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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 10 “The Package”

In the tenth episode of the final season of “Lost” entitled “The Package”, we get a sideways look at an unmarried Jin and Sun, an on-island hunt and an answer to what’s behind door number 3 in the sub…ie…the package. I’m a little tired this morning, but will try to throw some interesting ideas out there. I couldn’t manage to get any solid thoughts down last night. Painting Adirondack chairs and strong “Lost” analysis don’t make for a good one, two punch, I guess.

Let’s start in sideways world. Jin Kwon is on the same mission as he was in Season 1 of our series, deliver a watch to one of Mr. Paik’s associates in the US. Except this time, he’s got $25,000 with him which gets confiscated by security officials at the airport.

Sideways land offers an interesting twist on the Jin/Sun relationship. They are not married, but having an affair, seemingly under the nose of her strict father Mr. Paik. This detail is revealed when they check into their hotel in LA and the concierge screws up the reservation giving them only one room. But it’s quickly rectified when Jin insists on “two room.”

Later, Jin visits Sun’s room telling her that he wants to deliver the watch. But Jin gets a bit distracted by buttons. How can someone get distracted by buttons you ask? When they’re being undone by Sun who seductively undresses in front of Jin. The pair then spend the night together. Sun reveals she wants to runaway with Jin, a similar plan to Season 1’s “House of the Rising Sun” when Sun plans to leave Jin and start a new life in the US. She is about to tell Jin something else (that she’s pregnant perhaps? If you recall back in the pregnancy pact days of “Lost” Jin could not get Sun pregnant and was only able to do so on the island) when…

They get an early wake up call from Mr. Paik’s thugs and everyone’s favorite mercenary Martin Keamy. We last saw Keamy kidnapping and eventually being killed by Sayid during his flash sideways episode “Sundown.”

But wait…Keamy has a buddy who can translate Korean because in this world, Sun never wanted to leave Jin and never learned english. Does this have some sort of affect on Sun on-island, as she forgets how to speak english after a bump on the head? Are the two worlds starting to collide? More on that later. First, our translator extraordinare is non other than Mikhail! The other who refused to die back at the end of Season 3 and killed Charlie with a bomb at the “Looking Glass” station.

Keamy wants his money, but airport security took it remember? So, that doesn’t mean good things for our Korean couple. Mikhail takes Sun to the bank and Keamy leaves with Jin. Mr. Paik is not supposed to know about their secret relationship, but turns out he does know and liquidates Sun’s bank account. Oops. He was also sending them to the states to have them killed. The $25K was actually an assassination payment for Keamy and his thugs. Jin is thrown into the freezer and is eventually found by Sayid, bringing us back to the ending of “Sundown.”

Jin breaks free, but can’t bring himself to shooting Mikhail who just returned with Sun. Mikhail fires first and hits Sun before Jin shoots him in the eye! The same eye Mikhail aka Patchy already lost in the non-sideways universe. Just another detail “Lost” creators use to make your head spin.

So it appears Sun may die in our Sideways world. Or she could just be badly wounded. Aside from Sayid’s situation, this is the first real notion that this go around at life without the island may not be working out as well. Most characters although still flawed, seem better off. Jack’s a good dad, Sawyer’s not a con man, Locke is happier, etc…

I wonder if Sun dies in sideways land and Jin dies in island world and they end up reunited when worlds collide by seasons end. Just a theory.

On the island, this episode was all about positioning. It struck me as a bit slow as a whole, but this type of set-up episodes are a necessary evil. Especially when the producers deliver such gems as last week’s Jacob vs. Man in Black mythology episodes.

Team Smocke is being watched via infra-red. Is is Widmore’s people ready to hatch a sneak attack? Yes and no.

Losties actually communicating with one another alert!!

Smocke asks Jin if Sawyer told him about what he showed him in the cave. Jin acknowledges that he had told him about the candidates. It seems widely understand that most of our characters communicate off-camera, but rarely have we seen them speak on-camera about their various adventures.

At any rate, Smocke tells Jin that everyone on that wall must come with him on the plane to get off the island. This plan sounds very familiar to the plan that got them on the island via Ajira airways last season. All of them had to be on the flight, even Desmond, who didn’t end up going. But something tells me he’ll pop up again before the end of the recap.

Sayid has become Smocke’s right hand man. So much so, he sends him on a mission against Widmore’s crew. The Iraqi with a heart of darkness confesses he feels nothing anymore. “Good”, says the Smoke Monster “That will help you for what’s coming.”

This scene is close to Smocke’s scene with Claire later on that illustrates just how far these two characters have fallen. Sayid and Claire both seem dead inside and it makes it hard to believe there will be redemption for these two.

