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‘Star Wars’ & ‘Lost’ Deleted Scenes, ‘Jurassic Park 4’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

When Comic-Con rolls around in San Diego each summer, it reaps some of the biggest movie news of the year. Tops on my list so far, this trailer of deleted scenes from the Original Trilogy of Star Wars. I have seen clips of some of it, but a few scenes like Han in the Endor bunker, R2-D2 being chased by a Wampa and parts of the sandstorm are definitely new. Check it out and thanks to for the imbed.


This next clip started a fake fight between “Lost” producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse this week on Twitter. The pair went back and forth arguing over its release to hype things up. Then dressed as “Star Wars” characters, the pair answered questions about the show from fans at Comic Con. Finally, they unveiled this scene.

Obviously, it’s a joke. I think it’s the producers way of apologizing for their own work or at least poking fun at their own abstract explanation of all things mystical island. Kind of rings a little hollow for me. If they’ve been standing behind what they did with the show for this long, seems a little wrong to go back on it now. Or maybe I just didn’t think it was that funny.


It seems a fourth “Jurassic Park” movie is just a few years away. Although, I’m not sure I really care that much. The original was so groundbreaking because audiences had never seen anything like it before. Plus, the story was relatively strong with the kids probably being the most annoying part. However, “Lost World” and the third installment were less than stellar. Going for too much bang and too little story development.

Either way, the director of the first two films, Steven Spielberg told audiences at Comic-Con,

We have a story. We have a writer working on the script, and I think we will see a ‘Jurassic IV’ in our foreseeable future, probably in the next two or three years.”


And we got our first look at one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 this week. The teaser for “The Dark Knight Rises” was released. It doesn’t show a whole heck of a lot, but judging from the clip, Batman has gone into hiding and a new villain, Bane, is tearing apart Gotham City. And putting Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) in the hospital. I’ve never been a big fan of the character Bane, but in Christopher Nolan we trust, right? I thought casting Heath Ledger as the Joker was a mistake before seeing the final product. I could not have been more wrong on that one. Anyway, take a look.

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“We Have to Go Back!!”: A Look Back At ‘Lost’ Part 1

It’s been nearly a year since Ajira flight 316 took off from the island. Kate, Sawyer and Claire were the only original Oceanic passengers on board. Charlie had died seasons ago, Jin and Sun were lost in the sub, Hurley stayed behind and Jack served as the series tragic hero. Taking one last breath, he watched the plane fly overheard with a smile on his face, Vincent the dog by his side. A fitting end to one of televisions best dramas of all-time.

If “Lost” had ended with just that storyline, some of the uproar and “disappointment” over the finale may have avoided. But in the sixth and last season of “Lost”, the producers presented audiences with an alternate world or sideways universe as many referred to it during the season. However, neither of those theories proved to be true. Instead, the sideways world turned out to be a purgatory-esque universe where all the “Losties” must find each other and “let go” to reach the afterlife. The scenes in the church were emotional, heart-breaking and thought-provoking. The second act to a great finale.

See, for me nothing that happened in the final episode was “the problem.” The tough part for me to swallow was how meaningless the flash-sideways world turned out to be. In this flash-sideways, Jack had a son, Locke was a substitute teacher, Sawyer was a cop and Kate still a criminal. All interesting plotlines that ultimately went nowhere. If you look back at any of those episodes, all were incredibly intriguing under the guise that when things finally came together, viewers would be taken to somewhere they had never expected and never seen before. Instead, it turned out to be what many initially thought the island really was…life after death.

What about Jack’s son? Why did he need a son to “let go?” Why did Locke get fired only to become a substitute teacher? To meet Ben, get hit by a car and “let go” when he met Jack again? I guess. Perhaps the part that bugs me is the fact that I can’t go back and watch those episodes and think “there’s something hidden here, something I never caught before, some secret the producers wanted me to catch.” No, they’re just in limbo, waiting to go to heaven. And that’s it. Again, not an ending I hate, I just didn’t understand the season as a fake out. If there was a spot that Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof failed, it was here.

But on to what was so wonderful about this series. It was not how it ended, but what got us there that was so great.

Season 1:

As great as the pilot episode was, the first season officially became must-see television in episode four when it was revealed that John Locke, the crazy hunter of the group, was actually disabled and could only walk after landing on “Lost” island. “Walkabout” blew me away, not only for the ending, but the way it was cleverly presented by the writers and actor Terry O’Quinn.

The episode that followed “White Rabbit” featuring Jack’s back story and hallucinations of his dead father on the island were equally as intriguing. (It was later revealed that his father was actually the smoke monster aka The Man in Black.) But at the end, Jack makes his famous, “Live together, die alone” speech.

There are so many to choose from, but I think my favorite episode is “The Moth.” In the seventh episode, we find out about Charlie’s heroine-addicted past and watch him overcome the need for drugs with a little help from Locke. It’s an episode that truly makes us care about the characters, dozens of shows emote, but only this one had a sense of frail humanity, the demons that we carry around and our struggle to vanquish them.

Of course, the entire first season was virtually flawless, drawing viewers deeper and deeper into the show’s mythology. From Hurley’s cursed numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) to the Hatch to the mysterious Others, it all made for some of the greatest television I have ever seen.

Season 2:

The second season got off to a bang with a brilliant gotcha moment. A man wakes up to an alarm and is seemingly going about his daily routine, until ‘boom!’ Something blows up and it’s revealed, he’s actually underground on “Lost” island, living in the mysterious Hatch. The camera pan up to Jack and Locke’s faces is now a classic TV “what the hell?” moment. Mama Cass’ “Make Your Own Kind of Music” was on my iPod for months after this scene.

The beginning of Season 2 was certainly more of a slow burn that Season 1, the tail section storyline felt a little repetitive at times, but it was worth it later as it led to some interesting storytelling down the line. And that includes the introduction of the “Orientation” films and evil island mastermind “Henry Gale” aka “Ben Linus.” Michael Emerson offered some of the best acting in the series and it all started with this brilliant performance in “The Whole Truth.”

One of the best parts about “Lost” was the way it excelled at season-ending cliffhangers. Season 2 was no exception. In “Live Together, Die Alone” Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley are left to die with the Others as Michael regains custody of Walt, leaving the island on a boat. Meanwhile, we get Desmond’s back story and his quest to get back with his long, lost love, Penny. Desmond, Charlie, Eko and Locke may be blown to bits. And two men in a frozen climate locate the island after the Hatch implodes.

The first two seasons really set the stage for the intriguing plotlines to come. Anyone could die. Original Losties Shannon and Boone were both knocked off in the first two years. And if you were in the tail section, your odds were even worse (RIP Ana Lucia and Libby.)

Up next, seasons three and four. Bear cage love, the Jack episode everyone hates and the producers make their second-worst decision, trying to weave in two new character Nikki and Paulo. Then making the best decision, killing them off.

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‘Star Wars’, “Hurley” and ‘Simpsons’ Nostalgia

As any guy my age and George Lucas’ wallet can attest, Star Wars has become ingrained in our culture. For a look at just how much we have morphed into parts from the series check out this article from the Christian Science Monitor.


