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Thoughts on ‘Lost’ Episode 5 “Lighthouse”

As intriguing as this episode was mythology-wise, I have to say the most enjoyable part was Hurley. He had some great one liners, the best of which were “I just lied to a Samurai” and talking about Jacob “he turns up whenever he wants like Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

But aside from Hugo’s well-scripted wise cracks, this episode entitled “Lighthouse” was another solid offering and rivaled last week’s strong John Locke outing.

Let’s start off-island in sideways world where Jack is still trying to find his father’s coffin/body and noticing another strange body mark in the mirror. In the premiere it was a cut on his neck, this time around it was an appendix scare. He tells his mom he doesn’t remember having it taken out. She says it was removed when he was seven or eight after he collapsed in school. His father wanted to do the procedure, but “they” wouldn’t let him. But he doesn’t quite seem to believe  it. You may remember Jack did have his appendix taken out on-island by the now dead Juliet back in season 4 in an episode called “Something Nice Back Home.” Not ringing a bell? Remember Jack collapses on the beach trying to calm the other Losties about the intentions of the Freighter people (Daniel Faraday/Charlotte/Miles…I know it seems like a really long time ago. It took me 20 minutes after watching to remember that). Later Jack insists that Kate hold the mirror, so he watch Juliet perform the appendectomy.

Anyway, this appears to be another cue that not everything is quite right with our Sideways Lost characters. Although they exist as though the crash never happened, we continue to see they are plagued with more than just a strong sense of deja vu.

The biggest revelation in our Sideways Jack. He’s a father. In this life, he has a teenage son named David. But as with all of the sideways story lines, things appear to be better but not great. Jack’s son does not seem to like him very much, but Jack can’t seem to figure out why. They have a similar relationship to that of Jack and his father. But don’t worry, Jack the Fixer comes to the rescue. He eventually realizes his son is afraid to screw up in front of good ole dad. But unlike Christian (Jack’s dad), Jack does not tell his son he “doesn’t have what it takes”. Instead, he reassures the young piano player that no matter what happens, he’ll always love him.

Of note:

We have another fun reference to the Red Sox. Jack tells him he hooked up the cable, so David could watch the games in his room.

Jack briefly talks to Dogen “the samurai” who also has a son who plays piano. A running theme of Others leading off-island lives.

Also, Jack sees that David is reading “Alice in Wonderland”. Which directly correlates to what is happening on the island with Jack and Hurley. A Through the Looking Glass moment if you will. More on that in a minute.

It wasn’t the most exciting off-island adventure, but it worked well to show how sideways Jack has beaten his demons and will not become his father as he feared. It was also a nice parallel storyline to Jack’s on-island adventure. Also of interest…any theories on who the mother is?

FREEZE FRAME ALERT: At the very beginning , you can see a woman in a picture with Jack and Christian. It is no one that I have seen before, but it looks like they could be at a wedding. Jack is in a tux, however the woman is not in a wedding dress.  UPDATE: My observant co-workers say the other woman was a younger version of Jack’s mom. I’m not totally sold, but that would make the most sense.

On island, let’s take a break from Jack. Claire is back and she is not the peanut butter eating, Charlie-loving, adorable Aussie we remember. She is welcome to crazytown off her rocker or “claimed” in this case. She helps Jin out of her trap and leads him back, bloodied and unable to walk to her freaky fort. Complete with explosives and a baby crib with a creepy makeshift child in it. Human skull, animal skins…yikes.

Later she brings back a wounded Other and demands to know what they did with her baby Aaron. Obviously, they didn’t take him, Kate did. But that’s not what Claire wants to hear. She eventually gets angry and kills him with an axe. Jin explains that Kate did take Aaron, but backs off that when it’s clear Claire is open to murdering on a whim. Claire then says that’s a good thing because if Kate did take Aaron, “she would have killed her.” Not good since Kate came back to the island to find her and tell her about Aaron.