While Smocke takes a trip to go recruit Sun, Widmore’s crew goes all Ben’s Others on Team Smocke and takes them out with poison darts. They kidnap Jin. For what purpose? Obviously, Widmore wants control of the island back. He stated that several times to Ben in previous seasons. It’s the first time he’s been back since he was banished. But, the scientist shows Jin a map of spots with high levels electromagnetic activity signed off on by Mr. Kwon himself. Is Widmore interested in harnessing the power of the island for more time travel? Is there something he wants to change by using the donkey wheel?

And that brings us the package. Which is apparently Desmond. We know Eloise Hawking told Desmond he needed to go back with Jack and friends on Ajira, but he refused. We last saw Desmond in this time line being hospitalized after Ben shot him at the dock. So, how does Mr. Hume affect all of this? Is Widmore just getting rid of him because he doesn’t want him around his daughter Penny? Or does Desmond a key to something else? Is Desmond perhaps a sacrificial lamb for Widmore to offer up to Jacob or Smokey?

Back to Jin, he’s being held captive in Room 23 on Hydra Island. Which you may recall was used to brainwash Karl back in Season 3. They showed clips of strange things and even flashed the “Jacob.” An early seed planted by our creators of the God-like entity that lay ahead.

Meanwhile, Team Jacob is waiting for Richard to come back. But Sun doesn’t want to wait and goes to her Zen garden instead from seasons past. It’s been three years since she’s done any yard work, so the garden is looking a little weed-ridden. Jack tries to comfort her and….

Losties actually communicating with one another alert #2!!

…tells Sun that he visited Jacob’s lighthouse with all the mirrors and names of the candidates. He then says there’s a purpose to all of this. Remember, our man of science has done a total 180 and is now a man of faith, as he told Hurley earlier this season, he was a broken man and came here to find redemption. Jack is now a believer.

Once Jack leaves, Smocke arrives and tries to convince Sun to come with him, even extending his hand to her. That’s a theme that has happened almost every episode this season. Both Jacob and MIB, reached out and asking people to “come with” them or “trust” them. Sun’s not having it though and runs off. She’s chased and is knocked out.

Later, Ben finds her and she’s taken back to camp. However, now she can’t seem to remember how to speak english. Kind of a weird thing to happen. As I stated before, does this have to do with worlds beginning to collide or is this a device used by the producers that will somehow play a part down the road?

Richard and Hurley finally return and Richard tells everyone they’re going to Hydra Island to stop MIB.  Sun once again is not on board, but Jack asks her to “trust” him.

A few quick hits as today’s column is getting long for an episode that I thought not that much happened in, but watching it again…I feel differently. May have been slow, but a lot happened.

1. Widmore tells Jin if MIB gets off the island, “everyone we know and love will cease to be.” This sounds like a manipulative lie similar to what Ben typically told his crowd. It’s always very difficult to decipher who is telling the truth on this show.

2. Smocke appears to becoming more and more like John Locke. He shares his mannerisms, twirling the stick in his hand at the beginning of the episode, similar sayings asking Sun “having a bad day?” This is the exact same thing he tells her in Season 2’s episode “…And Found” when Sun tears apart the garden looking for her wedding ring. And he remembers what Widmore told Locke when he sent him on a mission to recruit the other Losties in last season’s “Jeremy Bentham is Dead”, “War is coming to the island.” Could Smocke end up being resurrected as John Locke? Was he somehow the man the MIB once was?

3. And playing off that idea. Is Jack ready to become the new Jacob? He asks Sun to trust him and reaches out his hand…ala Jacob and the MIB. Will this series end with Jack as the new Jacob and Smocke still trapped in Locke’s form? The island game starts anew with Jack vs Locke, which essentially is what a lot of this series has been about.

4. Jack promises Sun to get her on the plane and off the island. Which is actually against what Richard has planned, since he wants to blow it up.

5. Will Claire end up killing Kate? Smocke doesn’t seem too concerned about her since she’s not a candidate anymore.

6. Best line of the night Miles responding to Hurley’s hunt for Richard, “unless richard is covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything.”

7. We had yet another knowing mirror shot in this sideways episode. Sun stared at her reflection in the hotel mirror just before she opened the door to greet Martin Keamy. Every single character has seen themselves through the looking glass and appears to realize that something might be a bit off.

So War is upon the island…MIB doesn’t like secrets and Sayid now knows that they have the secret weapons Desmondo. But with so many people having so many different motives, who wins? and who loses?

That’s it for now “Lost” fans. We are now more than halfway done with this season, so enjoy it while you can.

Until next week.