And speaking of Star Wars, 30,000 fans are expected to attend a four-day convention called “Celebration V” in Orlando this weekend.

Some of the highlights include appearances by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and the main man himself George Lucas. He’s actually scheduled to be interviewed by Jon Stewart as part of the Daily Show. You can check out the details on all the fandom here.


Yesterday, Weezer announced the cover to its next album would be a picture of Hurley from “Lost” aka actor Jorge Garcia. And the album will even be called “Hurley.” Too bad Weezer makes dull pop music now otherwise that would make it that much cooler. Anyway, the Washington Post had a funny look at what would happen if other singers/bands adopted “Lost” characters.


For whatever reason, nostalgia probably, I had a yearning to watch old episodes of the Simpsons this week…back when it was funny. There are a ton of hilarious clips from seasons three through eight. Here are just a few I could find on youtube.


“You stupid monkey.”

“Oh, not in Utica. It’s an Albany expression.”

“Um…you probably should ignore that.”

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More Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episodes 17 & 18 “The End”

I had plans to write a more in depth write up on this finale on Monday after posting some brief thoughts last night. But frankly, today was way too nice to stay inside and write. So, I’ll just give a few parting thoughts on this show that has captivated my attention (probably too much) for the past six years.

“The End” was a satisfying close to this mysterious series. I’ll admit at first the realization that the castaways were all “dead” in sideways world shocked and almost disappointed me. Essentially from the very beginning of “Lost”, most fans and non-fans said “It’s purgatory!!” But the producers kept saying that was not the case, so for them to actually use the purgatory device, even if it wasn’t “the island” as purgatory, seemed like a cheat to me. However, after the two and a half hours came to a close with Jack’s sad, yet compelling death, it came to me that it was a fitting way to finish it. Plus, I’ve come up with a theory that the sideways world wasn’t the conventional notion of purgatory. I almost liken it to Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series in which characters, including a young boy die in one world, but end up living a different life in another.

I guess this makes more sense to me because if you look back at everything that has happened in the sideways world this season, it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense just to term it purgatory. What happens to people who die in sideways world like Keamy and his henchmen? If they are already dead, can they die twice? What about the kids at the school where Locke and Ben work? Are they all dead and were killed as kids like Alex?

To me, it’s more of a reincarnation. Conceptually, I get and like what the creators are trying to convey, I just felt as a season-long device it fell short for me.

All that being said, it was a draining and emotional night of television. Which doesn’t happen often with me because I pretty much hate most shows. Every mind upload reunion worked for me. Jin and Sun finally getting to have a child together and having Juliet repeat her Season 3 sonogram was great. Juliet and Sawyer meeting at the vending machine and repeating the dialogue they told each other in the first episode of the season. Charlie, Claire and Kate recreating Aaron’s island birth scenario. Locke with Jack. Kate with Jack, telling him how much she’s missed him. (Meaning she got off the island and lived a long life, while he died on the island) I think the only one that seemed a bit far fetched was the Sayid and Shannon reunion, but I still enjoyed it.

I also loved the final interaction between Ben Linus and Locke and Ben Linus and Hurley. Ben told Locke he was sorry for what he had done to him and he wasn’t ready for his trip to into the “light” quite yet. Then Ben telling Hurely he was a great number one.

Regardless of how the producers told the story of sideways world, it was one of redemption and faith. And that, I respect a great deal.

I already spoke about the on-island ending with Jack, which I thought was brilliant in my previous post, so I won’t delve into it again too much. But I will say it may go down as the best ending of a show ever. The raw emotional of Jack’s death, the way he died in the same spot he woke up in the pilot episode of Season 1, the way Vincent came over so he wouldn’t die alone and the creators book ending the series with Jack’s eye opening and closing was just awesome.

I’ll do a quick list of questions and great moments.

1. I know a lot of people thought the producers were trying to tell the audience that the entire series was purgatory with the final two shots of the destroyed plane on the beach. Although, I don’t know for a fact that’s NOT the case. I think they were just showing it as a nostalgic look back at where everything started. But perhaps I’m wrong.

2. The opening montage was fantastic. Felt like an emotional end of an episode instead of the beginning.

3. So, because evil was uncorked from the island, did that push out the “evil” smoke inside of Smocke? Why did this make him mortal? Again, something where you just kind of have to go with it.

4. Richard Alpert apparently became mortal after Jacob died. Nice moment when he realizes that he wants to live because he can now die.

5. Frank Lapidus and Richard Alpert both turned up in the finale. Goes to show you, no major character ever died off-screen in this show.

6. Jack and Locke looking into the cavern after Desmond drops down was a total homage to the end of Season 1 when they blow open the hatch. It’s moments like this that made “Lost” was it was.

7. Daniel “Widmore” Faraday meets up with Charlotte, but neither get a flash of their past. This adds more credence to the theory that this was more a different world than a normal purgatory because they still get to live there. Especially with Mrs. Hawking asking Desmond not to take her boy. This also makes me question what happened earlier in the season when Mrs. Hawking didn’t want Desmond meddling with the Losties. How does she know so much and why wouldn’t she want everyone to go to heaven? Again this is why the “purgatory” as a season-long device is iffy for me. I think there’s some holes there. But I digress.

8. This won’t apply to people who didn’t watch in the Boston area, but Channel 5 why didn’t you tease your “Lost” segment until two hours in? And enough with the HOOKWORM TEASE!!!

9. Target your ads were cool. Where were you 3 seasons ago???

10. Not everything made sense, but in the end “Lost” was as an intriguing piece of entertainment as I’ve seen in my time. They hooked me with the first show, which I initially watched as a last resort at a hotel. When I saw the previews I thought it was going to be a “Castaway” meets “Survivor” bore-fest. Instead, the first few handful of episodes left me desperately searching for answers after Locke was magically able to walk again on the island in “Walkabout” and Jack saw his dead father on the island in “White Rabbit.” It made me understand this was going to be something much different. In an age of “Dancing with the Stars”, “Real Housewives” and dozens of others shows that pass for entertainment, “Lost” was there to keep my sanity. So thank you. And thanks to everyone who has read my thoughts on the show the last few months. Writing on this blog has given me the courage to put myself out there and do more with my writing career than typing out forgettable news scripts.

Until the “Lost” movie comes out…Namaste

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First Quick Reaction On ‘Lost’ The Finale “The End”

Here’s a gut reaction on this final episode in a series I have followed and loved for six years. As a whole, it really delivered. It was exciting both on and off the island, emotionally charged and brought back almost all of the characters audiences have come to care about.

While the ending was playing out, I thought “NOT A SAPPY HEAVEN ENDING!! THE WHOLE SIDEWAYS WORLD IS A COP OUT??” But once the show ended, I thought a bit more and Sideways was purgatory or so it seems. It’s a place where people were able to become everything they wanted to be. Jack was a good father and was able to tell his father how much he really loved him, Kate got to be back with Jack, Sawyer got to be with Juliet, Jin and Sun were parents together with Ji Yeon, Miles had his father’s love, Charlie got to be with Claire and Aaron, Sayid was in love with Shannon…etc. Then they moved on to heaven. It’s essentially how every religion/faith treats life. Merely one stop on a journey. No matter when you die, you can go back to when your life meant the most with the people you loved.

