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PJ Masks Blind Bags Cheat Codes Series 2

A1 – Skateboard Connor
A8 – Singing Luna Girl
A10 – Romeo Pointing
A11 – Catboy Lunging
A12 – Catboy Crouching

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Disney Could Rewrite Star Wars History

So, there’s a BIG rumor going on right now thanks to Bleeding Cool. The site claims they’ve intercepted an internal email from Disney that says the company will be releasing the unedited, theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy. If in fact that is true, it makes me want to shout “FINALLY!!”

Many fans want the tamper-free versions they grew up with. Honestly, I had a VHS tape in the other day and it actually felt better than watching the super-clean, crisp blu-rays anyway.



But still, a nice blu-ray release of the pre-Lucas revisionist has been the dream since 1997. Right?

However, the next bit of information is even more extreme.

They claim there are rumblings around Disney that they want to view the Prequels as “non-canon.” Similar to how they announced the Expanded Universe of the books would not be honored as actual storyline.

This is a very gray area for me and I’m sure many others.

While I kind of only view the Original Trilogy as canon anyway, does it seem wrong that they could be erasing history and the creator’s ultimate vision?

It’s one thing to ditch the secondary material written by science fiction authors, but to blow out three movies written, directed and financed by the guy who started it all? It’s almost like a hostile takeover at its worst. (Though, they did pay him $4 billion to do whatever the hell they wanted.)


Still, on the other side of the coin. That means one of the most disappointing moments of my movie going life would be erased. No midichlorians, No Jar Jar. No annoying kid or angry teen Darth Vader. No CGI overkill. No meaningless plot lines that horribly hide the villain. Did Lucas think audiences wouldn’t know Palpatine = Darth Sidious? And why was he never called Darth Sidious in the Original Trilogy, just the Emperor? And why would he build this huge clone army only to have them fight this droid army when ultimately it meant nothing? Couldn’t he just have secretly sided with the separatists? What was the point of the second movie again? Oh, the horribly wooden love story. And wait, was his deformed appearance due to the rebounding lightning in “Revenge of the Sith?” Or is that just his true appearance? And who the hell is Master Sifo-Dyas? And why does Yoda run into hiding when clearly, he was winning that FIGHT!!! Ugh…


So, bringing things back around…all of this potentially means that Disney is willing to throw out post-1983 George Lucas. It’s sad. I mean, he is the one who came up with an idea that has literally changed lives, not just fans, workers at Lucasfilm and well beyond in the movie industry. People’s career have begun and ended with Lucas. Truly something to admire and praise. Yet, at the same time. his changes to the Original Trilogy are mostly horrible. And the prequels…I wanted to like them so much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them thinking “this time they’ll be good.” But they only get worse.

While Lucas’ accomplishments as a storyteller and innovator in the industry will continue to stand and be recognized. His need to tinker and rework his own masterpieces could ultimately be his demise. I find that both unfortunate and a bit sad. The Prequel Trilogy was largely terrible, but it did have some strong visual moments. One has to wonder if 1977 George would have made those movies. Now, they very well could be erased or perhaps worse, invalidated. 

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‘Black Swan’ Trailer

So, when all the headlines about the making of “Black Swan” were about Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis kissing, I was like come on Aronofsky, it’s been done. But this trailer fills me with some hope. Looks pretty interesting.

Natalie Portman stars as a neurotic ballet dancer who finally gets the lead role and then some unforeseen competition comes along in the form of Mila Kunis.  After that, it starts getting trippy, which I like. Portman has a crazy mother in Barbara Hershey, Kunis seems to be mirroring her ala “Single White Female” and what about those scars on your shoulder blade…oh, you’re actually becoming a black swan. Darren Aronofsky has been behind the camera of some interesting but bizarre films “Requiem for a Dream”, “The Wrestler” and one of my personal favorites “The Fountain.” Check out the trailer below.

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‘Empire’ Producer Calls Out Lucas…

I am not a giant hater of the Ewoks. I guess I wasn’t as jaded in my youth and have never really thought of them as the downfall of the last film of the original Star Wars. However, many can’t stand them and think the ending to “Jedi” is a big stretch. Small bears beating up on soldiers…probably not. But you never know.

Anyway, for the first time, the producer of the first and second Star Wars films is speaking out about his relationship with creator George Lucas and why it soured. Apparently, Gary Kurtz wanted to make “Jedi” more like “Empire.” Specifically, he wanted Han Solo to die leaving Leia and Luke to end the battle on their own. He also was not a fan of the Ewok battle and thought Luke should walk off on his own instead of celebrating with the rest of the rebels. Kurtz did not even like the idea of a second death star! So, he essentially hated the whole movie!