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‘Lost’ Will Hit Movie Theaters! In A Way…

This comes from Aint it Cool Movie News and Michigan’s Celebration Cinemas…

“Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, the creators of LOST, will have an in-depth live discussion about the show’s creation, its six years on the air, and its finale on May 23, 2010. The TimesTalks Participants include Award winning Carlton Cuse, who currently executive produces LOST, along with Damon Lindelof, the co-creator and executive producer for the LOST series. The discussion will be interspersed with video clips from past shows as well as a one-minute sneak peak from the finale. The discussion will be followed by a 30-40 minute Q&A with questions taken from the live crowd at the NYT Center, pre-submitted fan questions and questions texted from guests on event night. Guests will be offered the opportunity to text in a question.”

Sounds like a must trip to the movies for me. But how many theaters will be airing it?

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Potter Theme Park Opening Controversy

Many Harry Potter fans have been waiting for Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World Theme Park to open this Spring. However the recent announcement of the opening date as June 18th, three days before Summer starts is creating a bit of an uproar. Read more here. Check out a commercial for the park here. And find even more detailed information about exactly what the park will have to offer here.

And to test your knowledge of all things Harry Potter and enter for a chance to win a trip to the theme park head over to the Scholastic website here.

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 9 “Ab Aeterno”

Let me start off by saying, What the hell ABC? This episode ran 6 minutes longer than normal and guess whose DVR cut off the end of the show? How about giving viewers a heads up on that? Luckily, I’m annoyingly persistent and found a bootlegged copy of the episode online before posted it this morning. Anyway, long story short I saw the last minute that my DVR cut off.

And boy was this episode entitled “Ab Aeterno” or roughly “From the beginning of time” in Latin worth the hassle. This was classic “Lost.”

Richard. The Robert Duvall consigliere of the island. This was the first time since Season 5 that we’ve had a flashback and really the first pre-island singular character-driven flashback since Season 3.

We start by revisiting a scene from last season’s finale, Jacob visiting Llana who is recovering at a Russian hospital. We still do not know what happened to her and why she was so badly injured. But Jacob needs her help. This time we find out why. Jacob wants her to protect his six candidates. 4,8, 15, 16,23,42. Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Jack and apparently Sun. 3 of which are either dead, possessed or already on Team Smocke, so I would say Llana has her work cut out for her.

We cut to the camp fire where our Losties are having a pow-wow about what they are candidates for? Sun says candidates to take over for Jacob. But what do they do now? Llana doesn’t know, but Jacob said Ricardo would know. Ricky? No. Richard Alpert. Except wait. Richard doesn’t know anything. In fact, he claims all the people huddled around the camp fire are dead and in hell!

Richard is the man who mysteriously doesn’t age and who “Lost” fans have been dying to find out more about for years. So let’s go back into the past. The past Seth? Yes. All the way to the year 1867. And on the Canary Islands because I’ve heard it’s lovely there this time of year.

Richard is desperately trying to save his wife Isabella from dying. She tells him he must race and get the doctor, giving him the cross around her neck. He gallops to the doctor, but our physician is no Dr. Shepherd. He is only willing to give Richard medicine and for a hefty price. In a fit of rage, the pair struggle and the evil MD winds up dead. Richard takes the medicine, but is too late to give it to his wife who is dead when he arrives back home. Richard is then arrested.

Set to hang at the gallows, Richard asks for forgiveness from a priest. However, the priest tells him he cannot be saved and is going to hell.

In this scene, the priest opens a bible to Saint Luke 4:37. It’s not the exact passage, but in chapter 4 it describes how Jesus went 40 days without food and how he was tempted by the devil who offered him power of the world if he would follow him. You can read more here. Sound familiar? Sounds like a mirror of the Man in Black story line in the Black Rock to me. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Instead of granting Richard forgiveness, the priest actually sells Richard to British sailors. A man named Whitfield. If there’s a name significance there I don’t know it. But I do recognize the next name spoken. Richard is now the property of Magnus Hanso. His great grandson Alvar Hanso ran the foundation that funded the Dharma Initaitive. Also, you may recall the final resting place of Magnus Hanso is on the blast door map in the Swan hatch shown back in Season 2.

On their way to the “New World” the Black Rock apparently ran into some rough waters. This scene likely takes place not long after the very beginning of Season 5’s finale “The Incident” in which Jacob and the Man In Black discuss how Jacob wants to bring people to the island for “progress” while the Man In Black contends “it all ends up the same” and he wants to kill Jacob. This last point is driven home in this episode with some heavy “Lost” mythology. I mention the time line because in that scene the statue is still intact, but not for long because the Black Rock hangs ten and makes a whopper of a landing into the statue, stopping deep into the mainland.