Was I in love with this ending? No. But I accept what the creators are trying to say and it was sad and meaningful for me as a viewer. People of faith won over people of science. Just because you can’t see, touch, taste, understand or doubt something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

The on-island story was everything and more. Does it make sense or answer any questions? Not really. But I wasn’t really looking for any more answers. I was looking for a quality ending with strong character interaction and a definitive resolution. The fact that Jack took over the island, killed Smocke, then handed over the reins to Hurley was great. And the way he died with his eyes closing, instead of popping open was brilliant. And who couldn’t help but tear up when Vincent came to his side, so he didn’t have to die alone. That part I loved. And that’s what I’ll remember.

Any question as to why I loved this show so much was answered in one of the first scenes. Hurley made not one, but two references to “Star Wars.” Mentioning Yoda and giving the line that’s in every movie “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I certainly wasn’t disappointed. How did you feel? Did you think Sideways as an apparent Purgatory was a cop out? Or brilliant?

I’ll post more final thoughts on this last episode tomorrow night.

Until then, I’m a satisfied, yet sad “Lost” fan.

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Thoughts on ‘Lost’ Episode 16 “What They Died For”

This penultimate episode of the “Lost” series, entitled “What They Died For” was probably everything that last week’s episode was not for “Lost” fans. It was exciting, fast-paced and gave us the return of arguably the series’ greatest villain. Ben Linus.

Desmond is the fail safe key defender of the island, Jack is now its protector and more death and destruction befell our characters. RIP Charles Widmore and Richard too? Maybe. Oh and Zoe. Wait, who’s Zoe? Ugly Tina Fey. Oh right.

The episode started in sideways world and there’s a lot to talk about there. But let’s begin on the island.

It picked up where “The Candidate” left off. The remaining candidates are back on the beach seeming more broken then ever. Kate has a bullet wound and Jack has to stitch her up. Pale-faced and worn, she recounts the deaths of Jin, Sun and Sayid and tells Jack “Locke” is responsible for this. We have to kill him. Kate has not had much of a role this season other than standing around and having occasional conversations with people. So, it was nice to see her back and personally I thought this was one of the better acting performances from Evangeline Lilly.

Before our quartet leave the beach and head into the jungle to find Desmond, a touching moment as they stare off at the waves crashing on to the shore. A final goodbye to Jin, Sun and Sayid.

Ben, Miles and Richard return after what seems like ten episodes, but it has only been four. They took off for Dharmaville and dynamite at the end of “Everybody Loves Hugo.” As they find themselves treading across the village where they once lived. Miles hears the dead speaking to him. Richard tells Miles they were standing over the makeshift grave of Ben’s daughter Alex. Richard buried her after she was shot and killed by Martin Keamy.

This essentially re-introduced one of the themes of the episode. Ben is still upset at the island about losing his daughter. Despite his apparent redemption in “Dr. Linus”, it appears Ben is hell-bent on revenge once again.

Back at Ben’s house, the trio is preparing to grab some C4 to blow up the Ajira plane, but then Zoe and Charles Widmore show up. They know Smocke is coming and want to hide in Ben’s safe room, but Ben has other ideas. He wants to confront Smocke. Richard believing that the Smoke Monster is after him also goes outside. Bad move.

Smokey goes all ‘click, click, whoosh, bang’ on the ageless Mr. Alpert sending him flying into the woods. On the surface it would seem Richard is a goner, but if that’s the case it was a pretty harsh way to ditch this character that’s been on the show since Season 3. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Richard come back in some form. Perhaps, Smokey was just getting him out of the way so he could manipulate Ben.

Or is Ben manipulating Smokey? As we’ve known throughout the series, Mr. Linus always has a plan. Smocke wants Ben to kill some “people” for him and he offers the island in return. Ben willingly agrees. He also rats out Widmore and Zoe who are hiding in his closet panic room. Smocke makes short work of Zoe, slitting her throat. Then MIB confronts Widmore. He threatens the business tycoon and tells him, “the first thing I’m going to do when I get off this island is kill your daughter.” Unless…you whisper in my ear why Desmond is important.

Desmond is important because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism. Which just so happens to be the light at the center of the island that may or may not control the fate of man. So yeah, Desmond pretty, pretty important. Desmond is also apparently a fail safe for Jacob or the current island protector. More on that in a second. Widmore said Jacob had come to him and told him to bring Desmond back. So, that’s been Widmore’s mission the entire time? Or was he really up to something else? We may never know.

Ben doesn’t like secrets he doesn’t know and shoots Widmore. This death reminded me of Ben killing Jacob at the end of last season. The MIB finally got revenge on his archenemy in that moment and Ben did the same in this one.

After this murder, Ben asks Smocke “did you say there were some other people to kill?” As I said, I kind of saw Ben’s return to deceit and destruction coming, but to be on the brink of redemption and to turn so mightily speaks to how complex a character Ben Linus has become.

Once they reach the well to check on Mr. Hume, Smocke and Ben see that he has escaped. Some dropped a rope down to him. Sayid told Jack he was still in the well, so it would seem strange that is was him. And Jack and friends were busy with Jacob all night, so did they sneak in before Ben and Smocke arrived? Or is there someone else who helped him out?

This is when Smocke reveals what Widmore whispered to him. Desmond is a fail safe for the island because of his ability to withstand electromagnetic energy. But instead of helping protect it, Smocke believes Desmond can help him destroy it. How can Desmond be able to protect the island and have the ability to destroy it? Not sure. But to me, this almost ensures that Desmond is going to die in the finale. At least in our regular time line. His fail safe quality is similar to the fail safe at the end of Season 2. Desmond turned the key in the Swan station, releasing the pocket of energy and saving the island.

Back to our other losties. While the foursome is trekking in the jungle to find Desmond, Hurley sees young ghost Jacob. The specter demands Hugo give him his ashes. Why? So, he can burn them and appear to everyone in human form. Can’t you do that with any dead person’s ashes? Sheesh.

Jacob invites everyone around his burning ashes for a nice fireside chat of “What they died for.” Our island entity tells Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer that Jin, Sun and Sayid all died to protect the island. All of the candidates were brought to the island because they were all flawed and looking for something they could only find on the island. Redemption.

In this scene, we also find out that Kate’s name was crossed out because she was a mom. I found this to be a lame answer as to why her name was crossed out. And frankly, I didn’t even need to know why her name was crossed out. I mean, Sun was a mom. Ji Yeon’s at home going “seriously Jacob, did you ever think of that?” In Korean, of course. And Sawyer is a dad and Jin was a dad.

At any rate, Jacob needs a replacement and he is going to give the losties “something he never had, a choice?” This line was very vampire Lestat for me from “Interview with a Vampire.” Made me think of a creepy, long-haired Tom Cruise. Just saying.

