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Five Reasons Bale Should Not Return To ‘Batman’


“The Dark Knight Rises” was a satisfying and largely well-received end to the “Dark Knight” trilogy. So, why would Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan return to the world of “Batman?” Well, the quick answer would be simple. Money. Earlier this week, Latino Review reported that Bale would likely return as the Caped Crusader in the upcoming “Justice League” project. Which sounds like it would, at the very least, include both Superman and Batman fighting the forces of evil. The same site also claims that Nolan is now in full control of the DC Comics universe for Warner Bros. He is the executive producer of the upcoming “Man of Steel”, but it seems odd for Nolan to completely dedicate himself to superhero movies. I mean, the man behind “Inception”, “Memento” and “The Prestige” must have other cool stories to tell, right?


While I would pay to watch anything Nolan put out in theaters, I must admit the idea of a Batman/Superman movie does not really make much sense to me. Especially, with Bale back as Batman.  Here are five reasons, why one of the world’s best actors should stay far away from the role that made him a household name.

The Avengers

1. The Avengers was stupid. A Justice League movie may be even dumber.

I’m sorry to say this Marvel fanboys and Joss Whedon (who I like), the movie was a giant mess. It had a few funny moments, but overall it just seemed like a CGI cartoon. Actually, I shouldn’t even say cartoon because most cartoons are better than “The Avengers.” And that ending??? Don’t get me started. I realize I’m definitely in the minority in that assessment which is why a “Justice League” movie is being made. Again, money. But seriously look at “The Dark Knight Rises” and compare it to “The Avengers.” The quality between the two is not close.


2. The Dark Knight Rises, then retires, then rises again?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in Chrstopher Nolan’s Batman universe, Bruce Wayne wiggles his way out of a nuclear blast and retires to the Italian coast with Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Or, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, he actually died in the explosion and Alfred was just dreaming that sequence at the end. Either way, it would seem highly unlikely given the emotional heft of the ending that Bruce would choose to head back to Gotham and fight more bad guys. Especially since he seemingly handed over the reins to Detective Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Which brings me to the next reason.

3. If Batman is dead or retired, does that mean it would be a prequel? Because they suck.

Name me one good prequel and I will gladly hand over a hundred bucks. The concept, was popularized by “The Phantom Menace” the biggest letdown in cinematic history. Since, there has been a handful of misfires 2002’s “Red Dragon” to the Oscar-winning “Silence of the Lambs”, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, pretty much any of the “Fast and Furious” movies and last summer’s head-scratcher “Prometheus.”


Oh and don’t try to cite “Temple of Doom.” That doesn’t count.


If it was a prequel where would you fit in the fact that Batman meets Superman in the year-and-a-half that he’s fighting Gotham baddies? That is roughly the timeline between “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” After he takes the fall for Two-Face, he vanishes for eight years before “The Dark Knight Rises.”

4. Just because something works in a comic book, doesn’t mean it will work in a movie.

Nolan created a realistic take on Batman. Nearly everything in the movies (in theory) could happen. There weren’t any ridiculous sequences or moments where Bruce Wayne had superhuman strength. How would Superman (an alien) fit into that world? Take “The Dark Knight Returns” for example.


In the Frank Miller story, Batman fights Superman using an exoframe suit to combat the man impervious to pain. Can you see Bale doing that and seeming believable? I can’t. I mean really, if you have Superman around who needs Batman? Unless you have a man-cave of Kryptonite, Superman is pretty much unbeatable. Whereas Batman is a good fighter, but in reality relies on his gadgets to fight crime. I’ve never been a big comic book reader (kind of a strange hole in my geek fandom), so maybe that’s the problem. It’s a “it’s not you, it’s me” situation. I wonder if fans of the actual comics are more accepting of superheroes working together or appearing in the same realms.

5. Both Nolan and Bale said The Dark Knight Rises was the last Batman film they would do.

Both the director and actor clearly stated during press coverage for “The Dark Knight Rises” that they would not be heading back to Gotham for a fourth go-around. Nolan told EW back in 2010…

“I must say that I’m glad — I’m very, very glad — to be embarking on the last chapter of our Batman saga without any sense of obligation or duty to the studio. They did very well with Inception. So I’m able to go into finishing our story in a very enthusiastic way.”

Bale also expressed his desire to move on, but did hedge his bets by telling Empire Magazine last summer…

“My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But … if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”

While I like the character of Superman, Batman is pretty much my favorite. Seeing Bale back as the Dark Knight would certainly be cool, but frankly, at what cost? To me it would really take a franchise based in reality and turn it on its head. Or in this case, cowl.