Oh and Claire has a friend Smocke! So, does being claimed just make you insane? Or is Claire actually a Smokey spawn, capable of becoming smoke herself? Or is Claire actually dead and her body is just inhabited by part of Smokey sort of like  Lord Voldemort and the Horcruxes in Harry Potter?

Back to Jack. He and Hurley go on a Jacob-prompted trek to help bring “someone” to the island. Who might that be? Not sure yet. Presumably another candidate. Maybe Desmond. Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, eventually the pair who played off each other extremely well in this episode reach the lighthouse. Should the Losties have seen this huge towering building before. Probably and Jack brings that up. But something tells me the lighthouse can’t be seen unless Jacob wants it to be seen.

At the lighthouse, Jacob instructed Hurley to set the mirror/number mechanism to 108.  That never happens because Jack sees his house reflected in the mirror when Hurley stops on 23 marked Shephard. And on-island angst-ridden Jack goes off and smashes the mirror. Mission not accomplished right? Not so much. It appears that’s what Jacob wanted and believes it’s all part of Jack’s path.

Other candidate numbers and names I spotted:

Mr. Friendly aka Tom the Other. At this writing I missed the number, but his name was definitely on there.

Rousseau: She was number 20 and crossed out.

Austen, Kate: She was number 51. Sawyer is number 15, a mirror of Kate. Coincidence, I’m guessing not.

And number 108: That was “Wallace” and was crossed out. To my knowledge, this name has never been brought up, but I could be wrong. It may not really matter because as I mentioned earlier I think the whole mission was just a ploy to get Jack to do something for Jacob.

I have this whole overview of the series as part “Alice in Wonderland” like the book in my head, but don’t have time to get into into it right now. I hope to write more about it tonight, but will leave you with this…the first Jack episode in Season 1 was called “White Rabbit” in which he tried to find his dead father in the jungle (referenced last night) and in “Lighthouse” the book is explicitly mentioned. Jacob can see everyone through his own looking glass. There’s something there, but it needs cultivating.

Thoughts? There are things I definitely didn’t mention. And my final thought…What if it’s not Jacob vs. Smokey (good vs. evil) What if they’re both bad? And they’re both just using our Losties?

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What Type of ‘Lost’ Fan Are You?

Here’s an interesting list of the 5 types of “Lost” fan. I would say it’s fairly accurate and yes, I admit, I fall into the “Super Hardcore” category. Although, I’ve never watched “Battlestar Galactica” or “Fringe”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Own ‘Avatar’ on Earth Day, Then Hug a Tree

If watching three hours of Na’vi protecting the lushness of Pandora (also the first woman made from the Earth in Greek Mythology) didn’t clue you into James Cameron undying devotion to Mother Earth, then he’s decided to belabor his point by releasing “Avatar” on Earth Day, April 22nd.

However, you won’t be able to catch the 3D version at home quite as soon. That version won’t be released until some time in November according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. I’m guessing the progression of 3D technology on TVs has a lot to do with that. Word is that more 3D TVs will be rolled out this year, but I’m guessing they won’t be that affordable until Christmastime price cuts.

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Scream 4 Shooting in May

Wes Craven told the LA Times he’ll start shooting the next Scream movie this May. And the 70-year-old horror director ended the interview giving a very fitting, albeit creepy scenario for his death.

“My goal is to die in my 90s on the set, say, ‘That’s a wrap,’ after the last shot, fall over dead and have the grips go out and raise a beer to me.”

Read more of the interview here.

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Are We Actually Living Back to the Future 2? This is Heavy.

Den of Geek came up with an interesting list of what Back to the Future 2 (released in 1989) actually predicted correctly. That future took place in 2015, so another five years for us. But it hit the nail on the head for most things, excluding the flying cars and hover boards. And may I say totally got lucky with the resurgence of 3D!

And one thing it left off, the atrocity channel watched by Marty McFly Jr. TLC, MTV, Bravo. I think any of those would qualify.

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Original Thoughts in Hollywood Tally: Zero

I get that the economy stinks and studios and producers don’t want to gamble, but enough with the reboots!