As suspected, Jack is ready for his destiny. Doc Shephard volunteers to become the new island steward. Jacob takes him to the river and reenacts last week’s scene that Jacob shared with his mom. Jack drinks the latin-blessed water/wine and becomes the new Jacob. “You are like me now,” Jacob tells him. The same line island mother used on Jacob.

This episode was also very intriguing off the island, but I am running out of time. This whole “job” thing is seriously getting in the way of my “Lost” analysis. So, I’ll sum of quickly and honestly if you’re reading this you already watched the episode and don’t need a half-assed blow by blow retelling from me.

One thing you need to know. There’s a concert. Really? Yup. And everyone is going to be there. It’s the must-attend event of the year for anyone who flew on Oceanic 815. If you can’t make it you better be dead. Or in jail. And if you’re in jail. Break out!

Desmond the fail safe is on a mission to reunite everyone in “Lost” lore at a concert. To do this, he turns himself into police and then prompts a prison break. He busts out Kate, Sayid and himself with the help of (I’m still a corrupt cop in sideways land) Ana Lucia. Hurley pays her a hefty fee of $125 thousand to pull off the escape. Hugo takes Sayid and Desmond goes with Kate, who has to wear this dress. Why? The concert. How many times do I have to say it? We’re going to a concert.

Jack’s son: “Dad, are you coming to the concert tonight?”

Jack: “Yes. Will your mom be there? And is she going to be Juliet or Sarah”

Jack’s son: “I can’t tell you. That would ruin the surprise.”

In between all this, Desmond gives Ben a beat down to help him “let go” and awaken him to his island self. This leads to Ben questioning Desmond’s motives and possibly awakening Locke to his sideways history. We haven’t seen Locke and Jack get the “flash” of memory yet, but with Locke going in for surgery on his back. It can’t be far off. Especially since the finale is just days away.

Can’t wait. And did you hear? There’s a concert?

A few quick hits.

1. When Jack wakes up he finds another bleeding cut on his neck. His this his island self “bleeding” through into his sideways self? That body reflects the punishment he is taking on the island? First with the nuclear bomb and then the sub crash. I can’t see it being taken any other way than that.

2. Has the missing coffin of Christian Shephard really been located? What was the point of Desmond making that phone call to Jack? Perhaps that’s where Sayid and Hurley are headed to pretend they have the coffin and meet up with Jack.

3. Although, he’s an evil character, is was sad to see Ben’s sideways character interact with his daughter probably now knowing that he got her killed. Also, was it just me or were Ben and Rousseau one dish wash away from making out? That mental picture’s not doing me any favors.

4. With the return of island consciousness, may come the return of our man of faith. Locke repeating his often spoken line to Jack “Maybe this is all happening for a reason.”

5. Best line of the night Hurley: “You didn’t tell me Ana Lucia was going to be here.”

6. Second best line of the night Ben to Smocke: “Want some lemonade?”

7. Is Ben really going to betray everyone? Or is this part of a long con on Smokey?

8. So, does this mean that the sideways world is indeed the work of Smokey? If the island is at the bottom of the ocean and destroyed. It would seem that way. Perhaps, Desmond is getting everyone together to reboot time once again and reverse it all.

9. Better ending? Jack and Locke sitting on the island with Locke telling Jack how much he wants to kill him. Or…a final shot of Locke in the sideways universe with the audience not knowing if it was Locke or MIB?

What do you think? What’s the best way for it all to end? Does MIB win and then lose when Desmond gets everyone to “let go?”

And get to that concert! Okay, just don’t tell me what I can’t do.

I’ll be back with one last recap next Monday.

Until next time “Lost” fans.

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Headlines: Own A Piece Of ‘Lost’ & Life Without Michael

With “Lost” coming to an end in less than a week (single tear), there’s a chance for fans to own part of the show. A California-based auction house is hawking production items used during various episodes. Everything from Danielle’s music box to Hurley’s winning lottery ticket to Kate’s toy airplane will be up for bids on Ebay. Something tells me these pieces of TV history are not going to be cheap. I’ve got my eye on Sawyer’s revenge letter.

You can take a look at the entire lot here.


Remember last month when I told you Steve Carell’s days were numbered on “The Office” and it would be a crime against nature for the show to go on without him. Well, the money-hungry execs at NBC are prepared to do just that. is reporting that during a conference call NBC brass were asked to comment on the fact that Carell may leave. NBC TV Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin said, “The Office is a great ensemble show, and the producers are preparing in the event he chooses to move on.”

Again, I understand a company’s desire to make more money off an established winner. But to me, this is like having “Lost” without the island. Carell IS the show. I can’t think of an episode that isn’t centered, at least partially around him. As for Carell’s post-Office career, he told the National Enquirer he wants to spend more time with his kids and that may include working at a store in Marshfield, Massachusetts that’s managed by his sister-in-law.


Shia Labeouf has been mouthing off lately. And I like it, sort of. Labeouf, who I wouldn’t deem a great actor came out recently and slammed “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.” Labeouf said he wasn’t really impressed with what they’d done with the sequel and promised the third installment would be better.

And if taking a shot at Michael Bay wasn’t bold enough, how about Steven Spielberg? Shia told the LA Times his acting was not the best in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Labeouf also added that he and co-star Harrison Ford were not happy with the production.

“I think the audience is pretty intelligent. I think they know when you’ve made … . And I think if you don’t acknowledge it, then why do they trust you the next time you’re promoting a movie. We [Harrison Ford and LaBeouf] had major discussions. He wasn’t happy with it either. Look, the movie could have been updated. There was a reason it wasn’t universally accepted.”

“I’ll probably get a call. But he needs to hear this. I love him. I love Steven. I have a relationship with Steven that supersedes our business work. And believe me, I talk to him often enough to know that I’m not out of line. And I would never disrespect the man. I think he’s a genius, and he’s given me my whole life. He’s done so much great work that there’s no need for him to feel vulnerable about one film. But when you drop the ball you drop the ball.”

Now, blunt statements like that are a rarity, so I will give the 23-year-old some love for coming out and taking on the big boys. Although, one has to wonder why he never questioned the producer of “Indiana Jones” George Lucas. The man can clearly not be bad-mouthed or questioned. Evidence of that below.

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 14 “The Candidate”

Where to start on this roller coaster episode of “Lost?” First let me say, it’s not easy to write this because both my arms are currently bound up in gauze which is covering a very bad horrifying case of poison ivy. Seth is to the Woods as Superman is to Kryptonite. So, this blog entry may be a little shorter than normal. But, because I can get long-winded, maybe that’s a good thing.

It’s often better to start at the beginning, but this ending cannot wait for several paragraphs from now. This episode titled “The Candidate” played like a season finale. In the 2007 time line, Smocke has pulled off his double cross that you could see coming from the beginning. He wanted to get all of Jacob’s candidates in one place at one time, so he could kill them. Or at least try to, because as speculated it seems the “rules” state he can’t technically kill any of them himself. What did come as a surprise, he chose to take them out on the sub. Sawyer, Jack, Sun, Jin, Hurley, Sayid and Lapidus all boarded the sub, hoping to escape without Smocke. But, Smokey was too smart, putting the C4 that was in the Ajira plane in Jack’s back pack instead of his own. A similar trick used by Jack in Season 1 to avoid having Kate carry the volatile dynamite from the Black Rock.