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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Review

Going into the summer, this was the only film I really wanted to see. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have created a Batman that may never be matched and perhaps, never should be. So, to say I was eager to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” would be an understatement. But on the day of its release, all of that changed. A horrific and cowardly act of violence at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado forever linked itself to this piece of cinema. Now, this wasn’t about me enjoying myself or being entertained. This was about lives lost, families torn apart, hearts broken. Knowing how much pain those people were going through, the thought of seeing a movie just didn’t feel right. But after a few days passed, it occurred to me; this wasn’t about the film. It was about a gutless psychopath with a bunch of guns who targeted unarmed people. It could have happened anywhere, at anytime to anyone. For reasons we’ve yet to figure out, he chose a movie theater.

The movie theater for many is meant to be a sanctuary of sorts. A place of fantasy, whimsy and escape. A window into another world, if only for a few hours. So, I begrudgingly allowed myself to go. To try and flee from the harsh realities I hear about everyday in the news. The unlawful, the corrupt, the hateful. Ironically, that is exactly what this film is all about.

“Rises” begins 8 years after “The Dark Knight.” Gotham City is relatively peaceful and Batman has gone into hiding. Harvey Dent was credited for the city’s turnaround, while the caped crusader was blamed for his death and many others. Still, there is a darkness lurking underneath Gotham and his name is Bane. Tom Hardy from Nolan’s “Inception” plays the brute with brains. He wears a mask that could be mistaken for a tarantula exploding out of his mouth. Bane is singular in his mission, destroy Gotham. Performance-wise, Hardy’s Bane does not come close to Heath Ledger’s Joker, but in a lot of ways Bane is a better villain. While the Joker just wanted to cause chaos, Bane has a well-thought out plan to take down the infrastructure of the city. Plus, Bane’s physicality is relentless and cannot be matched. Bane is pure evil.

Anne Hathaway is another bright spot. She may look like the girl next door, but she’s nearly as vicious and treacherous as Bane. I’ve seen Hathaway in a few films where her acting comes off a bit hollow, that does not happen here. She’s believable as a conflicted woman caught between a life of crime and the crusade to get her life back.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (another Inception alum) gives a strong performance as police officer John Blake. Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman are also back and steady as always for the third go-around as Commissioner Gordon and Lucius Fox. 

And in my humble opinion (one the Academy will probably not agree with) Christian Bale and Michael Caine give Oscar-worthy turns as Batman and his loyal butler, Alfred. Bruce Wayne has fallen on hard times, partially crippled and on the verge of losing his fortune. Alfred begs him to give up the cape and cowl and focus on philanthropic opportunities away from his alter-ego. The rift creates several emotion scenes between the characters. And when Caine is not in the picture, Bale is perfect as a broken man (at one point literally) desperately searching to make things right.

I can’t reveal too much about the plot without giving away spoilers, but it’s epic in scope. Think class warfare, nuclear bombs and an exploding football field. My lone nitpick would be that it’s a tad slow in a few spots for an action movie, though it seems welcome after virtual non-stop action in “The Dark Knight.” In nearly every other aspect this film shines and then some. And gives an emotional, poignant and satisfying end to this series. It’s not easy to make one good film, let alone three.

So, as the final credits rolled, I was glad I went to see “The Dark Knight Rises”, despite what happened in Colorado. Because as a society, we need the movie theater and I say this without the least bit of sarcasm, we need Batman. He’s a human character just like you or I. He has no special powers like Superman, Spiderman or the Hulk. Yet, he still stands up against hate-filled thugs, against guns and the violence they inevitably bring. It seems more often than not, this world could use a dark knight of its own.

Please keep the victims of the Aurora shooting in your thoughts and prayers. Composer Hans Zimmer created a new song dedicated to the tragedy. You can listen to a clip here and donate any amount of money. 100% of the proceeds go to a fund for the victims.


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Help Wanted: Batman Seeks Leading Ladies is reporting that director Christopher Nolan is interviewing six high-profile actresses for two big parts in the third “Batman” movie, titled “The Dark Knight Rises.” One role is a love interest, the other a villain. So who’s on the short list? Let’s take a look.

1. Natalie Portman

With roles in “Black Swan”, “No Strings Attached” and “Thor” all being released within the next year, Portman has blasted back onto the movie scene after staying out of the limelight for quite some time. While, I’m excited about Portman’s potentially Oscar-winning role in “Black Swan”, I feel like she fits best in art-house films. One only needs to look at her horrible performances in all three “Star Wars” prequels to see that she does not do blockbusters well. Plus, she’s already starring in “Thor” another superhero movie. But, the thought of her as Harley Quinn (the Joker’s girl)…may work.