I swear predicting this show is like predicting the NCAA bracket. Thinking the Black Rock would have taken out the statue is like coming up with the ludicrous idea that Northern Iowa would somehow beat Kansas. Anyway, I digress. Go ‘Cuse!

Back to “Lost.” The ship is wrecked in the jungle and that means it’s every man for himself. One of Hanso’s henchmen goes below deck and starts to kill all of the slaves. He’s about to slice and dice Alpert when everyone’s favorite black cloud of smoke shows up. Smokey takes out the crew and is about to do the same the Richard, but does his whole reading your mind, picture taking thing and passes him up. Seems Richard is either worthy of this God-manifestation or Smokey realizes he can be manipulated to help him break free from his own chains…namely the island.

After Smokey lets Richard live, it seems the will of Mr. Alpert is tested…possibly for 40 nights like Jesus? I doubt it was that long, but Richard does struggle to break free from his chains using a shiv and cannot even reach to drink the rain water pouring into the ship. At one point, Richard is collapsed in exhaustion only to be awoken by the sound a giant boar feasting on the corpse of one of his slave shipmates. I can see why he thinks this is hell. Which is exactly where an apparition of his wife tells him he is when she appears before him. Isabella wants to rescue him before the devil comes back. But Smokey shows up (the devil? maybe) and gives her ghost/afterlife form the chop-chop. This scene is typical “Lost” where it is confusing and intriguing at the same time. We know Smokey can take the form of dead people, so it’s possible he took the form of Isabella as an act to push Richard to do something he wanted…ie…kill Jacob. However, Smokey was clearly hovering above and we’ve never really seen him in the two places at once. But later, Jacob kind of infers to Richard “that wasn’t your wife.” So, likely scenario it was Smokey posing as his wife. Kind of like he did as Yemi to Mr. Eko back in Season 3 just before he killed him.

Other scenarios: It was just a dream. Or a vision like other Losties have had. Or does Jacob have the power to take other forms just like Smokey?

At any rate, devastated over the lose of his wife for the second time, Richard is visited by what looks like Jacob at first. Not so, it’s the Man in Black. He brings him water and tells him what everyone keeps saying this episode, Richard is in hell. Richard desperately wants to see his wife again, but MIB says “he” probably has her and MIB is ready to help get Isabella back. But there’s a catch. Richard has to help him. Then Smokey utters a phrase he said to Richard in the very first episode of this season “LA X”…”It’s good to see you out of those chains.” He then says there’s only one way to escape from hell, “you’re going to have to kill the devil.”

The MIB then gives Richard instructions on how to murder the devil. He hands him a dagger and says “thrust it into his chest before he speaks, he can be very persuasive.” Now, this is the exact same instructions given to Sayid by Dogen the Samurai back in “Sundown” when Sayid goes on a mission to kill Smocke. And it would appear the same dagger! So, is this dagger the only thing that can kill these two evil twins? Is it the same knife Ben used to kill Jacob? I’d have to go back and check. Quite the chess match our two God entities are playing.

Also of interest in this conversation, we learn a little more about Smokey. The devil (as he calls him) betrayed MIB and took his body.

Possible theory: MIB used to look like Jacob, until Jacob as the black smoke stole MIB’s body and imprisoned him.

Later, Richard attempts to kill Jacob, but our God figure has same crazy fighting skills and beats him up before he can do anything. He convinces him that he’s not in hell and asks him what he wants. Richard wants his wife back, but Jacob says he can’t do that or absolve him of his sins. But he can make him live forever.

That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:15

Perhaps Jacob is God after all.

But consider this, if Jacob is God, why does he bring all of these people to the island only to see them die just to prove a point to his nemesis? That seems selfish and self-serving. He claims to give them a new life, but meddles just as much as Smokey it would seem.

Have to get ready for a work, so a few quick bullet points.

1. Jacob told us what the island is. It’s a cage or cork in the case of the wine bottle to keep Smokey locked in. In sideways world, the island is at the bottom of the ocean. Does that mean sideways world is the result of Smokey escaping and not the nuke going off? I’m guessing yes.

2. Both Jacob and MIB pause and think very carefully before saying anything which tells me they are both crafting their words to manipulate and not tell the truth. I find myself rooting for Smocke/MIB, but after this episode I am now going with the theory they are both evil and are just using our Losties as pawns.

3. Richard’s job on the island was supposed to be helping people fight off Smokey and to stay alive and above corruption. Judging by what we’ve seen of the Others throughout the seasons, he didn’t do a very good job.