That’s when our heroes start dropping like flies. In their escape, Kate is shot by Widmore’s people. Sawyer tries to cut the cord on the bomb, but instead it moves even faster. Sayid, suddenly acting very un-zombie like, snags the C4 and runs as far away as he can in the sub. BOOM! Our Iraqi torturer is finally gone. He’s been a tragic figure from the get-go, betraying his country, doing the same to his friend, finding Nadia, losing Nadia, having Nadia in Sideways world but losing her because he’s a murderer…etc. Could this final good deed save his soul? Unlikely. His death rings similar to Michael’s, who killed himself to save others, but he committed so many atrocities that he was doomed to remain on the island as a ghost. I wonder if Sayid turns up again after a few whispers are spoken? But, is he still alive in Sideways land.

And that brings us to a very sad and touching ‘Lost’ moment. A heartbreaking death rivaled by only Charlie’s final end on the show. Jin and Sun who just reunited after three years apart (a big chunk of that time, Sun actually thought Jin was dead, but he was playing in 1977 Dharmaville instead) died together and went down with the sub. Jin tried desperately to free Sun after the C4 went off, but to no avail. Sun pleaded with him to leave her, but he wouldn’t. A moment of true love. Although, I couldn’t keep from thinking that in some way it was a bit selfish because now their child (Ji Yeon) has no parents. I would have thought Sun may have said something to the effect of , “Go raise our baby daughter.” And it would have given Jin some justification for leaving, but I certainly can’t argue with not wanting to leave his wife either. Just crossed my mind and I’m throwing it out there.

Nevertheless, they are dead along with Lapidus I’m assuming. Didn’t see him drown or resurface, he could pop up on a beach I suppose. But are they REALLY dead? Yes and no. I mean if Losties are living in two time lines, who’s to say they have to have the same fate? It’s confusing, I know. As awful as some of their lives are in the Sideways world, at least everyone is still alive! Well, except for Mikhail and Keamy, but they’re bad guys in any universe.

That was kind of the Sportscenter highlight version of what happened in the 2007 on-island portion of the episode.

With death and destruction behind us, let’s talk Sideways.

Locke wakes up in the hospital with Doc Shephard at his bedside.

Jack says, “Welcome back.” and Locke in return states, “I know you.” Words loaded with meaning. Welcome back to Locke, who may be reincarnated more than once on this show. The first time he returned as Smokey and now with the island upload, he could be his old “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”, boar-hunting self. “I know you,” on the surface means “we met at the airport”, but I’m thinking Locke certainly knows more than he’s letting on.

Jack is also back to his old fixing ways, which makes me believe his non-sideways self is seeping through. Jack insists on trying to fix Locke’s back, saying he’s a candidate, but Locke isn’t having it. Interesting that real life Locke was obsessed with not being able to walk, but sideways Locke is using it as punishment for putting his father (Anthony Cooper) in a vegetative state.

Not wanting to give up on his quest to cure Locke and possibly find out why they may have a greater connection, Jack tries to get dental records on Locke to figure out what kind of crash he was in that left him paralyzed. And our dentist is none-other than the SOS sign-making Bernard. Strangely, Bernard seems to have some knowledge of his island history as well, mentioning Oceanic 815 and saying “It’s pretty weird huh? Maybe you’re on to something.” Our losties are colliding in a major way. Bernard gives him the name of the other man in the crash, Anthony Cooper. In the alternate time line, Cooper is scum. He is a con man that screwed over his son, Locke, on a number of occasions. Taking his kidney and his ability to walk by throwing him out a window. He was also behind the con of Sawyer’s parents, which led to their murder-suicide and created Sawyer’s con man alter-ego. So, one might argue that in the sideways time line, even though he was apparently a good father, Anthony Cooper got exactly what he deserved.

Jack goes to visit Anthony Cooper, but soon finds out he’s not going to get any information from him. As he realizes through Helen, Cooper can’t is as good as dead following what happened in the crash. During their conversation, Helen asks Jack, “You saved his life, why isn’t that enough?” to which Jack responds, “Because it’s not.” I wonder if Jack’s upload not only gave him his “fixer” neediness back, but he’s also trying to make up for what he feels is his responsibility…namely getting him killed by Ben.

Jack goes back to see Locke and in his sleep he mumbles “push the button” and “i wished you had believed me.” This is obviously to establish that Locke is receiving an island upload and the latter comes back near the end of the episode. More on that in a second.

First, Claire appears at the hospital to show Jack that their father left her a music box in his will. She opens the music box and both look into the mirror. Another sideways through the looking glass shot and of course “Catch a falling star” is playing. That’s the song that Christian sang to her as a child and she requests the adoptive parents sing to her baby before she decides not to give it up back in Season 1. And it pops up a number of times throughout different seasons. Just another running theme in an often brilliant show.

It also reminded me of Rousseau’s music box, but her’s had a ballerina in it. Claire and Jack make nice and Jack offers her a spot on his couch…because after all, they are family. I wonder how this is going to play out. Will Claire go into labor and Jack have to deliver the baby? Something that will give him his island upload? She has to be staying with him for a reason in the plot line. Although, not everything they put in the scripts has a motive, I still can’t quite figure out why Sun ever lost the ability to speak English this season. What was the point?

In the finale sideways scene, Locke is being wheeled out and notices Jin coming into the hospital with flowers. Another nod to his knowledge of the island. Then, Jack tries once again to convince Locke to do the surgery and be able to walk again. Locke reveals the story of how he became paralyzed and left his father in a vegetative state. It was a plane crash. He had his pilot’s license, but had barely taken off when they crashed. Ironic that in this world, a plane crash paralyzed him and in the other a plane crash let him walk again.

As Locke is rolling away, Jack tells Locke, “I wished you’d believed me.” A nod to what Locke said in his suicide note to Jack back in Season 5. That note refers to Locke’s insistence that Jack believe him about the Oceanic 6 needing to go back to the island. Advice that Jack eventually heeds, but to what end?

It seems that the past few seasons or perhaps the entire series has been a long con by the Man In Black. He’s the one who posed as Christian Shephard and told Locke how to move the island. And this season, he has manipulated all of the Losties into doing what he wants. However, it should be noted that it was actually Widmore that urged Locke to get the Oceanic six back to the island. Could it be that Widmore and Smocke aren’t enemies, but allies working against Jacob. I mean, Ben was on Team Jacob and Widmore promised to get it back. Or Widmore just has his own motives and doesn’t care about Jacob or the MIB.

So, I know I skipped over a big part of the on-island plot and just talked about the end, a few quick hits to cover that and some lingering questions.

