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‘Scream 4’ Review

Slasher movies are not really my thing. I work at a job where all I hear about is murder and horrible people, with an occasional inspirational story squeezed in. So, the last thing I typically want to do is see people tortured, maimed or hacked to bits on the big screen. But, I’ve always had a sweet spot for the “Scream” franchise. And I think, even though it does contain a lot of violence, it’s more cerebral than your typical knife-wielding maniac flick. The first incarnation in 1996 revived the horror genre by giving audiences the gore they expected, while adding snappy dialogue and a self-awareness that almost made viewers feel like part of the film. The second film was not quite as inventive (especially the out-of-no-where ending) but it provided an interesting insight on what should and should not happen in a sequel. The third was probably the weakest of the trilogy, although on repeat viewings it does improve a bit. The trilogy was rounded out by the “movie-in-a-movie” theme that did not quite resonate and the ending was somewhat of a non sequitur.

And that brings us to “Scream 4.” Although, I wanted to see this film, my expectations were low. There had been reports of battles between the studio and scribe Kevin Williamson, strange last-minute re-shoots in Detroit and the much-publicized breakup of stars Courtney Cox and David Arquette. However, this is a very entertaining and smart film.

The opening sequence (something these movies excel at) is a tease, but in a good way. Without spoiling anything, it’s a great spin on the past installments. At around an hour and forty minutes, “Scream 4” moves along at an exciting pace, daring the viewer to guess the killer and then throw up a big fat “wrong” in your face when that person bites it. And that, to me, is the best part. The mystery.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) comes back to her home town of Woodsboro to promote her new book that deals with her bloody past and how she’s moved forward with her life. Of course, she quickly runs in to a few old friends, Officer Dewey (now the Sheriff) and his wife Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox). From there, a new Ghostface starts knocking off townspeople left and right. One gets offed by a garage door, another with a knife to the head and another that gets hurled off a building onto a TV satellite truck. Just one of the film’s many knocks at the media. (And as a member of that media, I can tell you, any scrutiny and/or parody is well-deserved.)

So who is the new man or woman in the mask? A creepy boyfriend ala “Billy Loomis” from the first “Scream?” One of the two horror-film geeks who throw a “Stab-a-thon” party at an old barn? An overly flirtatious deputy on the police force? Or could it be Sidney herself, trying to come “Out of the Darkness” in a perverse manner like the title of her self-help book? Or D). None of the above? Those are answers I cannot give away. But, any moviegoer should have a fun time finding out.

Of course, the top question many had going back to this long-dormant franchise, would any of the original players make it through? Writer Kevin Williamson stated in one interview that he was hoping to reboot the series with a second trilogy. And it seems at one point, he may have done it. The second trilogy appears it will be launched in quite the unorthodox way, but then, as many a horror film is apt to do, it goes for one more thrill. And that, is where this movie may end up failing.

Jason Voorhees, Jigsaw, these are spooks that have “more gravy than grave” about them to quote the great Charles Dickens. But Ghostface and the “Scream” movies go beyond mere murder and senseless violence. When you’re done, you’re glad you had a chance to pick it apart, look at the evidence and maybe have a “Scream” trying to figure out the puzzle.

***Ring*** Oh, it’s the phone, I better get that. Until next time, I’ll be right back.

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New ‘Scream 4’ Trailer

This is one of the most anticipated films of the year. It’s not anything I’m expecting to blow me away, but this series has always been fun. Check out the new trailer below, sounds like the plot will center around re-creating the movie-in-a-movie “Stab” films and include plenty of current horror movie references.

It will be interesting to see which main star doesn’t make it through this fourth edition, because it seems they plan on doing a second trilogy. I’m guessing Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell are done. As for the others, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre are definitely on the Ghostface hit list.

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‘Scream 4’ Teaser

I’m a few days late on this, but the “Scream 4” teaser has been released. The movie comes out early next year and could be a fun return to an interesting late 90’s movie series. I’m definitely NOT a horror fan, but these films have always struck a chord with me. Why? I think it’s because the “Scream” movies are so self-aware of the violence they portray and it’s never been gore for the sake of gore. There was always a plot and a method behind the madness. At any rate, check out the teaser below.

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Cast Reunions, ‘The Hobbit’ and Dress Like Luke Skywalker

I apologize to all my fans or the two that I have (mom and dad) for not updating very much over the past couple of months. Summer was crazy and Fall has proven even more maddening. But a few things caught my eye today.