4. Richard gives MIB a white stone after siding with Jacob. The same white stone Smocke hurls into the ocean from the cave in “The Substitute.” Which begs the question, was that actually Jacob’s cave or Smokey’s? Perhaps he’s the one crossing off the names…killing Jacob’s candidates off one by one.

5. Really liked the Hurley Richard scene when he speaks to his dead wife. Very good love story moment ala Desmond and Penelope on the phone in “The Constant.”

6. Is Wife vision really his wife and how does she know that Richard needs to keep Smocke on the island? And why would they all go to hell?

7. I thought the special effects were better in this episode than we’ve seen in prior episodes.

8. Great shot of Smocke near the end, very Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

So, who are you siding with? Do you want Smocke/MIB/Smokey to win? Or are you on Team Jacob? How will all of this tie in with Widmore and a war between our Losties?

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I have to go to work.

Until next time Lost fans…

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 8 “Recon”

In this Sawyer-heavy episode called “Recon”, we get back to the mirroring of season one of “Lost.” Back in the first season, we learned about Sawyer’s con man ways in “Confidence Man.” In that episode’s Sawyer flashback, we see him pull off his patented stealing money from a woman and her dumb husband con, only to have him back out when he sees that they have a kid. It’s the same con that Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad) pulled on Sawyer’s mom only to have his dad kill his mom and himself because of it. This week’s title kind of has a double meaning or so it would appear. Recon, short for reconnaissance is the mission Smocke gives Sawyer to go over to Hydra island and find out if any of the passengers from Ajira are still alive. But to me, the producers are also telling us re-con. A con man rebooted or in this case sideways.

And that’s where we start. James (no longer Sawyer in this sideways world) is once again pulling off his old scam. Except this time the woman is on to him or is she? She’s not. The scam is a fake and James is actually a cop. His partner in crime serving and protecting non-other than the sixth sense man himself, Miles. It seems the sideways world has taken two former scam artists and made them into law-abiding police officers. I really enjoyed that this episode gave us another character’s sideways storyline without having to focus directly on them. Yes, the naysayers can complain about it being too coincidental, but this is “Lost” are characters are always going to be connected no matter what universe they are in.

So, what do we know about this version of James Ford?

1. He only goes by James, not Sawyer. Meaning, he chose a different path. He decided to be a cop instead of a con man.

2. He’s still looking for Anthony Cooper, apparently the man who seduced his mother and stole their family’s money leading to murder-suicide. We see detective Ford making random phone calls trying to find him. However, it’s tough to say if it’s actually the same man because in Locke’s flash sideways, it seemed like his dear old dad might be good since Locke and Helen were going to invite him to the wedding.

3. He still wants to kill the con man who destroyed his life.

4. He’s not having any problem getting the ladies. He scores with the conned wife and a blast from the past. Charlotte looking alive and lovely in our land of the askew. The pair hook up in a one night stand, but Charlotte enrages James when he finds her rifling through his sock drawer and looking at his file on Sawyer, the con man he wants to kill. Was it just me or did Charlotte look like she knew what she was looking for in that drawer? But why? What could she want with that information? Also a side note…seeing her with James made me feel bad for poor scientist Daniel who was in love with Charlotte in the other life. Maybe he’ll get it on with Juliet in a future episode for sideways revenge.

5. Mr. Ford still has a fondness for the word “LaFleur.” It’s the safe word for the cops to barge in on his gun-toting mistress.

Eventually, Sawyer reveals to Miles that he secretly went to Australia to find and kill Anthony Cooper. Then the car they are in gets rammed by an out-of-control driver. That driver bolts for it and guess who our suspect is…Kate! Who judging by Sawyer’s “Son of Bitch” comment, he remembers from the airport elevator days earlier.

And before we move on-island. Another daddy issue solved, did you hear Miles tell Sawyer you’re going on a date with a friend of mine she works “with my dad at the museum.” Miles’ dad (Dr. Pierre Chang) is off-island and working with Charlotte. Wonder if both lived on the island in this time line and possibly know that both were involved in the dharma initiative at one time?

Now to Smocke’s recon mission. Once they reach camp with “wigged” out Claire, Kate and injured Jin, Smocke tells the others who went with him because they did not want to get killed about what happened to the people that stayed. They were killed. Smocke bends the truth and tells them it was the black smoke. Well, yes…but that was you! Smocke eventually confesses to Sawyer that he is the black smoke and it’s “kill or be killed and I don’t want to be killed.” May I say that the producers/writers are doing a fantastic job of playing Smocke and Jacob as ambiguously evil. Both seem to have evil qualities, but both seem to help at times too. Smocke killing anyone who gets in his way, smacking loony Claire in the face, while Jacob’s touch of Sawyer brought him to the island and made him choose to be a con man instead of a cop.