1. Before his death Sayid tells Jack where to find Desmond and that Locke wants him dead, so that probably means you’re going to need him. My guess is that’s the next spot our leftover Losties are headed. But, I wonder how Desmond will be able to help them. Will he be able to facilitate the final upload, so sideways and on-island worlds can communicate?

2. Jack and Hurley are not exactly traveling with two healthy people. Sawyer has a bad head injury and Kate just got shot. Kate’s injury will probably play a critical role in the episodes to come. Or will it? Sometimes these things are played up and at other times they heal pretty quick.

3. Smocke is going to go “finish what he started”, but can he kill anyone and not break the rules? I’m guessing he’s going to try and recruit Claire to kill them. Motivation. They were going to leave her…again.

4. Jack got an Apollo bar from the same vending machine that Jacob gave him an Apollo bar out of when he touched him years ago, marking him as a candidate.

5. Best line of the night goes to Hurley, just as Smoke Monster is about to fly in and kill Widmore’s henchmen, “And we’re dead.”

6. Why does Smocke go to the trouble of saving Jack from Widmore’s bombs in the last episode when he just tries to kill him later. I assume to help him convince the other Losties to trust him…but still…seems odd.

7. Smokey not being able to do anything in the water. Could this play a serious role in his demise later on?

8. And finally…the ultimate question. Where will this all end up? After this week’s bloodbath only three candidates are left and Kate. But remember Richard, Ben and Miles are still lurking around. Chances are they are going to show up at just the right time to save our Losties from Smocke.

But what about Jacob? Couldn’t his ghost come back and advise Hurley? Or is Jack officially the new island caretaker? What about Jin, Sun, Sayid and Lapidus? Will they come back in sideways form?

I’m sure there’s plenty I’m missing. What a sad, yet great episode. And I guess this turned out longer than I thought, even in excruciating pain, I’m still a blow-hard!

Until next time “Lost” fans…

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Mysteries Of ‘Lost’, Continuity Errors & Gasp…I Made A Mistake!

As we head into the home stretch of “Lost”, I thought it would be interesting to see what mysteries have been answered, are still unanswered and may never get a resolution. Plus, there was not a new episode this week. So, I’m having withdrawals.

And speaking of no new episode, let me get this out of the way. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. They did not show Season 3’s “The Man Behind the Curtain” episode this week. Instead, it was “Ab Aeterno.” How could I make this egregious error and predict that the producers were trying to secretly tell us something? I’m not sure. But frankly, I know what I saw and blame Yahoo TV Listings. But bottom line, I was wrong. Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last.  And for that, I am sorry. So again, they did NOT show “The Man Behind the Curtain” last night, but to paraphrase Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dazed and Confused’, “It would have been a lot cooler if they did.”

Now that I’ve explained that I’m a clown, let’s get back to listening to me blather on.

Speaking of errors, one particular miscue from last week’s episode “The Last Recruit” is getting a lot of attention online. Fans are complaining that the Sideways time line doesn’t make sense. Their specific gripe: there is no way Sun and Jin could arrive at the hospital at the same time as Locke. It’s something I overlooked after initially watching the episode, but once you think about it, it is a big mistake. After the Oceanic flight, Jin and Sun are held over at the airport for maybe a day and then go back to the hotel. They hook up and wake up the next morning to Keamy pounding on the door. Keamny takes Jin and Sun has to go to the bank with Mikhail. Maybe, one more day goes by and Jin and Sun are reunited at the restaurant kitchen where Sun is shot.

In Locke’s time line, he gets fired from the box factory.  Then gets hired by the school as a substitute. He’s also in Ben’s flash sideways at some point, interjecting about Ben taking over as principal. Then he gets hit by Desmond and is rushed to the hospital. So, for the audience to believe that all of Locke’s story has taken place in the same time frame as Jin and Sun’s is pretty far fetched. The one explanation for all of this is: the producers could be playing with time on purpose and every time we see our characters in sideways world it’s like watching the same film with different takes. (Ex: Locke specifically tells Ben his name is John in “The Substitute”, yet in the ambulance Ben has no idea what his first name was.) And I really hope that’s the case, because there have been several small continuity errors this season already which I chose to ignore and just go along for the ride. However, this one seems too BIG to ignore.

You can watch the apparent boo-boo below.

And from that mystery to the mysteries that have plagued fans for the past six years. Let’s take a look at what has been resolved.

The Island: This one is obviously the biggest and most pressing for “Lost” fans. Where and what the heck is this place? Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Most likely none of those things. We do know this about the island, it’s at the very least a prison for the Smoke Monster at least according to Jacob. We also know, it appears to be a tangible piece of property. It’s hard to reach (although, Widmore didn’t really have a problem finding it this season with the sub.) It can also be moved through time via a donkey wheel attached to a pocket of energy, so its exact whereabouts are really unknown. Verdict: Unsolved

The Smoke Monster: We know this MIB, Locke-body-filling entity used to be a man. His mother was a wacko, he desperately wants off the island and is not so fond of Jacob or any of his candidates. But is he good or bad? Still unclear. We also, really don’t know his origins or his endgame. Since, Smocke admitted last week to Jack that he posed as Christian Shephard, we can surmise he has been every other island manifestation meant to bend the Losties to his will…ie…Eko’s brother Yemi, Kate’s horse and Christian of course. I can only assume we are going to get a MIB flashback before season’s end. At least I hope. Verdict: Solved MIB=Smoke Monster, Origin=Unsolved

Jacob: Another island entity with unknown goals. On the exterior he come across as the “good guy” by guiding our Losties and letting his candidates figure things out for themselves. But if you look deeper, he seems to have muddled motives at best. He’s interfered with the lives of the candidates (Jack, Sun/Jin, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Locke and possibly a former candidate Kate.) He also doesn’t seem to care if any of them die, as MIB informs him that eventually they all die (insert shrug of shoulders here.) Ben, Richard and others seem to trust him, but would you? I think ultimately both MIB and Jacob are evil in some form or another. Verdict: Unsolved

Dharma Initiative: The Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications Initiative was funded by Alvar Hanso (show in silhouette once in the Orientation film back in Season 2) and although they were on the island from the seventies until the nineties what did the group really accomplish? Aside from somehow containing a pocket of electromagnetic energy at the Swan station and someone transporting Polar Bears there. Did Jacob have a role in bringing them there? Perhaps. I don’t recall seeing any of their names on the Lighthouse dial, but they could have been. The thing that gets me, much of the show is based around visiting these “hatches” created by the DI and our Losties even living with this group of people. But in reality, the show never really explains what the heck they are doing there. In fact, most of the information comes from an old online reality game called “The Lost Experience” that came out following Season 1. And frankly, I’m not sure if that’s actually “Lost” canon. Verdict: Unsolved, but chances of further explanation are slim

The Statue/Black Rock: We have never seen the four-toed statue being built, but during last season’s time travel we did see it all in one piece. It was destroyed, by another mystery, the Black Rock. During “Ab Aeterno” we saw the British slave ship in rough seas near the island. In the midst of the storm, the ship gets kicked up by waves. The sea is so high, the boat smacks into the statue and is flung into the middle of the jungle magically, with barely a scratch. Ultimately, the ship’s function on the island was to be an unlimited supply of volatile dynamite (Dr. Arzt and Llana) and a revenge murder locker for Sawyer. Verdict: Solved

