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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 6 “Sundown”

Every episode this season has mirrored Season 1. The third episode centered around Kate “What Kate Does” the same as the third episode “Tabula Rasa” in Season 1 was about Kate, fourth episode was about Locke and the fifth about Jack. So going in, I thought this would mirror “House of the Rising Sun” from Season 1 and be about Sun and Jin. Especially with the name “Sundown.”


The producers tricked us. Although, at some point that was bound to happen anyway because Season 1 had 25 hours/episodes and this season with only have 18.And the next episode from Season 1 would have been about Charlie in “The Moth”. Something tells me we’re not going to get a Charlie episode, although that would be awesome.

Turns out “Sundown” was about Sayid. Fans may be shocked by what he did in this episode, but you shouldn’t be. Sayid may seem like a nice man, but when it comes down to it. He will always choose to kill. After all, as Ben Linus told him he was a natural killer.

As a huge fan of the show there has always been one character that I was never that enthused about and it was and is Sayid. I’m not sure why but most of his episodes have struck me as a little bit boring and repetitive (some say the same thing about Jack episodes, although those are some of my favorites). This was no different. His off-island story once again centered around the love of his life Nadia, while on-island was definitely interesting and eye-opening, but the storytelling felt disjointed. IE…there was a lot of characters just showing up and coming and going. Never felt a strong flow to the episode.

But at any rate, it was still “Lost” and even when I’m not in love with an episode I still enjoy it.

We’ll start on-island. Sayid has what is probably the best fight scene we’ve seen on “Lost” with Dogen the “Samurai”. The two battle back and forth after Sayid confronts the dungeon master for wanting to kill him and torturing him. Dogen is about to win, but watches his baseball fall to the ground and has second thoughts. More on that in a second.

Unable to cross the gray sand, Smocke sends Claire in to the temple to announce his ultimatum: Join me or die. Very Darth Vader of him. Sayid was going to be banished, but Dogen instead sends him on a suicide mission, kill Smocke with a knife. Oops, not so much. If machine guns don’t do the trick, a knife wasn’t going to help. Smocke tells Sayid that he was stupid to listen to Dogen, but he was not going to kill him. Instead, he wants to help him. Get off the island and get Nadia back “the only thing he cares about” that died in his arms. Which it should be noted was because of Jacob. You may recall Jacob touches Sayid after he was part of the Oceanic 6, distracting him while Nadia gets whacked by a car on the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica in Los Angeles. She dies. Sayid goes back to being a killer for Ben Linus. Seems to me, Smocke is offering a better life for a our Losties. Could it be our Sideways timeline is what happens if Jacob never existed? At the end of the season will Smocke take them off the island and they’re consciousness will just be uploaded into their sideways’ heads? Just a thought.

Kate comes back to the temple even though last week, she kind of said she had no intention of going back there. (This falls under my disjointed complaint I mentioned earlier) When she’s back Miles tells her about Claire being back and Kate runs off to find her.

Meanwhile, Smocke sends Sayid back to the temple to kill Dogen. Before he knocks him off drowning style, Dogen informs Sayid that Jacob came to him years ago after Dogen’s son died in a car crash while Dogen was driving drunk. Jacob says he can save his son, but Dogen must come to the island and never see his son again. That’s why he keeps his son’s baseball with him at the temple. Sayid is touched by this sad tale and proceeds to drown Dogen in the same pool that Sayid “died” in. I wonder if Dogen will come back “claimed” from the dirty water as Sayid did. Sayid also slices Dogen’s right hand man “hippie Joe”. Has his name ever been mentioned? At any rate he’s dead.

Kate finds Claire, who was put in a hole (creepily reminded me of Silence of the Lambs). Kate tells Claire that Aaron is okay and she is the one who took him. Claire gives her a psycho killer look and they cut to break. That’s when the “Sm” part of Smocke shows up. Smokey goes on a thunderous murder spree, offing all of the Others that didn’t come with him before sundown. Kate avoids Smokey by partially jumping into the pit of despair with Claire.