Smocke sends Sawyer to find the others left behind by the Ajira flight. But instead of passengers, Sawyer finds a bunch of smelly dead corpses and one woman begging for help. Ugly Tina Fey’s story immediately seems suspect and indeed it is. When Sawyer pulls a gun, she calls out her heavily armed baby-faced buddies. Widmore is on Hydra island and he brought the youngest people he could find to take back the island.

Foot note: Sawyer also reminisced at the cages from season three for a bit and spotted Kate’s old sun dirty sun dress. “Oh, maybe I do love Kate still since Juliet’s dead. I’m so duping Widmore and Smocke to rescue her from this island. Idiots.”

Kate is talking to Sayid, who is in full comatose mode, when Claire attacks her with a knife to the throat. Luckily, Smocke is near by and hurls Claire off of Kate. Then smacks Claire and tells her that was completely inappropriate. Well maybe, but you did lie to her and tell her the Others took Aaron, just so she would do your dirty work. Hhhmmm…negative points for Smocke on this one. And minus ten points for Sayid, who just sat there and watched this happen. Later, Claire gives Kate a hug and says she is sorry. Has Claire turned a corner back to the good side ala Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi? Jury’s still out.

Our Hydra island friends take Sawyer to Widmore. There, they make a deal that Sawyer will bring Smocke over and they can kill him. But, Sawyer is playing both sides and tells Smocke exactly what he told Widmore. In reality, Sawyer plans to turn on both, let them go mono e mono in an all out winner takes the mystical island battle royale while he slips away on the sub with Kate.

It’s getting late so some other quick observations…

1. Smocke tells Kate his mother was crazy and that made him have a tough life with many obstacles, “things that could have been avoided had things been different.” Now, Claire is crazy and Aaron may face the same challenges. So who is Smocke really? He was once a man, we know that. But, is Smocke not only trying to get off the island, but change time as well. Could this be leading to the intertwining of time lines? I also wonder if the candidates aren’t for Jacob’s job, but Smokie’s. What if Jacob touched Smokie long ago and changed his life, just to bring him to the island to protect it, just as he had with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest of the candidates. Is one of them the next smoke monster? I know I’m tired, but that’s making a whole lot of sense right now.

2. We saw Charlie’s brother Liam at the police station asking about his brother arrested on drug charges. In our regular world, Liam was clean and living in Australia. And that’s why Charlie went to Australia to find his brother and get Driveshaft back together. So, why was Liam in LA?

3. More mirrors and mirror smashing! Sawyer lets fly against a mirror just as Jack did to the Lighthouse mirrors. Plus, in almost every episode this season our Losties have stared into a mirror during their sideways stints. Through the looking glass indeed!

4. Books in Sawyer’s bedroom “Watership Down” which he took from Boone’s bags in season one’s “Confidence Man” and “Lancelot.”

5. “Little House” dropping some sage-like advice “life’s all about laughing and loving each other and knowing that people aren’t really gone when they die.”

6. What’s hidden in Widmore’s locked submarine door? Desmond? A weapon to kill Smokie? Talk about a MacGuffin.

7. And finally…kudos to Charlotte for not giving Sawyer a second chance when he shows up at her door with a sunflower and an 8 pack of beer. James have you not heard of wine or roses? Dumb ass.

Will the sideways world intertwine with the current time line? And where in the world was Juliet in this episode?

Until next weekend “Lost” fans…

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Whatever Happened to Bindi Irwin…

It’s been about three and a half years since the death of  Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin (I know it seemed like two years to me) and it struck me the other night, whatever happened to his uber-talented daughter who gained fame after his death via sappy speeches and ridiculous rap songs about jungle animals? Well, no sooner had I asked that question to myself, than gotten the answer. When my wife and I put in the dvd for “The Time Traveler’s Wife” the other night, it would not take me to the dvd menu without watching seven (SEVEN!) movie previews first. Incredulous, I gathered myself and realized I could still manually fast forward through them, but something caught my eye as they whizzed by. Bindi.

What straight-to-dvd movie remake/sequel could she possibly starring in? If you were thinking “Free Willy” give your self a round of applause and dine on some dolphin tonight.

Bindi stars as a young girl trying to help an orca find its was home in “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove.” Sounds like a Nancy Drew game. Obviously, it looks…amazing. My personal condolences to Beau Bridges who stars as Bindi’s grandfather. I wonder what it’s like at the Bridge’s family party.

Beau: Jeff, great work on “Crazy Heart”. Awesome win at the Oscars.

Jeff: Thanks, Beau. What have you been up to?

Beau: Do you remember Steve Irwin’s annoying daughter Bindi?