And what could be the most damning admission, he stated Lucas only kept everyone alive because he wanted to sell more toys. This does not come as a shock, but to hear someone so close to the Lucasfilm empire finally admit that Lucas is a business man first and a moviemaker second is refreshing.

You can read the entire story in the LA Times here.

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‘The Hobbit’ Needs A Director

Guillermo Del Toro has suddenly pulled out of the director’s seat from what could be one of the most anticipated movies this decade. Earlier this week, MGM announced the start date to filming  “The Hobbit” was going to be indefinitely delayed and that apparently did not sit well with Del Toro. He is best known for the two “Hellboy” films and “Pan’s Labyrinth”, so his imaginative loss is significant.

However, the release date for part one of “The Hobbit” is still December 2012, so it begs the question, just who will direct this thing?

Word is, it will NOT be Peter Jackson.

One blog I saw suggested Alfonso Cuaron, who brought a new and dark life to the third “Harry Potter” film. He’s also a friend of Del Toro.

The initial thought is “just have Jackson do it already!” Although, his endeavors since LOTR have been a mixed bag. “King Kong” was interesting at first glance, but ultimately a bloated and lifeless movie. I have not seen “The Lovely Bones” yet, but reviews were unkind at best.

So, who? Tim Burton? Not so much. Bryan Singer? He already ruined Superman. Sam Raimi? As long as Bilbo doesn’t do a dance number ala Peter Parker, maybe. I would say  Cuaron is a good guess, but something tells me it could ultimately fall on Jackson’s shoulders.

We shall see. Any guesses? Suggestions?

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Thoughts on ‘Lost’ Episode 15 “Across the Sea”

Something tells me viewers either hated or loved the latest episode of “Lost” entitled “Across the Sea.” Why? Well, it was mythology-heavy and had virtually nothing to do with our cast of main characters that we’ve following from the beginning. I found myself in the middle. I enjoyed getting answers, but found the explanation as to what exactly is going on the island, a bit muddled.

It played out as a history lesson of our two island entities. The Man in Black (who still doesn’t have a name) and Jacob. Turns out…they’re twin brothers! Break out your copies of “Bad Twin” for clues!

It started with a bang. Their mother gave birth to the pair after her ship wrecked on the island. Another woman (played by Allison Janney, I thought this was a strange choice for Lost) helps this mystery woman deliver the babies, only to kill her minutes later. Why? To protect the island of course! Seems that our sunbathed Gods can justify murder to save and watch over this heaven or hell on earth.

Jacob and Boy in Black are young naives on the island who seem to know nothing about the outside world or “Across the Sea” as it were. Jacob cannot tell a lie, while Boy in Black has been deemed “special” by this adoptive mother. Similar to how Walt was called “special” back in Season 1. However, I’m not really sure there’s a connection there.

Side note…Did anybody else think that actor playing Boy in Black looked a lot like a Zac Efron clone or at the very least this 80’s cartoon from “The Littles.”

Our twins are startled to find other people on the island. People that the island mother calls “evil.” Apparently because all they seek is power and she fears they are after the source of the island’s power.

What is this island power you ask? A cave filled with light. “The warmest, brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt.” Island mother shows her two boys this tunnel of twilight. She says “there is a little bit of this light inside every man, but they always want more.” Can man take it island mother? “No, but they will try. And if the light goes out here. It will go out everywhere.”

Here is where I am confused. I feel like the producers are trying to say the island serves as a protector of humanity. If it is destroyed, then all will be “lost.” But the island also comes across as a sort of Garden of Eden, with the light serving as its tree of knowledge of good and evil. I guess I am looking for something a bit more direct, instead of a number of references being thrown ambiguously together.

Soon after learning the other people are on the island, Boy in Black is visited by the ghost of his actual mother. Claudia. She informs him that his island mother killed her and that she is his real mom. This sets BIB on a course to get off the island. He leaves his brother Jacob and joins the other men and women.

Fast forward thirty years later and the now Man in Black is working very hard on getting the heck off the island, including creating the time traveling/getting off the island/island-moving donkey wheel. He has discovered the pocket of electromagnetic energy on the island and is going to harness it, so he can leave. How does he know how to do this? Unclear.