2. Blake Lively

Lively is coming off a fairly strong performance in Ben Affleck’s “The Town” and is also starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in next year’s “The Green Lantern.” So, she is also a hot commodity in Hollywood. However, Lively seems a bit young to be a love interest for Christian Bale or the rumored villain of Catwoman. But, could she be playing Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the first movie’s villain Ra’s al Ghul? This comic book version of Talia from DC Comics looks an awful lot like Lively, so maybe.

3. Anne Hathaway

Hathaway doesn’t have too much in the pipeline right now, so this could be a good fit for her. I’ve really enjoyed both Batman films in this series, but both incarnations of Rachel Dawes, I could take or leave. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes were mostly filler. I think Hathaway might be able to bring something to the table. She would be a little foolish in the Catwoman role, but I could see her as a love interest.

4. Keira Knightley

Knightley is obviously good-looking and talented, as are all the women on this list, but of the six, this seems like the worst fit. I really hope it doesn’t happen.

5. Naomi Watts

I’ve never been a fan of the Catwoman character, but this seems like it could work. Watts is probably the strongest actress on this list and can play “dark.” She played a delusional actress in “Mulholland Dr.”, a drug addicted mother in “21 Grams” and an upper-class wife tortured by insane teens in “Funny Games.” (If you haven’t seen the “Funny Games”…don’t. Way too disturbing.) So, I could see her as a criminal. She is actually older than Christian Bale, so for her to be cast alongside a younger man in Hollywood would be rather unprecedented and frankly, refreshing.

6. Rachel Weisz

Weisz is in one of my favorite movies “The Fountain”, so automatic points there. Her other work is a tad more spotty ranging from the good “About a Boy” to the bad “The Mummy Returns.” That being said, I could see her in the world of “Batman” maybe as Poison Ivy? Another rather goofy female villain in the Batman comics. It should also being noted that Weisz does have several projects lined up right now, meaning contractually she may not even be able to fit it in.

So, with two spots available and these being the apparent choices, I vote for Naomi Watts as Catwoman and Anne Hathaway as his love interest. Although, the storyline I like the most would Ra’s al Guhl’s daughter Talia. Just makes sense to connect the first film with the last one, instead of having another random villain pop up.

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Headlines: ‘Smurfs’ Movie, Batman 3 and Scream 4

A few quick headlines on the first day of May… has snapped a few photos of actor Hank Azaria as Gargamel in the upcoming “Smurfs” live-action/CGI film set to come out next Summer. The crew has been filming in New York City. Apparently, part of the plot revolves around Gargamel chasing the smurfs out of their smurf-ville and into New York. This sounds a lot like the storyline for “Enchanted.” I wonder if Smurfette will fall head over her blue heels for Patrick Dempsey? Anyway, here’s a pic below, seems like a good likeness to me…and you can read more here.


The release date for the third installment of the latest Batman movie series has been announced. It will come out on July 20th, 2012. That’s shaping up to be quite a year for big budget films. The reboot of “Spiderman” will hit theaters just 2 weeks earlier and “The Hobbit” will come out later that year in December. Christopher Nolan is directing and his brother Jonathan is helping to write the script. Little is known about any type of plot or nemesis. The Riddler could provide some interesting twists, but that character always comes off as more jokey than sadistic, like The Joker ironically. I know Ah-nuld kind of ruined Mr. Freeze for everyone, but he came off as a very sad, tortured character in Batman: The Animated Series from the nineties (awesome show btw). His wife has a terminal illness and is cryogenically frozen. Freeze then turns to a life of crime to try and save her. More Sci-Fi than the other entries in this film series, but could be good. Thoughts?


And finally, “New Decade, New Rules” a poster for “Scream 4” is out. It’s kind of interesting, but why is this a big deal? With the world fully encased in the Digital Age, do we really need advertising on tactile items like posters? On a personal level, I love movie posters. But, I am surprised, albeit glad, that they are still used. Just an observation.

Also, no surprise here. Wes Craven has announced he will indeed direct “Scream 4.”

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50 Worst Movies Ever Made

Empire Magazine online (the British entertainment magazine) took a poll and fans voted for the fifty worst movies of all-time.

In the top ten , “The Happening”, “The Love Guru” and “Batman and Robin”.

I can’t argue with those, but at least four of the films listed are stupid parodies…ie “Disaster Movie”, “Scary Movie” etc…Those seem too obvious to me. Everyone knows those are garbage. It’s kind of like being surprised by a romantic comedy with a happy ending.

I also was a bit shocked to see “Spiderman 3” at number 50. Granted it was villain overload, but there’s plenty of other superhero movies that are way worse. “Fantastic Four” or “Daredevil” anyone?

And if nothing else, this tells me people in England have clearly not seen any Eddie Murphy movies.

Any films on the list you don’t agree with? Ones that should have made it?

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