Jeff: Dear God, Beau if you needed money that badly you should have just asked.

And scene.

Check out the trailer for “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove” below. As well as her cringe-worthy appearance on the Today Show.

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 7 “Dr. Linus”

It was so nice to sit back and watch the amazing acting of Michael Emerson again. He has kind of been a peripheral character this season and it was great to see his incredible skills back in the fold.

First off let me tell you about the first big twist of this episode…it was was directed by Mario Van Peebles! He was kind of a b-movie and tv actor in the eighties and nineties and it just came as a surprise to see his name as director in the credits. But his resume does include several tv shows and besides he did a great job with this episode, so he’s welcome back to “Lost” anytime.

Now, Benjamin Linus. A man who has been the evil genius of the show, always backstabbing, conniving and finding a way toward personal gain. Until the end of last season, when he kind of broke down on his “own personal Jesus” to quote a Depeche Mode song and killed Jacob. Now, Ben is a broken man (still lying), but looking for redemption over the death of his daughter.

His on-island tale was just as interesting as his off…but let’s start off.

Ben is a European history teacher at a high school in California. The same high school that employs Lesley Artz and the substitute John Locke. We start out with Ben giving a speech to his class about the island of Elba. A Tuscan island in Italy where Napoleon was exiled after being removed as the emperor of France. Ben tells the class that Napoleon was devastated because he was a man who had lost his power and without power…well, what’s the point. Essentially, the exact same situation Ben is facing on-island now. More on that in a moment.

After class, Principal Reynolds (played by William Atherton, I don’t think I’ve seen him since he was trying to shut down the Ghost Busters) tells Ben that history club will have to take a backseat to detention duty. Unhappy with this arrangement, Ben complains to Doc Artz. Locke is also nearby and pipes in by telling Ben something similar to what he tells him as Smocke on-island about Jacob last season “If you don’t like the man in charge, maybe it’s time for a change.” And adds that he’s “listening.” Something that Smocke has been doing to all of our characters this season, telling them he’s got the answers and can help them.

At home, Ben is cooking dinner with…his father. Instead of committing patricide, Ben is actually sustaining his father’s life by providing him with oxygen tanks and organic grub. During the conversation, his father informs Ben that he always wanted good things for him and maybe it would have been better if they stayed on the island with the Dharma Initiative. Very interesting. So, the DI did exist even in this flash sideways world. Not a huge surprise, since we did see their village underwater at the very beginning of the season. But, the timeline of when Ben and his pop took off is interesting. It’s possible it happened just before Juliet blew it to the bottom of the ocean, but that would seem a bit odd since Ben seems to like his father and would have also been revived by Richard and the miracle bath in the temple in that scenario. I’m guessing something happened before that, prompting them to leave. Although, it could be pointless to exam that, since chances are we will never find out.

Door bell rings. Guess who? It’s your “daughter” Alex. In sideways world she is not his daughter, but his student. Ben wants the best for Alex, but he also wants to become principal. So, when Alex reveals that Principal Reynolds has been fooling around with the school nurse on school property, evil scheming Ben jumps at the chance to unseat his rival. But as we have seen with many of our off-island sideways Losties, life is a little better and they’ve perhaps subconsciously learned from their on-island mistakes. Ben has the chance to take over as principal with some lascivious emails, but the principal does hold some cards. Namely writing Alex a recommendation letter to Yale. However, unlike his decision in season four’s “Shape of things to come” when Ben allows Keamy to kill Alex, Ben puts his daughter first and does not show the naughty emails to the school board.

Ending his off-island adventure, Ben does what many of our Lost friends have done this year share a knowing glance or stare. He gives Alex a long look, knowing he gave up power to give his “daughter” a better life.

Foot note…Where was Rousseau??? Was kind of hoping to see her pop up in this episode.

On-island things were a lot more bleak. Ben rejoins the group of Llana, Miles, Lapidus and Sun and instantly tries to lie about who killed Jacob. Using the ash she took from the shadow of the statue, Llana asks Miles to ask Jacob who killed him. Oops. Sorry lying Ben you’re outed.

Llana claims Jacob was the closest thing to a father she ever had and puts Ben to work digging his own grave back at the beach’s cemetery hill. During his work, Ben gets a few visitors. Miles tells him that Jacob said he was hoping the entire time he was “wrong” about you and that you wouldn’t stab him. Even in death, Jacob seems to be meddling. Later, our other island God shows up, Smocke. He tells Ben there is a gun in the jungle and he can join him and the others at the Hydra station by breaking free. Smocke adds Ben will be able to take over the island and mentally unlocks Ben’s chains, Jedi-style. Ben makes a run for it and turns the tables on Llana with the rifle. Here, Michael Emerson really turns it on by lashing out at why he hated Jacob. Why many people seem to hate Jacob, they feel used and ignored. I guess this could be seen as an allegory for how many of us feel at one time or another…Why me? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God let it happen?