There’s word now that American Pie with be remade or relaunched or however you want to put it. I mean American Pie? Come on! I’ll be the first to admit I liked the movie when it came out (what college guy wouldn’t?) but it’s not like this “franchise” has the name recognition of Star Wars or a comic book hero. It’s a film about guys making a pact to lose their virginity for heaven’s sake! What’s next a Porky’s reboot?

Frankly, I think Hollywood needs a reboot.

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Thoughts on ‘Lost’ Episode 4: “The Substitute”

Arguably the best character in the “Lost” saga, Locke gets his first sideways-centric episode of our final season. So much happened in “The Substitute” there’s almost too much to digest. So, let’s start off-island.

As we learned in the premiere, Locke is still paralyzed in sideways land, but we soon learn, perhaps not as frustrated. This becomes apparent right away when he falls getting out of his van and the sprinklers turn on in his yard, adding insult to injury. But instead of pounding his fist and shouting “why are you doing this to me?” he smiles and with good reason because he’s getting married to Helen.

Back in season one, in the first Locke episode “Walkabout”, Helen was only a phone sex operator that Locke just talked to on the phone. In subsequent episodes, we learn Helen was real and not just a phone sex operator, they dated and Locke was going to ask Helen to marry him. But his obsession with his “I stole your kidney” father got in the way and she left him. Last season we found out Helen had died by the time Locke got off the island in 2007.

But back in sideways 2004, none of those things has happened. This world has shifted so much for him that his father may not have even abandoned him, stolen his kidney or pushed him out a window. While Locke is looking at paint samples in the tub, Helen exasperated with wedding vendors tells Locke “why don’t we just grab my parents and your dad” and get married now. So in this time line, it would appear Locke and old con man papa are close. Interesting twist.

Sideways Locke does still keep things pretty close to the vest though. He lies to his box factory boss, still Randy the jerk who figures out that Locke tried to go to his walkabout instead of a company paid for conference. Seems unlikely that a company that makes boxes would have a conference all the way in Australia. But we’re talking about a show with smoke monsters, time travel and sideways worlds, so I’ll digress. Anyway, Randy fires Locke for duping the company and to top John’s bad day off someone parked too close to his van for him to get in it with his personal belongings. But our Losties are still destined to cross paths even in our sideways world and it turns out the lovable Hugo Reyes aka Hurley is the owner of the truck and the box company. Something Hurley briefly mentioned in the season one episode “Numbers” as I recall.

Locke also meets up with Rose. She works as the manager of an employment agency which Hurley also owns and sent Locke to find a new job. Locke, as always doesn’t want to be told what he “can’t do”, but Rose, still dying of cancer, tells him to deal with the life he has been given. Something Locke has never been able to deal with. This scene seemed to echo the ending of “Walkabout” in season one where the program director tells Locke he can’t come because of his condition just how Rose tells Locke he can’t work at a construction site. Later, Locke contemplates calling Dr. Jack Shephard to perhaps make him walk again, but ends up tearing apart his card instead.

Our last flash sideways with Locke features the wheelchair bound man doing what our episode title references “substituting” at his old high school. Could it also be indicating what Jacob wants his candidates to do on the island? Substitute for him once he’s gone? But I’m getting ahead of myself, more on that in a minute. Guess who’s teaching European history and hates when other teachers don’t throw out the old coffee grounds? Benjamin Linus.

This is just another indication that the Others were never formed on the island. Just like Ethan Goodspeed in last week’s episode, Ben seems to be alive but not his evil self. So, as a big fan, I’m interested to see how these sideways flashes will intertwine with our current time in 2007. But, I’m guessing casual fans may be getting a bit confused/frustrated as to what meaning these have. Many things seem better for our Lost crew (especially the Others, who are now doctors, teachers rather than baby thieves and murderers living in an island kibbutz) while some stuff remains painful. Locke is still paralyzed, Kate’s still on the run, Jack still lost his dad, Rose still has cancer, Randy’s still a “douche”. My advice to casual fans is stick it out, I’m confident these two time lines will collide.

