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Time To Get My Ghostface Mask Back Out

Perez Hilton (yes, I went on that site, I’m not proud of it) posted an interview with writer Kevin Williamson about his penning ‘Scream 4’. It was actually from, so they deserve the actual credit.

Anyway, Williamson’s apparently signed on to write the fourth and fifth editions of the series. We also learn that it will NOT be in 3D. Hallelujah! Finally, a new movie coming out that’s not jumping on that back wagon. He also addresses a bit of the script and its players…Will Sidney die in the first ten minutes? Click here for more details.

And watch the trailer to the original below. I remember seeing the first movie with all my friends in high school and we had to sit in the first row it was so packed. Had a great time nevertheless.

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It’s Time To Play the Music, It’s Time To Light the Lights…

Fans of flailing, comical puppets may be in luck. Another Muppet movie appears to be on its way and apparently has a venerable director on board. Vulture is reporting that James Bobin, who co-created the HBO favorite The Flight of the Conchords could be behind the camera for a re-launch of the beloved Jim Henson characters.

It also sounds like the script is written by the puppet and ‘Sarah Marshall’ -loving actor Jason Segel. Anyone who saw that movie knows his puppet play at the end was easily the funniest part.

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First Four Minutes of Lost Season 6

A clip that was apparently a prize for an ABC sweepstakes is online. It’s the first 4 minutes from Tuesday’s premiere episode for the sixth and final season.

I’m not going to be spoiled…although, I really, really, really want to watch this right now…cursed temptation! Click here if you have no will power.

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Wall Street Sequel Trailer

If you thought greed was good in the 80’s, will you enjoy it as much in our current 2010 recession? Check out the flashy and I’ll admit somewhat intriguing trailer. But then again it doesn’t feature much of Shia LaBeouf’s acting, which is never very intriguing.

Check it out here.

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Popcorn Headlines…Lost, Singing CGI Fairies, Vampires, Etc…

For those who just can’t wait, new footage of ‘Lost’ will appear in a commercial break during this Sunday’s Desperate Housewives. That info comes from ‘Lost’ producer Carlton Cuse’s Twitter page. I already saw one minor spoiler this week. I can wait until Tuesday. But can you? You’ll have to suffer through Housewives if you’re interested.

I haven’t seen the “Hulk” starring Edward Norton yet, but for those who care, the character has been confirmed for an upcoming Avengers movie.

When you’re a Jedi, you’re a Jedi all way…wow George Lucas…this sounds like it should be in the horror genre not musical.

I saw these Bloc Party B-sides a while ago, but never gave them a good listen. I was missing out.

Phony Blue guy/Sky Person from Avatar…aka…Sam Worthington may be the next Dr. Acula.

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Gizmo In 3D Too??

Just judging by the news and rumors of late, I think we can safely say nearly everything is going to be made in both 2D and 3D in the near future. And that may include everyone’s favorite evil, green monsters from the 80’s “Gremlins”. Marketsaw is reporting that not only will the series get a third installment, but it will be in 3D. That’s coming from their “source”. However, MTV asked the director of both previous films Joe Dante if it was true and he said he had not heard anything official. So it may just be a rumor.

For the sake of argument, let’s say it’s not. My entire youth has kind of been rehashed entertainment-wise of late, so I guess I wouldn’t overly object to this. Couldn’t be worse than the ridiculous “TeenWolf” remake they’re coming out with anyway. Plus, Stripe going berserk in 3D could be pretty cool. My one request…use the puppets, no CGI!!

Now, if I could only figure out where I put my old plush Gizmo.

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Don’t Tell Me What They Can’t Do.

I know, I’ve posted a lot about Lost lately, but I read this yesterday and couldn’t resist going on a tiny rant. It’s an article from writer Mark Feeney in the Boston Globe about the series. I figured it was going to be a fun analysis of Lost thus far as the final season approaches. Instead, it was an incredibly pretentious article about how the show is what he terms “implausibility porn.” Meaning it’s so ridiculous and over-the-top, we the audience can’t help but watch. I can’t argue with the basis of his argument, but it’s almost like stating the obvious and done so with the condescending tone of an academic know-it-all. You can read it here, but be forewarned you’ll be rolling your eyes by the end of page one.

A show involving smoke monsters, an island with healing powers and time travel is implausible? Thanks Mr. Feeney for pointing that out. And two words for you, get lost.

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More ‘Lost’…New Footage…

ABC also just released a new trailer for the February 2nd premiere of Lost. You can watch it below, but if you want to remain spoiler-free take a pass. Those looking for a tiny tease, check out who’s in the freeze frame about 15 seconds in. Wow…again can’t wait.

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Only A Few Weeks Away ‘Lost’ Fans…

See anything hidden in this latest Lost promo picture? I definitely see a creep-tacular Benjamin Linus. I wonder if the original hatch, which he appears to be standing on, will somehow return and play a pivotal role. Can’t wait.

Click to enlarge.

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It’s Not New Bloc Party, But Close.

Russell Lissack, the guitarist for Bloc Party, has a two person side-project called “Pin Me Down” that just released a new single “Time Crisis”. It’s not too bad, kind of sounds like Bloc Party with a female singer. Lissack teams with Milena Mepris who has been part of a number of bands. You can read more about the pair here and download “Time Crisis” for free here. The duo also released another single last May called “Cryptic”. The guitar riff sounds a lot like the one from Bloc Party’s song “Helicopter”, but still pretty good. And if you’ve never heard of Bloc Party before, they are definitely worth a listen.

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