If this is the case, then Jacob is on the good side and Smocke would fit as the tempting devil, making promises and possibly never keeping them. Although, I’m still not convinced that’s the case.

Ben eventually puts down his gun and appears ready to head over to camp Smocke, but Llana asks him why he’s going to follow him. He answers, he’s the only one who wants me. But Llana says I want you. Amazed, Ben finally feels a sense of redemption and follows. It would seem Ben has finally seen the light and it would make for a great finale for our character. The only problem, there’s still 11 episodes left and that leaves time for one more Ben backstabbing bad choice. Will that actually happen? Not sure. I say it’s 50/50.

Especially since his enemy is returning. Just after the happy reunion on the beach with Jack, Hurley, Richard and the rest of our Jacob crew, a submarine emerges in the water and our Ben’s old rival and founding Other, Charles Widmore is on it. Widmore is indirectly responsible for Alex’s death because he hired the mercenary Keamy to go find Ben on the island. Ben later in Season 5’s “Dead is Dead” swears to kill Widmore’s daughter Penny, but only ends of shooting Desmond and can’t bring himself to kill her because they have a son Charlie. Widmore foretold to Locke in Season 5’s “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” that a war was coming to the island and indeed this appears to be it.

The side story on-island, Richard’s immortality because Jacob touched him. He wants to commit suicide because like many of the “chosen ones” he feels neglected and lied to by Jacob. But just because he wants to kill himself doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And Jack the una-bomber shows him just how infallible they both are. He lights a stick of dynamite and watches it burn, only to have it magically go out right before the wick reaches the TNT. So, does this mean none of our Losties can be killed? It appears that way, at least for the ones Jacob has touched. Kate, Jack, Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Hurley and Sayid. Although, one could argue that in last season’s finale, Jacob also touched Locke and he died. Perhaps the “touch” only applies to on-island living, off it you’re free to die at will.

A couple of questions…

1. Did Smocke actually want Ben to leave and take over the island? Or was he just trying to get Ben to kill Llana because he can’t? Telling him “Don’t hesitate, you know she won’t.” Perhaps he can’t kill her because she has the ashes of Jacob on her.

2. Are we going to get a Richard flashback? Or was tonight’s explanation of his character it?

3. What’s the point of having Miles steal the diamonds out of Nikki and Paulo’s grave? Didn’t really seem to fit. Wonder if that’s going to be used somewhere down the line.

4. Llana’s connection to Jacob. He was “the closest thing to a father” she’s ever had, but why?

5. If Widmore’s not heading to the beach, is he heading to Hydra island to meet up with Smocke and Co.?

I think that’s it for now. Sorry this was half a day late.

Until next time “Lost” fans…

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For Your Consideration:’Where the Wild Things Are’

Last night “The Hurt Locker” was named Best Picture of the year at the Academy Awards. Finally saw that one the other night and I must say it deserved to win.

However, I was sad that one of the best movies of 2009, “Where the Wild Things Are” was completely ignored by the Academy. Spike Jonze’s take on Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book had incredible visuals, combining mostly muppet-like costumes with just a bit of CGI. The soundtrack by Karen O. (the lead singer from the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs”) complemented those visuals, bringing audiences an amazing combination to digest.

The story was simplistic and the story a tad dark at times. One of the main themes for the monsters: the heartache of just living and wondering “is this it?”

I think that was the main knock on this movie. But the source material was the same way. It explores the difficulty of being a kid, having to play by your parents’ rules. But even when you find that freedom, you realize that everything you really care about is the same thing you were running away from. Kind of deep stuff for a kid’s movie, but then again, I don’t really think Spike Jonze made it for them.

Anyway, Academy you missed out.

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‘Pin Me Down’ Album Release Date

Bloc Party fans may never get a new album from the on-hiatus British band, but as I noted back in January Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack and singer Milena Mepri have a side project band called “Pin Me Down.” They digitally released “Time Crisis” at that time, but they just announced the release date for their entire album. It will be available April 19th on cd and April 12th for digital download. You can listen to two of their songs here.

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Make Your Own ‘Lost’ Promo!

Using ABC’s online tools or your own editing equipment, the creators of “Lost” are holding a contest to see who can create the best :35 second promo. The winner’s would air during the Season Finale and you would win a trip to a special “Lost” party. I haven’t tried it out yet, but sounds fun to me. Check it here.

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