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It Will Truly Be The End of An Era

All good things must come to an end…as well as those that were never good to begin with. As is the case with the “Saw” series. Cinematical is reporting that the writer of “Saw VII” announced on a UK radio show, the seventh installment will be the last outing for Jigsaw and his maniacal massacres. It’s a shame really, I thought they could at least string it out until ten movies. I mean there’s just so many clever ways to dismember “D” list actors. Oh well. Goodbye awful torture porn craze, I hope I never see you again. Or should I say “saw”?

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The Avatar of the 90’s

This movie looks amazing. I bet if they made it with 3D it would be the top grossing movie of all time.

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50 Worst Movies Ever Made

Empire Magazine online (the British entertainment magazine) took a poll and fans voted for the fifty worst movies of all-time.

In the top ten , “The Happening”, “The Love Guru” and “Batman and Robin”.

I can’t argue with those, but at least four of the films listed are stupid parodies…ie “Disaster Movie”, “Scary Movie” etc…Those seem too obvious to me. Everyone knows those are garbage. It’s kind of like being surprised by a romantic comedy with a happy ending.

I also was a bit shocked to see “Spiderman 3” at number 50. Granted it was villain overload, but there’s plenty of other superhero movies that are way worse. “Fantastic Four” or “Daredevil” anyone?

And if nothing else, this tells me people in England have clearly not seen any Eddie Murphy movies.

Any films on the list you don’t agree with? Ones that should have made it?

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The Next Spiderman?

Logan Lerman, the star of the upcoming “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, could be the big screen’s next webslinger. Access Hollywood is reporting he is in talks to take the reins of the franchise.

He looks an awful lot like Tobey Maguire who played Peter Parker in the last three installments, so I guess in that respect it makes sense. I haven’t seen him in much, but you can check Lerman out in a trailer below.

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Lost: Podcast & A Sideways Look at Flight 815

If you want to hear more about the sideways storytelling of Season Six of Lost, you can listen to a podcast with producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. The pair give some pretty definitive answers as to what happened in episode one and a brief look at the next episode of the final season. The last ten minutes is mostly ridiculous banter between the two while answering dumb fan questions. Listen here. There’s no big spoilers, but for those who like to go in “clean” stay away.

And check out this video that gives a side by side view of Oceanic flight 815 from season one and Oceanic flight 815 season six sideways version. Plenty of subtle and glaring differences, watch and listen carefully.

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Sneak Peak at Harry Potter Theme Park

Out of my way kids! Speaking for fans of Harry Potter, this new section of the Universal Orlando looks pretty cool. It has many of the spots described in the books and seen in the movies. Also, I’m kind of a sucker for theme parks. I know, I’m a nerd.

This ad will be airing Sunday during the Super Bowl to promote the new addition in Orlando. No specific date has been set, but Universal has stated it will open this Spring.

You can also take a more in depth at what the park will have to offer here.

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Vader Beats Cancer

Great news. The actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, David Prowse (the guy in the costume, not the voice) came out on top against a year long battle with prostate cancer.

Way to battle Mr. Prowse. You can read a bit more here.

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Lost Season 6 Premiere Thoughts

Wow. I don’t think I’ve been anticipating anything entertainment-wise as much since Star Wars: Episode I and let me say, this was much better.

There is so much to talk about, I’m not sure where to start and for those who haven’t seen last night’s episode, stop here.

We started off with Jack back on Oceanic flight 815 sitting next to Rose. The turbulence starts and it appears a crash is coming, but it never happens. Instead, we see the island is now hundreds of feet under the ocean. So, my question…is the current reality now (2010) or back in 2004? I ask this because there are a few inconsistencies that seem too obvious to be mistakes, but could be different  because it’s not the same year or it’s just changed due to the alternate reality.

1. Jack and Charlie’s hair cuts are way different than they were in season one.

2. The seating arrangement on the flight is definitely not the same. Boone is now sitting next to Locke and “Frogurt” when back in season one, he was sitting with Shannon in first class.