Another question I have, are we as an audience being asked to view these electromagnetic pockets as a world protecting power or something more science based? Perhaps that’s the debate we are meant to have since this entire show’s origins have been Science vs. Faith.

Island mother is not ready to let MIB go, so she knocks him out, wrecks his donkey wheel pit and wipes out the people on the island. Didn’t it seem this was a very Smokie-type massacre? Although, it’s never shown, it struck me that island mother could be another smoke monster. But that’s probably not the case since she can be killed.

Before that happens, island mother takes Jacob to the cave of light. Telling him that he must be the new caretaker of the island. She rattles off some mumbled Latin and says “drink this.” A cup of wine akin to Jesus telling his disciples “drink this cup, it is my blood.” Jacob does indeed drink and becomes ageless, but not immortal. This scene almost serves as a sort of last supper for our island mother. She seems to know full well that MIB will come and murder her the next day. Similar to Jesus dying on the cross. Again, the problem I have with this allegory is that island mother does not seem to be all that righteous, so giving her a Jesus story line seems like a bit of a stretch. Almost as if the producers are just kind of throwing religious themes here and there.

Man in Black has mommy issues instead of daddy issues like the rest of Losties. He stabs the island mother as she’s looking at a black rock from his backgammon game. I found it interesting that he stabs her before she can speak with a knife that’s the same or possibly similar to the one Jacob and MIB use against each other earlier in the season

Jacob comes back to find the murder scene and he is none too pleased. Jacob, now more powerful than his brother, beats him, takes him to the tunnel of light and chucks him in. It doesn’t kill him, but takes away his body and turns him into our favorite black pillar of smoke.

Jacob finds his brother’s body and buries it, along with the island mother’s corpse in their cave dwelling. Putting one white rock and one black rock in a sack. This explains our Adam and Eve from Season 1. The producers even inter-cut this scene together to reinforce their point, which I thought was kind of unnecessary since this is one of the show’s most talked about mysteries and most fans would recognize. One thing they left out from that scene though, I believe Jack mentions how their clothes are about fifty years old. So, that wouldn’t really fit the time line. But, it’s always possible Jack’s just not very good at dating his fabrics.

So, that’s that. I’ll admit, I was expecting a bit more. Maybe more of a battle between these two brothers instead family troubles and matricide. But I guess that would certainly be a good reason for two brothers to hate each other.

A few quick hits and observations…

1. If the light/electromagnetism is the “heart” of the island why does it turn MIB into Smokey? It seems odd that something so sacred would turn a man into a body-less, soul that cannot be destroyed.

2. Is Smokey still the MIB? He seems to have his drive to get off the island, but since his brother is technically dead, does Smokey still have a shot at redemption? Or has he just become a dark angel?

3. As much as last week’s episode made you hate Smokey, this one kind of made you feel for him. Basically, he was lied to all his life by this woman who killed his real mom. Then he just wanted to get away from her, but she wouldn’t let him. It’s that type of history that makes you look at murders in real life and think just what they went through in their younger years that made them that way.

4. I find it a bit ironic that in the middle of this series, it centered around this belief that Jacob was this all-powerful island God with Ben, et al squabbling over trying to please him. When in reality, he’s just an island steward who was thrown into the position by his whack job mother.

5. Clearly, much like Jacob has done with the “Candidates”, island mother brought the ship to the island knowing that Claudia would have babies that she would make her own and groom to be her replacement. Because it’s apparent that no one really wants the job. Island mother was happy to finally be killed, saying “thank you” to the MIB, much like Jacob, who didn’t seem overly put out when Ben killed him back in Season 5.

6. Island mother and MIB share the same stance on men, “They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It all ends the same.”

7. Was the game they were playing a primitive backgammon? That’s what I took it as.

I guess that’s it for this week. Not a ton to analyze since this episode had a fairly straight forward story line. So, where does this leave us heading into the last episode before the series finale? Do you think of the show any differently now? Are you rooting for Smokey or Jacob? And do you think Jack is a sucker if he takes over as island steward? Or does humanity really hang in the balance of this island?

Until next time “Lost” fans…

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‘Lost’ Finale Will Be 30 Minutes Longer

It’s going to be a late night for “Lost” fans during this month’s Sunday finale. The last episode will be half-an-hour longer! The announcement was made last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So, now the finale will air on May 23rd from 9pm to 113opm. There will also be a two hour retrospective beforehand titled “Lost: The Final Journey.” Grab your Dharma beer and get ready for a “Lost” loaded evening!

