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‘Pin Me Down’ Album Release Date

Bloc Party fans may never get a new album from the on-hiatus British band, but as I noted back in January Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack and singer Milena Mepri have a side project band called “Pin Me Down.” They digitally released “Time Crisis” at that time, but they just announced the release date for their entire album. It will be available April 19th on cd and April 12th for digital download. You can listen to two of their songs here.

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Ebert Regains Voice Via DVD Tracks

I found this very inspirational. Despite, numerous setbacks, including losing his jaw and the ability to eat, movie critic Roger Ebert is now able to talk using a computerized voice which is actually his own voice!

Tracks from various dvd commentaries were taken and mixed together to create a version of his old voice. There is a zillion useless creations thanks to technology, but for once it’s being put to good use. Way to keep fighting Roger.

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It Will Truly Be The End of An Era

All good things must come to an end…as well as those that were never good to begin with. As is the case with the “Saw” series. Cinematical is reporting that the writer of “Saw VII” announced on a UK radio show, the seventh installment will be the last outing for Jigsaw and his maniacal massacres. It’s a shame really, I thought they could at least string it out until ten movies. I mean there’s just so many clever ways to dismember “D” list actors. Oh well. Goodbye awful torture porn craze, I hope I never see you again. Or should I say “saw”?

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The Avatar of the 90’s

This movie looks amazing. I bet if they made it with 3D it would be the top grossing movie of all time.

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Not So Smurf-errific… has uncovered a CGI picture from the upcoming Smurfs movie. It’s being directed by Raja Gosnell, the genius behind such classics as “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and both CGI “Scooby Doo” movies. So that pretty much says it all. Kids under the age of seven should get a kick out of it, but nostalgic parents may be cringing.

You can see the picture in black and white here.

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Just When I Was Ready to Give Up On TV

I was just complaining that there aren’t any ridiculously premised shows like “Who’s The Boss?” or “Mr. Belvedere” anymore. IE…a family randomly letting a complete stranger into their homes to take care of their kids. Well, ABC Family channel has answered my prayers. EW is reporting “Melissa and Joey” will not only bring back the concept, but give our old friends Sabrina the Teenage Witch and “Whoa!” Joey Lawrence new gigs!

Yes, it may be silly, contrived and probably overly wholesome, but that’s kind of the point.

I wonder if this will spark any other comebacks for ninties sitcom stars? I’m talking about you Dave Coulier. Cut it out!

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Wall Street Sequel Trailer

If you thought greed was good in the 80’s, will you enjoy it as much in our current 2010 recession? Check out the flashy and I’ll admit somewhat intriguing trailer. But then again it doesn’t feature much of Shia LaBeouf’s acting, which is never very intriguing.

Check it out here.

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Gizmo In 3D Too??

Just judging by the news and rumors of late, I think we can safely say nearly everything is going to be made in both 2D and 3D in the near future. And that may include everyone’s favorite evil, green monsters from the 80’s “Gremlins”. Marketsaw is reporting that not only will the series get a third installment, but it will be in 3D. That’s coming from their “source”. However, MTV asked the director of both previous films Joe Dante if it was true and he said he had not heard anything official. So it may just be a rumor.

For the sake of argument, let’s say it’s not. My entire youth has kind of been rehashed entertainment-wise of late, so I guess I wouldn’t overly object to this. Couldn’t be worse than the ridiculous “TeenWolf” remake they’re coming out with anyway. Plus, Stripe going berserk in 3D could be pretty cool. My one request…use the puppets, no CGI!!

Now, if I could only figure out where I put my old plush Gizmo.

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It’s Not New Bloc Party, But Close.

Russell Lissack, the guitarist for Bloc Party, has a two person side-project called “Pin Me Down” that just released a new single “Time Crisis”. It’s not too bad, kind of sounds like Bloc Party with a female singer. Lissack teams with Milena Mepris who has been part of a number of bands. You can read more about the pair here and download “Time Crisis” for free here. The duo also released another single last May called “Cryptic”. The guitar riff sounds a lot like the one from Bloc Party’s song “Helicopter”, but still pretty good. And if you’ve never heard of Bloc Party before, they are definitely worth a listen.

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YouTube Goes Indie…

Your favorite site featuring tv news bloopers and cats/dogs dancing to Lady Gaga is about to get into the streaming movies game.YouTube is launching a service to show hits from the Sundace Film Festival tomorrow. But unlike the viral pet videos, you will have to pay a fee. I know this is google’s way of trying to compete with Netflix and others, but I imagine most people watching online movies are not looking for the indie fare, but maybe I’m wrong.

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