3. Desmond is on the plane not in the hatch, yet somehow disappears once Juliet dies. It makes sense that he wouldn’t be in the hatch, since it was never made, but he was definitely not on flight 815.

4. Charlie is trying to kill himself. That definitely wasn’t the case in season one.

5. Hugo owns Mr. Clucks, but it never got hit by a meteor, he has international commercials and considers himself “lucky”.

From there, we go back to 2007 where our Lost friends are still on the island, but back in the present. Juliet survived the A-bomb, but only long enough for Sawyer to find her and have her die in his arms. Was it just me or did it seem like Kate was awfully quick to move in on Sawyer as soon as she kicked the bucket?

Sayid is dying and the now dead Jacob appears in ghost form to say hi to Hurley and tell him Sayid needs to be taken to the Temple to be saved. Similar to how young Ben was saved last season back in the seventies when Sayid shot him. Interesting that it appears the pair will both be saved by the magic temple water considering they’ve worked so closely together. It’s also intriguing that inside Hurley’s guitar case is a giant Ankh symbol with a note inside from Jacob. The Ankh symbol represents immortality or joy of life for Egyptians.

As for Ben and Pseudo Locke, which we find out are in the same time as the island A-bomb survivors, they are still in the shadow of the statue. Ben just killed Jacob and the “good guys” come in to break up the party. However, they quickly realize what ageless Richard Alpert already knew…Locke is the smoke monster and is ready to beat them down. So, we now know what many have speculated, The Man in Black/Locke/Probably Every Other Island Manifestation has been the smoke monster. How creepy was Smokey Locke saying “I’m sorry you had to see me that way?” The smoke monster wants off the island and seems pretty disappointed in the Others for some reason. And at some point Richard Alpert was chained up? Could Alpert be some sort of smoke monster brother or similar life form?

Back in the world of Oceanic flight 815, we see what I expect we’ll see the rest of the season. The concurrent/divergent reality portion mirrors season one. A few examples:

1. Kate escapes the marshal, who gets injured on the head in the same manner. She takes an elevator ride with Sawyer and then gets in the same cab with Claire!

2. Jack saves someone who’s not breathing and asks for a pen to help. Season one he asked Boone for a pen to help Rose, this season he asked the stewardess to help Charlie.

3. The flight may have landed safely, but Jack’s father is still missing. Just this time it’s the entire coffin and not just his body.

4. Sun is in another situation where she should use her knowledge of english to help Jin in a dispute over the watch/money, but she chooses not to do so.

Aside from the smoke monster scenes, I think my favorite moment has to be Locke and Jack in the lost luggage claims department. Locke consoles Jack after the airline loses his father. Then, Jack being a spinal surgeon offers to help Locke with his paralysis. Could he help in this alternate reality?

I’m sure there’s plenty that I’m missing, but my head is starting to hurt and I have to go to work. I’ll leave you with a few questions…Will these two alternate realities somehow merge eventually? Why is the island under water? Will we have any more flashbacks to explain the alternate life changes?

Did I miss any important details? What are your questions? Let me know.

I’m already counting the hours until next Tuesday.

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Not So Smurf-errific… has uncovered a CGI picture from the upcoming Smurfs movie. It’s being directed by Raja Gosnell, the genius behind such classics as “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and both CGI “Scooby Doo” movies. So that pretty much says it all. Kids under the age of seven should get a kick out of it, but nostalgic parents may be cringing.

You can see the picture in black and white here.

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Just When I Was Ready to Give Up On TV

I was just complaining that there aren’t any ridiculously premised shows like “Who’s The Boss?” or “Mr. Belvedere” anymore. IE…a family randomly letting a complete stranger into their homes to take care of their kids. Well, ABC Family channel has answered my prayers. EW is reporting “Melissa and Joey” will not only bring back the concept, but give our old friends Sabrina the Teenage Witch and “Whoa!” Joey Lawrence new gigs!

Yes, it may be silly, contrived and probably overly wholesome, but that’s kind of the point.

I wonder if this will spark any other comebacks for ninties sitcom stars? I’m talking about you Dave Coulier. Cut it out!

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