Time Travel: Yes, we know the donkey wheel dislodges the island and sends it spinning around in time. But why does turning it, send you to the desert of Tunisia in a different time? Ben moves from 2004 to 2005 and Locke goes from 1867 to 2007. Plus, Widmore seemed to know that Locke would appear there. Has he also used the wheel? And what about the mother of his child, Eloise Hawking. How does she know so much and where everybody should be? Also in the time travel arena, Desmond’s ability to mind-time travel. He does so in Season 3 and again this season when he travels from the island in 2007 to off-island sideways land in 2004. Verdict: Unsolved, but will probably never be fully answered

Other smaller mysteries have been answered to a degree this season. We were told two weeks ago the Whispers were the voices of dead people whose souls have been unable to move on from the island. Although, they have popped up many times foretelling the arrival of The Others and Smokey, so it kind of seems like a blanket answer.

The Numbers are apparently the numerals given to Jacob’s candidates. Specifically, 4,8,15,16,23,42 are given to our main characters. Makes sense to a point. But why are those numbers put on the Swan Hatch? And why are they on the vials Desmond shoots into his arm at the beginning of Season 2? I guess ultimately the takeaway is that these numbers follow our candidates around thanks to Jacob.

Finally, I don’t consider it a mystery, but more how I hope this series ends up. I really want to see how the rest of the series connects with the finale and the Sideways world. I just don’t want everything that has happened thus far in the “real” world end up being meaningless when it and the Sideways world inevitably collide. I want everything to connect and at the very least make sense. An open-ended finale wouldn’t bug me too much, just no cop outs. This show has captivated so many people that ending it the wrong way would do a disservice to the quality of storytelling and its legacy as arguably one of the best TV shows of all-time.

What about you? Any big mysteries I didn’t cover? Let me know…There will be a new episode next week and it’s called “The Candidate.”

Until next time “Lost” fans…

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Thoughts On ‘Lost’ Episode 13 “The Last Recruit”

Another “wow” episode of “Lost” in its final season. And I must say, this was the first one where I started to feel a little sad that it’s coming to an end soon. Perhaps that’s because next week, there will not be a new episode. Groan. Although, they are showing a rather interesting episode. More on that choice in a bit.

Let’s start on island where Smocke and Jack decide to “catch” up in this episode titled “The Last Recruit” which I can only assume refers to Jack. The good doctor and Smocke exchange a brief question and answer period in which Jack tries to understand how Smokey took over Locke’s body. There have been a number of these exposition scenes this season and they’ve worked to a point, but only because the audience is finally getting some answers to many questions, some that started all the way back in Season 1.

Answer Alert!!

Jack tells Smocke that when he first came to the island, he saw his dead father, Christian, and followed him into the jungle. Jack is referring to the events in an episode called “White Rabbit” from Season 1. An episode where Jack nearly falls off a cliff, but is saved by none other than…John Locke. Interesting that something similar happens at the end of this episode. Anyway, Jack asks Smocke if that was him posing as Christian. Smocke admits that it was. Initially, I believed this right away. But, if that’s the case. Has Smokey always been Christian when we’ve seen him since his death? If so, Smokey would have to have changed into Christian’s body in the past…ie in Season 5’s episode “This Place is Death” Locke turns the donkey wheel in the well to move the island and is urged to do so by Christian Shepherd. That one I can buy. However, Jack also sees his dead father in a flash forward from Season 4’s “Something Nice Back Home” when he finds him at his clinic. And Christian pops up again in the Season 4 finale “There’s No Place Like Home” on the freighter telling Michael before he blows up “You can go now.” So, perhaps the producers screwed up or were just trying to give the audience an “answer” (because aside from the two incidents I pointed out it makes sense) or these “visions” can just be chalked up to something else. Either way, I think there’s been plenty of times this season that Smocke has lied for his own benefit and this may be one of them.

Also in this scene, it really struck me how nasty Smocke was about the real Locke calling him a “sucker.” This about a man who initially saw the Smoke Monster and called it something beautiful.

And Smocke tells Jack “He’s always been interested in helping” but “because Jacob chose you, you were trapped here, before you even got here.” Again, Smocke could be lying, but he sounds awfully convincing, since essentially that’s what Jacob did with his candidates.

Claire then meets with Jack in the jungle, discussing the escape plan. She says “you’re with him.” Why? “Because you let him talk to you.” Again, this idea of MIB being able to seduce people to his side through words. Makes me think he’s lying about posing as Jack’s dad.

We then go back to camp where Sawyer is mounting his submarine escape plan and convincing Hurley to come with him. As funny and playful as last week’s episode was, this one was basically the polar opposite. Heavy material. However, this conversation did manage one good laugh, especially for Star Wars fans like myself. Sawyer doesn’t want to bring Sayid and Hurley asks why. Sawyer claims Sayid has gone to the dark side. Hurley retorts “You can always bring people back from the dark side, I mean Anakin.” A shout out to the end of “Return of the Jedi” when Darth Vader sides with his son and hurls the Emperor down the death star shaft.

That’s when Zoey, Widmore’s henchwoman shows up and orders Smocke to release Desmond or else. Or else what?? Or else we hurl GPS bombs at you, apparently. Widmore is packing some serious weapons of mass destruction that can target where you are and make you go boom! Llana-dynamite style. Speaking of Llana…oh wait that’s for Sideways land.

Smocke seems unfazed and wants to move ahead with his plan to leave island via the Ajira Airways plane. Before they take off he has Sawyer and Kate go get a boat for everyone to sail to Hydra island on. Then Smocke tells Sayid to kill Desmond and meet up with them later. Sayid doesn’t seem convinced.

Meanwhile, Sawyer has his own plans, a double cross involving the sub which would allow he, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun/Jin and Lapidus to take off and leave the island without Smocke.

So, Sayid goes to the well where Smocke threw Desmond in last episode. Desmond wants to know what Smocke offered Sayid. He admits he wants Nadia back, the woman he loved. But Desmond says “what will you tell her when she asks what you did to be with her again?”

This is apparently enough for Zombie Sayid to rethink his decision. When he meets up with Smocke later, he tells him he killed Desmond. However, that would have happened off-camera and I sincerely doubt such a huge character would have been killed off in that manner. Plus, it could not have been more apparent Sayid was lying and frankly, I think Smocke knew as well. Also in this scene Smocke questions “What took you so long?” Is it possible, Sayid actually helped Desmond escape?? Something tells me yes. And Desmond will pop up at a much needed time later on.

Sawyer and Kate get on Desmond’s old “Elizabeth” (Libby) sail boat and head for the dock to meet up with Jack and crew who sneaked off while Smocke was away. The only problem…Claire was following them. She confronts them, but Kate breaks down and wants Claire to come with them and raise Aaron. Kate tells Claire that’s the only reason she came back to the island, because she was not supposed to raise Aaron. Interesting moment here. It appears Claire has gone from way off her rocker, to sort of sane in a few episodes here. Kind of a rough transition, but I’ll roll with it. Who knows, maybe she loses it down the line.