Whew…now to on-island antics.

Smokie-vision. We got a first person look at how the monster roams around the island and stopped at Sawyer’s house before going back to ask a tied up Richard if he would come with him. Smokie Locke or Smocke tells Richard that’s “what he’s always wanted” for Richard to come with him. Richard says no and is allowed to leave. But later turns up to advise Sawyer to NOT go with Smocke. Advice Sawyer does not heed.

Not a ton happened on the island in this episode, most of it was Smocke and Sawyer’s journey to Jacob’s makeshift home in a cave near the ocean. But it was very important to listen to what the characters were saying. A lot of interesting tidbits there.

For instance,

1. Smocke tells Sawyer “I was once a man like you.” Really? How does a man become a smoke monster? Cursed by God? Jacob?

2. The phantom boy Smocke sees, Richard can’t but Sawyer does…a young Jacob perhaps?…tells Smocke “you know the rules, you can’t kill any of them.” This sounds similar to what one of the Others said last week about Jin. Has Jacob instructed everyone not to harm any of the chosen ones?

3. When Sawyer asks Smocke if he’s read “Of Mice and Men”, Smocke says “that’s a little after my time.” Not surprisingly smokie has been around a while.

When Sawyer and Smocke finally reach Jacob’s seaside estate, we find a scale with one white rock and one dark. Smocke whips the white one into the ocean signifying Jacob’s death and telling Sawyer it was an inside joke.

Then he shows Sawyer the “writing on the wall” as it were. A phrase that often means very bad things are on the way and has its origins from the book of Daniel in the bible where supernatural writing foretells the demise of the Babylonian Empire.

The scrawl features many names you can’t see and six that are specifically pointed out by Smocke all with a number next to them.

Locke 4

Hurley 8

Sawyer 15

Sayid 16

Jack 23

Kwon, Sun or Jin 42

Those are all apparently Jacob’s candidates to take over as caretaker of the island. Something Smocke says no one actually needs to do.

Jacob touched all of those people in last season’s finale, but what about Kate? The only one he touched that was not on the list. Did he decide that she’s not actually a candidate? Or is she really the real candidate? And I guessing that’s the last example of the numbers were going to get, a bit disappointing but I would consider that mystery “solved”.

I’ve got to get going, so a few final quick hits…

Interesting that Llana takes some of Jacob’s ashes. A chance for reincarnation perhaps?

And I must once again pose the question who is good and who is evil? I feel like the producers initially tried to portray smokie as the bad guy and are now trying to make it seem like Jacob is really the puppet master. But will the rug get pulled out from under us by season/series end?

I’m sure I missed something…What did you see? Do you love/hate sideways world? And since Locke’s dad isn’t a con man, I guess that means Sawyer is not a con man and still has mom and dad.

Until next week…

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New Toy Story 3 Trailer

Disney Pixar has released the new trailer for the third installment of the Toy Story series. This is the first time we’ve seen Buzz Lightyear, Woody and friends since 1999’s Toy Story 2. This time out Andy is getting ready to go off to college and gives his toys to charity. However, it doesn’t work out as planned.

I never saw the second film, but the original Toy Story was a fun kids’ movie. I definitely know one 2 and a half year old that will be very excited to see this. It hits theaters in 3D (of course) June 18.

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Superman Reboot & the Dark Knight Returns reports that “The Dark Knight” director Christoper Nolan is being tapped by Warner Bros. to oversee another re-imagining of the Superman character. Just a few years ago, “Superman Returns” came out, but was kind of boring as far as superhero movies go and has since kind of been viewed as a sub-par film. Nolan will apparently not be directing, but will have a so-called “Godfather” role. Should be interesting to see what happens. I’ve never been a huge Superman fan, so I’m open to whatever he wants to do with the character.

I’m much more interested in his third Batman movie. Nolan has come up with an idea for a third adventure and his brother Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer are currently penning a script. I guess the only real question is who the bad guy will be and can it top Heath Ledger’s Joker. I’m just hoping it’s not like anything described here.