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A Summer Movie I’m Actually Excited About

I’ll be the first to admit, I can be a bit of a movie snob. Most of the films that come out in the Summer, I’m not super-excited about. They tend to be CGI-fueled, riddled with poor characters and have even worse plots. But that’s not to say I don’t have my guilty pleasures. I don’t feel too much remorse admitting I like “Pirates of the Caribbean” which lives up to the ride at Disney World, however both sequels are about as fun as watching the animatronic presidents at the Magic Kingdom. And it’s those types of movies that make me shake my head and think it’s amazing how much Hollywood spends on these terrible, terrible projects. And yet most are sadly, profitable. Look no further than the horrendous “Transformers” franchise. Talk about a waste of a good concept. Why do people keep spending money on these flicks? I have no idea. An obsession with eye candy is the only thing I can come up with because it barely passes for entertainment.

“Iron Man 2” comes out next weekend and I would be willing to wager that’s the film most people are clamoring to see in the Summer of 2010. Not me. I’ll probably wait for DVD or Blu-Ray for those in Hi-Def Nation. I thought the first “Iron Man” was decent. At the very least, it kept my interest and wasn’t a plot-less mess. I think the only problem was it never really grabbed me conceptually. I’m not a comic book guy, but I’ve really enjoyed what they’ve done with the “Spiderman” and “Batman” franchises in recent years.

So what Summer movie are you excited about seeing Seth? You’ve written two meaningless paragraphs without getting to the point! Oh right, my point.

“Inception.” I want to see “Inception.” Little has been released about the plot, but it’s being called a mind-bending mystery that centers around dreams and a technology that allows people to enter other people’s dreams. The cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Caine. It’s directed by Christopher Nolan who was behind the camera for “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, “Memento”, “The Prestige” and “Insomnia.” I think the only one I was on the fence about in that group was “Insomnia.” He’s definitely a man who makes art-house films on Hollywood budgets. Something that should happen way more than it does.

Check out the trailer below, is it July 16th yet?

Now, that’s good use of CGI. I only hope that it’s not too much like “The Matrix.” I hate that movie.

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Whatever Happened to Bindi Irwin…

It’s been about three and a half years since the death of  Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin (I know it seemed like two years to me) and it struck me the other night, whatever happened to his uber-talented daughter who gained fame after his death via sappy speeches and ridiculous rap songs about jungle animals? Well, no sooner had I asked that question to myself, than gotten the answer. When my wife and I put in the dvd for “The Time Traveler’s Wife” the other night, it would not take me to the dvd menu without watching seven (SEVEN!) movie previews first. Incredulous, I gathered myself and realized I could still manually fast forward through them, but something caught my eye as they whizzed by. Bindi.

What straight-to-dvd movie remake/sequel could she possibly starring in? If you were thinking “Free Willy” give your self a round of applause and dine on some dolphin tonight.

Bindi stars as a young girl trying to help an orca find its was home in “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove.” Sounds like a Nancy Drew game. Obviously, it looks…amazing. My personal condolences to Beau Bridges who stars as Bindi’s grandfather. I wonder what it’s like at the Bridge’s family party.

Beau: Jeff, great work on “Crazy Heart”. Awesome win at the Oscars.

Jeff: Thanks, Beau. What have you been up to?

Beau: Do you remember Steve Irwin’s annoying daughter Bindi?

Jeff: Dear God, Beau if you needed money that badly you should have just asked.

And scene.

Check out the trailer for “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove” below. As well as her cringe-worthy appearance on the Today Show.

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For Your Consideration:’Where the Wild Things Are’

Last night “The Hurt Locker” was named Best Picture of the year at the Academy Awards. Finally saw that one the other night and I must say it deserved to win.

However, I was sad that one of the best movies of 2009, “Where the Wild Things Are” was completely ignored by the Academy. Spike Jonze’s take on Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book had incredible visuals, combining mostly muppet-like costumes with just a bit of CGI. The soundtrack by Karen O. (the lead singer from the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs”) complemented those visuals, bringing audiences an amazing combination to digest.

The story was simplistic and the story a tad dark at times. One of the main themes for the monsters: the heartache of just living and wondering “is this it?”

I think that was the main knock on this movie. But the source material was the same way. It explores the difficulty of being a kid, having to play by your parents’ rules. But even when you find that freedom, you realize that everything you really care about is the same thing you were running away from. Kind of deep stuff for a kid’s movie, but then again, I don’t really think Spike Jonze made it for them.

Anyway, Academy you missed out.

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