Entertainment Weekly came out with a “Reunions” issue this week and posted some fun video of the casts talking about their films and tv shows. Some of the noteworthy clips include “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson, the guys from “Lord of the Rings” and Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber talking “Alias.” The “Scream” trio is currently working on the fourth edition in that film series, they also spoke to the magazine about the slasher films.

Check out the videos below:

Can’t embed “Alias” but here’s the link.

EW also reunited several other casts “Will & Grace”, “The West Wing”, “Roots”, “Married…With Children” and “Pretty in Pink.” More on information on those can be found here.


And on the topic of “Lord of the Rings”, it appears its prequel will finally start shooting next year. The Wrap reports “The Hobbit” has finally got the green light to begin principal photography in February 2011. The site also mentions that Peter Jackson (initially just an executive producer on the project) will indeed direct both installments after Guillermo Del Toro dropped out earlier this year. The first movie is expected to hit theaters in late December 2012. Not a lot of time to get it done, hopefully it won’t affect the quality of the production.


And if you’ve been thinking you don’t have enough Rebel Alliance apparel in your closet, has a deal for you…for the low, low price of just $274.99 you could wear the same jacket as Luke Skywalker during the medal ceremony at the end of “A New Hope.” I’m a fan, but I don’t think I would buy that thing if it was $10, let alone nearly $300. Well, maybe $10.

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Headlines: ‘Smurfs’ Movie, Batman 3 and Scream 4

A few quick headlines on the first day of May… has snapped a few photos of actor Hank Azaria as Gargamel in the upcoming “Smurfs” live-action/CGI film set to come out next Summer. The crew has been filming in New York City. Apparently, part of the plot revolves around Gargamel chasing the smurfs out of their smurf-ville and into New York. This sounds a lot like the storyline for “Enchanted.” I wonder if Smurfette will fall head over her blue heels for Patrick Dempsey? Anyway, here’s a pic below, seems like a good likeness to me…and you can read more here.


The release date for the third installment of the latest Batman movie series has been announced. It will come out on July 20th, 2012. That’s shaping up to be quite a year for big budget films. The reboot of “Spiderman” will hit theaters just 2 weeks earlier and “The Hobbit” will come out later that year in December. Christopher Nolan is directing and his brother Jonathan is helping to write the script. Little is known about any type of plot or nemesis. The Riddler could provide some interesting twists, but that character always comes off as more jokey than sadistic, like The Joker ironically. I know Ah-nuld kind of ruined Mr. Freeze for everyone, but he came off as a very sad, tortured character in Batman: The Animated Series from the nineties (awesome show btw). His wife has a terminal illness and is cryogenically frozen. Freeze then turns to a life of crime to try and save her. More Sci-Fi than the other entries in this film series, but could be good. Thoughts?


And finally, “New Decade, New Rules” a poster for “Scream 4” is out. It’s kind of interesting, but why is this a big deal? With the world fully encased in the Digital Age, do we really need advertising on tactile items like posters? On a personal level, I love movie posters. But, I am surprised, albeit glad, that they are still used. Just an observation.

Also, no surprise here. Wes Craven has announced he will indeed direct “Scream 4.”

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Scream 4 Shooting in May

Wes Craven told the LA Times he’ll start shooting the next Scream movie this May. And the 70-year-old horror director ended the interview giving a very fitting, albeit creepy scenario for his death.

“My goal is to die in my 90s on the set, say, ‘That’s a wrap,’ after the last shot, fall over dead and have the grips go out and raise a beer to me.”

Read more of the interview here.

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Time To Get My Ghostface Mask Back Out

Perez Hilton (yes, I went on that site, I’m not proud of it) posted an interview with writer Kevin Williamson about his penning ‘Scream 4’. It was actually from, so they deserve the actual credit.

Anyway, Williamson’s apparently signed on to write the fourth and fifth editions of the series. We also learn that it will NOT be in 3D. Hallelujah! Finally, a new movie coming out that’s not jumping on that back wagon. He also addresses a bit of the script and its players…Will Sidney die in the first ten minutes? Click here for more details.

And watch the trailer to the original below. I remember seeing the first movie with all my friends in high school and we had to sit in the first row it was so packed. Had a great time nevertheless.

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