Although, I wouldn’t mind a Riddler villain and anything involving Arkham Asylum would be cool. They need to stay away from the multiple villain scenario.

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Thoughts On Lost Episode 3: “What Kate Does”

Entitled “What Kate Does”, the second episode in the final season of “Lost” is a sister episode to “What Kate Did” from season 2.

In that episode, we find out why Kate’s on the run. She blew up her stepfather/real father Wayne, abusive to her mother and lecherous toward her. Then goes on the run. While on the island, Kate takes care of Sawyer after he nearly dies making the trek back from the other side of the island with the tail section crew.

Last night’s episode explored similar themes. Off island, Kate was once again on the run, but this time instead of doing something for the wrong reasons, she does something for the right reasons. This “sideways” Kate (sideways being the term the producers are using for the reboot time line where our Oceanic flight 815 actually landed in LA) chooses to help Claire (who is still pregnant and ready to give her child up for adoption) after feeling guilty about pulling a gun on her and dropping her off in the middle of nowhere. Kate finds Claire and gives her back her stuff, but then Claire goes into labor.

That’s when things get interesting in this sideways universe. Claire’s doctor at the hospital is Ethan Rom or in this instance Dr. Goodspeed (also the name of Horace Goodspeed the man who recruited Ben’s dad Roger Linus and the leader of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970’s). So is Ethan actually a different person or is he still an Other? My best guess is actually a different person. It seems the sideways universe will allow our characters to have different lives, but a lot of them will still cross paths and have similar traits. IE…Ethan is still a doctor and works on Claire, just not one with evil Other intentions.

Also of note in Kate’s sideways flash, squinting. No, Kate’s not nearsighted. But twice in this episode she reacted as if she was having more than deja vu. First when she saw Jack coming out of the airport and again when Claire blurts out Aaron’s name at the hospital. I wonder if our Lost folks will eventually become more aware of their former relationships and band together to do something about it.

On the island, Kate spends most of the episode chasing after and pining for Sawyer. The seething Sawyer is now mourning the loss of Juliet and looking for answers or possibly revenge. He’s feeling very angry ala season one Sawyer. Kate meanwhile, doesn’t really seem to know what she wants, caught between Jack, Sawyer and her guilt over taking Aaron away from Claire.  Similar to Season 2’s “What Kate Did”, when she kisses Jack in the forest, tends to Sawyer’s wounds in the hatch and sees a horse that she believes is the ghost of her dead father.

As many answers we got from episodes 1 and 2 last week, we got a whole bunch of new ones this week.

Sayid wakes up after presumably dying, but the “Enter the Dragon” fu-manchu master immediately wants to test him and then kill him with a poison pill.

Later, we find out that they think Sayid is now “claimed”. By the smoke monster? Maybe. But definitely not the smoke monster himself because it only seems Smokie can pose as the dead, not inhabit their bodies. So is Sayid “infected” like Rousseau’s team was infected? Meaning they’ll go crazy and turn on their friends.

Which leads me to the next question. Since apparently Jack’s half-sister Claire is also “claimed” is she shooting and killing because she’s crazy or is she trying to help Jin. Here’s a scenario for you…What if what we’ve been thinking all this time is wrong. What if smokie is actually the “good” being on the island and jacob is “bad”? Could the “claimed” actually be trying to help smokie by killing the Others? Do they become some sort of acolytes to Smokie? Just a thought.

And for those wondering/can’t recall if Jack knows Claire is his half-sister…he does know. Her mother woke up from her coma and came to his father Christian’s funeral and revealed that her daughter was also on the plane.

Again, a lot more questions than answers this week, but still very entertaining. I’m eager to learn what the deal is with the medicine man and why he’s the leader of the Others. Was he all along or has he taken the position because Ben is out of the picture?

Did I miss any important details? Are Claire and Sayid alive? Dead? Or somewhere in between?

That’s it for now, heading to work and plenty of ridiculous overblown snow coverage.

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