This is also when Llana, Sun, Ben and Lapidus show up. I know they said they were heading for the temple when we saw them last, but again their sudden appearance just struck me as a bit too convenient. But at this point, I’m willing to accept a few last-minute loose ends being tied up quickly. As long as the biggest plot holes aren’t left unfilled.

Sun, Ben, Lapidus, Llana and Miles all escape. But Sayid, Claire, a bunch of the Others and (gasp) Kate go with Smocke. All wearing maniacal grins on their faces, except Kate.

A few notes:

1. Claire asks Smocke “why don’t you have Jin or Sawyer” do it? So, with Sayid, Claire, Jin, Sawyer and Kate it appears Smocke has his group of combatants and Jacob will have his…Jack, Hurley, Sun, Lapidus, Ben, Llana and Miles.

2. How unnervingly great was the song “Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket” over the shots of all the dead bodies at the temple? It was like a scene out of a horror movie.

3. The look that Smocke gives Kate as she walks out? Is she a dead Kate walking or is this all part of his plan?

Now to off-island. Sayid’s sideways story didn’t do a ton for me. It had a similar storyline to his first Season 1 episode “Solitary”. In that hour, Sayid turns his back on the military and kills for the love of a woman. The same woman he kills for in this episode, Nadia.

Sayid’s brother is in trouble with the mob. Why does anyone borrow money from them? Never seems to end well. His brother is married to Nadia in sideways world, apparently Sayid pushed her toward his bro because he felt he did not deserve her. In sideways world, Sayid is still a killer and performer of bad deeds. The mob sends a message to his brother and he ends up in the hospital. And who do we see passing Sayid in the hallway? The good Dr. Shephard.

Soon after, the mobsters kidnap Sayid. The head of this mini-mob? Martin Keamy. You may remember him as the mercenary hired by Charles Widmore to go to the island and get Ben Linus back in Season 4. It’s this week’s nod to what other characters we’ve seen sprinkled in over the years are doing in our sideways time line. Personally, I can’t wait to see Widmore pop up because dollars to donuts says that’s Keamy’s employer. Why? Because after Sayid kills Keamy, he finds Jin locked up in the walk-in freezer. The same Jin that got detained at the airport earlier this season for having an expensive watch and loads of cash in his baggage. I’m guessing that got confiscated and Jin wasn’t able to deliver it to Mr. Paik’s associate Widmore. Hence, his incarceration.

One of my only questions about this flash sideways, why was Sayid in Sydney? In our old storyline, he was there to help the feds nab his terrorist friend and they would tell him the whereabouts of Nadia. Seeing that he already knew where Nadia was, his reason for being in Sydney would be an interesting one, although that will probably never get answered. I only ask because everyone else we’ve seen was there for the same reason, Kate on the run, Jack getting his father’s corpse, Locke on a walkabout, Boone trying to retrieve Shannon.

So, where does this episode leave us? Sides are forming for Jacob and Smocke. But to what end are these two God-like creatures playing at? Jacob wants to protect the island and it seems that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Including, ruining our Losties’ lives in the process. Smocke wants off and is willing to help those who help him. On the surface, Smocke seems more reasonable, at least he lets people choose, but then he also kills anyone who goes against him. And if Smocke was once a man, like he claims, was he someone we’ve heard about? A captain of the Black Rock? Alvar Hanso? One of the DeGroots? All of those are probably unlikely, but something to think about.

Until next time…

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Rare Star Wars Photos

Total Film has posted some cool behind the scenes pictures from all three original Star Wars. You can check them out here. I think my favorites are Carrie Fisher aka Leia with a beer in her hand standing next to an X-Wing and Luke and C3PO on the Mos Eisley Cantina set. Shows you just how small that set really was.

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Ebert Regains Voice Via DVD Tracks

I found this very inspirational. Despite, numerous setbacks, including losing his jaw and the ability to eat, movie critic Roger Ebert is now able to talk using a computerized voice which is actually his own voice!

Tracks from various dvd commentaries were taken and mixed together to create a version of his old voice. There is a zillion useless creations thanks to technology, but for once it’s being put to good use. Way to keep fighting Roger.

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