he see himself or a man he used to know?

Hurley walks by and tells him the luggage is at carousel 4, he “checked it with dude at the counter.” Desmond then ends up helping Claire with her bags and guesses her baby will be a boy. Another crack beginning to form in Sideways world…one that’s about to become a sinkhole.

Ironically, Desmond is the right hand man to Charles Widmore and his limo driver to meet his prestigious boss is George Minkowski. Another Widmore lackey who ended up dying of time travel sickness on the freighter because he did not have a constant back in Season 4.

And that’s exactly what this episode mirrors a clever combination of Season 3’s “Flashes Before Your Eyes” in which Desmond flashes back to an interview with Widmore and break up with Penny and Season 4’s “The Constant” in which Desmond flashes back to 1996 and nearly succumbs to the sickness, but reaches his constant and his love…Penny.

There are many similarities and echoes of those episodes including:

1. Desmond looks at the sail boat in Widmore’s office. A nod to how he initially came to the island.

2. Instead of telling Desmond he’s not good enough to drink his MacCutcheon whiskey, Widmore allows Desmond to drink with him.

3. Minkowski as limo driver

4. Mrs. Hawking telling Desmond he’s not supposed to be doing something, similar to how she tells him he’s not supposed to propose to Penny in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

Desmond is sent on a mission to take Charlie Pace, a drugged out bass player for Driveshaft to play with Widmore’s son Daniel at his party. Only problem, Charlie is suicidal and apparently semi-aware of the alternate universe he’s living in. Why? Because when Charlie nearly died choking on a baggie of heroine, he saw the love of his life in his mind, Claire.  A nice bit of acting by Mr. Dominic Monaghan in this episode by the way.

Charlie eventually goes with Desmond, but actually has other plans. He pulls the wheel on the car and the pair end up in the marina. Charlie is content to drown, but Desmond escapes. And in a wonderful echo of Season 3’s finale “Through the Looking Glass”, Charlie puts his hand on the car’s window pane as he had done in the door of the underwater Looking Glass station. But Desmond sees something, Charlie drowning with the words “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand. Worlds begin to collide.

This sets in motion Desmond’s need for answers and his search for his beloved, the love of his life, his happily ever after…Penny.

Now the hunt begins. And that starts with his old Ouroboros broach-wearing friend Mrs. Hawking…aka Mrs. Widmore in sideways world. Instantly, she seems to know Mr. Hume. She doesn’t care about Charlie not showing up to play with Daniel, but she does care about Desmond inquiring about her guest list…especially Penny. Could it be Mrs. Hawking has a list similar to Jacob?Have Widmore and Hawking been working for him all along like Jesus’ disciples?

Daniel Faraday/Widmore shows up before Desmond leaves and they have a talk nearly identical to Charlie’s about true love. But instead of Claire, Daniel talks about Charlotte. Who we last saw sleeping with Sawyer! He spotted her walking through the museum eating chocolate “I’m not supposed to have chocolate before dinner” she said before her death on the island. The blue-eyed, red-haired beauty is his happily ever after and now Desmond needs to go find his…which is Penny, Daniel’s half-sister.

Desmond finds Penny running a tour de stad at the same stadium both he and Jack ran back in Season 2. He introduces himself and asks her out for coffee.

Back on the island, Desmond wakes up and apparently understands what needs to be done and is willing to help Widmore. But Sayid intercedes, killing two red shirts and insists Desmond come with him.

So, here’s where we stand and questions that need to be answered…

1. Desmond tells Minkowski to get him a manifest of Oceanic flight 815, because he needs to show them something. So, it appears the remaining episodes will be devoted to Desmond trying to convince our Sideways Losties that everything is not what it seems. Thrusting us into a collision course of time lines. I guess my only problem with this is that some of our characters seem better off in the sideways world. I mean look at them in 2007, Jack is a shell of the man he once was and Kate seems much more interested in Sawyer. Charlie is dead. Jin and Sun haven’t seen each other in 3 years. Sayid is a virtual zombie, along with Claire. Kate doesn’t seem happy. Locke is dead, but embodied by a smoke monster. Frankly, of the two worlds…sideways not looking all that hellish. However, the one thing missing as this episode illustrated…love. Seems like our characters may have some universal choices to make…your world or mine?

2. (Sorry, that was a long number 1.) Penny is at the stadium running stairs. Could it be she’s training for a race around the world to earn Widmore’s approval instead of Desmond?

3. Everyone in sideways world seems to realize that they are living in a different universe when love comes into the picture. So, does that mean in sideways-ville, love is the constant?

4. Faraday basically informs us that the nuclear blast provided by Juliet did in fact create the Sideways world. Seemingly case closed on that one. Sideways world is not the world Smokey would create if he wins.

5. How does Mrs. Hawking know so much?

6. Widmore seems to want a new life. One where his daughter loves him, he sees his grandson and his son is alive, but what does Desmond have to sacrifice to make this happen?

7. If Desmond is electromagnetic resistant, how does that help Widmore battle Smokey? Will we see Desmond travel back to when Smokey was a man? How crazy would that be?

8. I think it’s an error, but didn’t Desmond appear to be texting someone at the bar with Charlie. Did we have texting back in 2004? And if we did, it certainly wasn’t a keyboard like the one he had.

What else? What did I miss? This rivaled the Richard episode for me, but it makes me a little nauseous thinking about the sideways world as our new reality. Thoughts anyone? Possible series endings? Theories?

Until next time “Lost” fans…

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Yoda, Darth Vader & Lando Walk Into A Bar…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. No really…stop. Not me, but George Lucas because he doesn’t seem to want to leave well enough alone. As if the prequel trilogy and Cartoon Network’s awful “Clone Wars” series weren’t painful enough, according to Variety Lucasfilm is developing a new animated show. And wait for it…it’s going to be a sitcom, as in comedy. I’ll give you a minute to digest that.

Seth Green of “Robot Chicken” fame and a “Daily Show” scribe will help write the series. They may be talented, but I just can’t see anything good coming of this. I mean, what am I missing? Can no one in that company stand up to Lucas and say “George, not sure that’s gonna work. We might as well make a comedy about women in Afghanistan.”

You know what’s funny about Star Wars? Outtakes, parodies, Lucas trying to justify Jar Jar Binks or this kid…

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