The Sawyer crew takes off on their yacht, but all is not right on the love boat. Jack is doing some deep-thinking at the bow and Sawyer goes to talk to him. Unfortunately, Sawyer does not like what he hears. Jack says what they are doing doesn’t feel right and Smocke actually wants them to leave. “Maybe he’s afraid to see what happens if we stay.” Jack also utters a familiar phrase before jumping ship, “The island’s not done with us yet.” Very Mrs. Hawking like if you ask me. Sounds like Jack may know something. Jack=New Jacob anyone?

When Jack makes his way back on land, he’s confronted by Smocke. The seemingly evil entity asks him if Sawyer took his boat. Jack admits that he did.

On Hydra Island, the Sawyer crew walks toward land. But Widmore’s cronies pull some steel and tell them to stop. That’s when we get our touching moment that we’ve been waiting for since the end of Season 4, the reunion of Sun and Jin. It was good, but not great. I think they could have played it a little more melodramatic.

Of greater concern though, Zoey telling Sawyer, the deal was off and giving her bombers the cue to hurl their GPS explosives at Smocke and friends. The bombs take out much of the leftover Others. But Jack manages to escape thanks to…Smocke. He pulls Jack out and tells a half awake Doc Shepherd “You’re with me now.” Boom…”Lost” logo. ARRRRGGGGHHH..two weeks is a long time!

In our Sideways world, Ben accompanies Locke (nailed by Desmond Earnhardt and his car last week) to the hospital in an ambulance. Ben doesn’t know John’s first name or his contact information. That’s when Locke chimes in and mumbles “Helen Norwood” and that his name is John.

As Locke is being wheeled into the ER, we see Sun (hit by a Mikhail bullet a few episodes ago) also being taken in for treatment. When she sees Locke on the gurney, she recognizes John and flips out yelling “It’s him!” in Korean several times. Is the downloaded memory hitting Sun that of the normal John Locke or of Smokey Locke? Could John’s subconscious be a way off the island for MIB? Perhaps one of the last scenes we see in the series is Locke walking away in Sideways world with the audience not knowing if it’s good Locke or bad Locke. I think that would be pretty cool.

Back at the police station, Sawyer is questioning Kate who he took into custody after she rammed into him and Miles with her car in “Recon” a few episodes back. The pair share a very coy conversation as they both talk about remembering one another from flight 815 and kind of infer they may have some memory of each other from the island. At least that’s what I thought.

But before they can get a total love connection upload, Detective Miles Straum informs Sawyer that they have a crime scene at a restaurant with three dead, one injured Korean woman (Sun) and the probable suspect (Sayid) on surveillance. Sawyer says “that’s our bad guy.” Seemingly, a nod to the on and off-island Iraqi.

Next, we see Claire at a business park building signing in to see the adoption agency. Desmond, who seems to be amazingly good at finding our Losties in Sideways world (kind of like a non-lethal Terminator.) At any rate, Desmond convinces Claire that she should go see his lawyer for representative with the adoption agency, a lawyer on the 15th floor. A nod to our notorious numbers. Is Jacob still playing with our characters in sideways world?

Claire and Desmond meet up with the lawyer and it’s Llana, back in one sideways piece. She’s representing the estate of Christian Shepherd who has played a big role in this episode. Minutes later, Jack and his son are in the same building, ready to meet Llana as well. Only thing is, unlike regular time line Jack, sideways Jack does not know he has a sister. When he finds out we see a classic Doc Shepherd response of shock (going wide-eyed dazed and grabbing his hairline with his hand.)

Meantime, the Iraqi is now on the run and tells Nadia she will be okay. But he can’t bring himself to tell her, he killed for her. Perhaps, that’s why he decided not to kill Desmond on the island for her. Guilt has finally gotten the best of him. You have to wonder if there is still redemption for Sayid out there somewhere. But he’ll have to figure it out in the clink. Sawyer nabbed Sayid with a hose in the backyard. This struck me as an interesting payback scene for Sayid torturing Sawyer in Season 1.

Back at the hospital, Sun wakes up and just like on-island, she is reunited with her beloved Jin. Who tells her they will always be together.

Finally, we come to Jack. Mr. Fix-It once again. He arrives at the hospital to work on a badly broken Locke. We have kind of been waiting for this to happen all season, ever since Jack met sideways Locke in episode 1 and offered to try and help with his spine. As Jack’s preparing, he notices on the X-rays that Locke’s dural sac (The membranous sac that encases the spinal cord within the bony structure of the vertebral column…according to the medical dictionary…like I would know that off the top of my head!) The dural sac is also the thing that Jack accidentally cuts open when he retells the story of fear and working on a patient to Kate all the way back in the first episode of “Lost.” Not really sure that has any significance, other than it’s a running theme.

Anyway, Jack is about to work on Locke when he looks down at the mirror showing him the face of the patient. Jack says “I think I know this guy.” Your upload is now at 75%.

Meaning he knows him from their earlier meeting or real world memories? I’m going with both. I’m guessing he’ll get fully uploaded when he saves him and possibly fixes his back??

A few quick observances because it’s now Wednesday morning and my father-in-law is on a ladder outside my house preparing to power wash it. Yikes!

1. Jack was once again talking on the phone with his ex-wife in Sideways world. Who is this mystery woman? Clearly, it’s going to be someone of significance. The only characters we haven’t seen come back yet that it could be Ana Lucia and Juliet. My money’s on Juliet.

2. So, if Jack is right. That Smocke just wants to get rid of all the candidates. I assume his plan would be to get everyone on the Ajira flight and have Widmore shoot it down, while Smokey escapes. Could it be Smokey doesn’t want off the island, but to rule it? Has his endgame been a lie the whole season?

3. Next week, instead of a new episode they are showing “The Man Behind the Curtain.” An episode from Season 3. Seems like a strange choice right? Why not just re-run one of this season’s episodes? Well, at the time this was probably the most-mythological heavy show the producers had given us. In it, we see Ben’s flashback origins on the island, how he’s a mentally abused kid living on the island with his father. His only friend is a little girl named Annie. Years later, Ben goes all mass-genocide and kills off everyone in Dharmaville. But the status of Annie remained unclear. I’m guessing she’s going to make some sort of return. Also important for this episode, it’s our first glimpse of Jacob. Ben pretends to talk to him, but Locke actually hears him say “help me.” It’s never really been explained, but it would seem with what we know about Smokey and his posing as people, that this could have actually been MIB, not Jacob. His cry of “help me” would make a lot more sense.

Okay, “Lost” fans…sounds like the power washing is well underway, so I better get outside.

Maybe I’ll try and do a recap of the season and a little more theorizing next week during the brief hiatus. What did you think of the episode? Where are we going? Has Jack already become the new Jacob?

Until next time…

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