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‘Star Wars’, “Hurley” and ‘Simpsons’ Nostalgia

As any guy my age and George Lucas’ wallet can attest, Star Wars has become ingrained in our culture. For a look at just how much we have morphed into parts from the series check out this article from the Christian Science Monitor.


And speaking of Star Wars, 30,000 fans are expected to attend a four-day convention called “Celebration V” in Orlando this weekend.

Some of the highlights include appearances by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and the main man himself George Lucas. He’s actually scheduled to be interviewed by Jon Stewart as part of the Daily Show. You can check out the details on all the fandom here.


Yesterday, Weezer announced the cover to its next album would be a picture of Hurley from “Lost” aka actor Jorge Garcia. And the album will even be called “Hurley.” Too bad Weezer makes dull pop music now otherwise that would make it that much cooler. Anyway, the Washington Post had a funny look at what would happen if other singers/bands adopted “Lost” characters.


For whatever reason, nostalgia probably, I had a yearning to watch old episodes of the Simpsons this week…back when it was funny. There are a ton of hilarious clips from seasons three through eight. Here are just a few I could find on youtube.


“You stupid monkey.”

“Oh, not in Utica. It’s an Albany expression.”

“Um…you probably should ignore that.”

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